Dr. Greer on GAIA

I HIGHLY recommend watching this on GAIA. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/drstevengreer_gaia-just-launched-a-riveting-10-part-series-activity-6834418739014852608-EeT1

Watch “Daniel Sheehan – Constitutional Lawyer – Discusses the Cosmic Hoax and other issues.” on YouTube

First I posted this, then I dialed up Daniel Sheehan in the Tzolkin. He is Yellow 1 Magnetic Warrior. Huge synchronicity today. Yellow Magnetic WarriorYellow Southern Castle of GivingEarth family- Cardinal      Clan- SkyI unify in order to questionAttracting fearlessnessI seal the output of intelligenceWith the Magnetic tone of purposeI am guided by my own power doubled This is very good for a Sunday and for …

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