Wow! East Palestine, OH was given emergency ID 3 months ago to See How They Would Respond

Well, well, well – Little East Palestine (population 4,700) was at the centre of a pilot program to respond to EMERGENCY situations and free digital ID’s were given to residents to track long-term health problems like ‘difficulty breathing’” — Richard Willet,

“OHIO UPDATE If it doesn’t get WEIRDER than this! 3 months ago East Palestine, OH was at the center of pilot program to respond to EMERGENCY situations They gave digital ID’s FOR FREE to residents to track long term health problems like “difficulty breathing” — E (@ElijahSchaffer) February 17, 2023”

David Icke is banned from entering most of Europe after Dutch government deemed the ‘lizard people’ conspiracy theorist a ‘threat to public order’

Folks, he is Blue 2 Polar Monkey hitting the News today. It doesn’t get more synchronous than that since that is today’s gateway. I like his work. He is April 29, 1952. Look it up yourself. He is Taurus Sun.

He is synchronistically Blue 2 Polar Monkey with this happening on his gateway.
He is a Venusian with appetites~2~12 pulse. Very tuned in to the collective. He is a threat. Good! God speed to him.
Look at his Draco-Reptilian karma as his antipode. There are still D.S. contracts started by the Draco with current ruling Reptilian. He’s not wrong, but he came back to help us out of this where before he may have been on their side. Note his White 12 Dog Hidden Wisdom. Communal love ❤️ is in his books. He’s written 30+. They’re on Amazon.

November 4, 2022 by Daily Mail Reporter

Icke is an advocate of the belief a race of ‘lizard people’ have taken over the Earth. (Sounds like the Reptilians to me). Former footballer and broadcaster was also booted from social media in 2020. Icke claims the Covid19 pandemic was the fault of Jews and 5G network towers. He has now been banned from 26 countries in Europe’s Schengen travel zone.

The government of the Netherlands has banned British conspiracy theorist David Icke from entering most of Europe for two years amid fears his planned presence at a weekend demonstration in Amsterdam would spark unrest. Icke, 70, is a prominent advocate of the belief that a race of lizard people have taken over the Earth by posing as human leaders.  (That’s not far-fetched-Lisa T.)

He was previously kicked off Twitter for spreading misinformation surrounding Covid-19, with some of his wild claims suggesting that Jewish people and 5G mobile phone towers were behind the pandemic. Dutch Justice Minister Dilan Yeilgöz-Zegerius told reporters Friday that freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate were fundamental rights, ‘but they are not limitless.’ Dutch immigration authorities said in a letter Icke published on his website that ‘there are concrete indications that your arrival in the Netherlands poses a threat to public order.’ (That means he’s powerful)

A decree from the Dutch government bans Icke from 26 countries in Europe’s passport-free Schengen travel zone.  On his website, the former Coventry City and Hereford United footballer called the ban an ‘extraordinary, over-the-top response.’ The demonstration in Trafalgar Square London in 2020 was against Lockdown, Social Distancing, Track and Trace & wearing of face masks.

Icke played as a goalkeeper for Coventry City’s youth team in the 60s and 70s before playing intermittently for Hereford United. He had been expected to address a demonstration Sunday by an anti-authority group called Together for the Netherlands. 
Law enforcement authorities have said the gathering was expected to draw counter-demonstrators, including far-left groups. It is not the first time Icke has been refused entry to a country. In 2019, Australia canceled his visa ahead of a speaking tour. He made controversial unproven claims about the virus on several internet platforms, including one that suggested it is linked to the 5G mobile network. (All the brilliant academics at Brownstone Institute probably agree with him.) The action came after Facebook and YouTube took similar action in May 2020.

He also attended a mass anti-lockdown rally in Trafalgar Square in August, organized by Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers, and urged police to ‘stop serving the psychopaths’. 
After Icke’s footballing career was cut short due to arthritis, he made a career in sports broadcasting before he was marginalized for peddling anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

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