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Breaking UFO news!

“Top UFO expert, Australian Journalist Ross Coulthart breaks down the latest groundbreaking intelligence on recent UFO (UAP) activity and also what’s to come. As one of Australia’s most prominent journalists, Ross has broken many big stories for 60 Minutes, Four Corners and Seven Spotlight. Now, he’s one of the world’s foremost informed UFO experts with contacts and whistleblowers in the highest of places such as the US military and government. The history and future is clear… they’re coming for us!”

SSP UPDATE: Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate near Civil War and Orion Group Operation against the Disclosure Movement

From.Corey Goode on

Recently, I have received briefings mostly about the Earth Alliance, with a bit of info here and there delivered to me by the members of the SSP Alliance who have joined the new interstellar organization formed by former GGLN colony members.

The Confederation of Free Colonies has made quite a lot of progress in battles between them and their objective, Our solar system. They have defeated several enemy armadas on their way here, bringing them into conflict with the Reptilians and a few groups that fight with them, including the Dark Fleet. They have also encountered several Galactic Federation ships in combat.

The ships they could not destroy retreated to our solar system, where they joined what remains of their armada in low orbit around the gas giant planets and their moons, where they are preparing for the Confederation to invade and liberate our solar system. The enemy is now trapped in our solar system, where they will either be taken out by the Confederation or by the solar micro-nova that they know is soon.

Since the Lunar Operations Command was locked down by the Orion Group and the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, most of those serving off the planet have been in a martial law setting. The people serving are now forced to accept nanites and brain chips to continue their service or be sent to prison.

This has resulted in several colonies. On Mars, outposts within strategic star systems in our sector have shown signs of resistance against the ICC transhumanist mandate. Open opposition and a widespread civil war is expected to break out within the ICC, which could cripple its alliance with the Orion Group.

The ICC is calling on the Orion Group to help suppress the uprisings. Still, the briefings indicate that they expect 30-40% of those serving on colonies under the control of the ICC will openly rebel in the coming months, forcing the Orion Group and ICC into spreading their resources thin in an attempt to maintain control.

At their current rate of progression, the Confederation of Free Colonies would reach our outer solar system sometime in late 2025 and then begin the operation to liberate our solar system. The Orion Group and their allies have a beachhead and are entrenched throughout our Solar System, and it will take several years to fight through their defenses to reach Earth finally.

Meanwhile, here on Earth, we have brave individuals doing their best to reveal the UAP disclosures to the public to prepare them for what they will see in the sky and our solar system in the coming years. The Cabal is going to twist these disclosures in a way that they hope will put all citizens of Earth on a war footing, ready to fight against invaders while using the new threat to take away what human rights remain on the planet to prepare the population to serve their transhumanist gods.

We have also become aware of a significant Orion Group operation against contactees and others within the Disclosure Movement. For example, one night, while I was sleeping, I had what felt like an intrusive dream where three tall, attractive, blonde, human-looking beings stood at the foot of my bed and spoke to me.

They had sparkling blue eyes with big smiles on their faces. I felt a rush of comforting energy flow over me and began to feel love radiating from the visitors to the point of illuminating the room.

They told me that they had come to help many times throughout human history and were known to the ancient Greeks as their gods. They stated that they have returned to fulfill prophecy and to help liberate humanity from negative beings that have enslaved us for thousands of years. They told me they were the key to humanity’s salvation and the next step in evolution. One of the visitors leaned over the bed and looked deeply into my eyes, causing me to lose all feeling in my body or ability to move.

He asked, “Why are you persecuting us?”. “You are interfering with the Creator’s plan”.

At this very moment, I felt a significant change in the room’s environment, where time seemed to freeze. The Tall Beings that stood before me froze and then disappeared, leaving me horrified to see three small Grey Aliens standing in their place. The Greys were visibly shocked and immediately floated up horizontally a couple of feet from my floor and then turned and floated through the wall.

After this incident, I verified that this type of thing is happening across the planet. The Greys are using these tactics against the Disclosure Movement and Contactees and have been using similar techniques to manipulate people in power. These operations have increased exponentially, and the Earth Alliance can do nothing about it because the ICC has been providing support and cover-up operations to assist the Orion Group.

We are indeed in a time where we can trust very little of what we see and hear from those around us.

It is time that those who call themselves awakened become activists who help support the UAP Whistleblowers coming out and pressure our state and US representatives to pass laws protecting them. If the Disclosure Community doesn’t transform into activists, there will be no counterbalance to the disinformation and fear-mongering the Cabal will turn these revelations into.

We go into much more detail about this update in an upcoming episode of SSP UPDATES – coming soon to Ascension Works TV!

Congressional Elites BLOCKING UFO Investigation, DENYING Public Answers: Analysis

I hear a lot of people in the Disclosure movement who believe David Grusch is a disinfo agent. He and the approximate 40 other whistleblowers are telling the truth as they know and experience it. Their disclosures are the beginning of what will unfold through 2027/28, according to my briefings. There is an incredible amount of pushback against Grusch and his team…

Corey Goode on

Mainstream UAP Disclosures – Reality VS Our UFO Religions & Entertainmen…

This is really important, up to date info from Corey on what’s coming next with David Grusch testimony and 30 more whistleblowers.

The caution is not to spin it into your own narrative to agree with your social group. I see this constantly with humans. They don’t care about facts as much as they do fitting into their group.

I’m sure it applies to my info, too. Most people don’t trust themselves. They keep listening to others first, and it creates a huge mess.

Chats with Corey – Q&A July 22, 2023 – Ascension Works TV

There are parts of this that are very informative. If you have a job or have to be around very toxic or fearful people, it’s important to get Reiki or etheric field clearing to keep your vibration aligned. You can do it yourself if you know how to do the central axis meditation through the pineal gland with the 5gforce daily.

If you haven’t already got that going better, get busy. Questions, email me.

Alaskan Volcano eruption draws ET helpers to the area

Probably stabilizing the White Dog time portal.

Pentagon finally forced to reveal secrets?

At the price of revenge from the ICC and the end of oil, gas, and coal? Ok.

The subculture battle for ET exposure

Corey Goode’s comments on David Grusch Whistleblower

It’s good. As I said earlier, when Grusch first came out, none of what he said was new. Corey and David’s whistleblowers came out 10 years before and told us this and more.

Grusch was a disclosure staged Hollywood deal prepped for Congress. The narrative being to keep the negative view of ET and a war going that is false and unnecessary.

Keep in mind, and tell your friends, there is a big difference between the Earth Alliance who are the White Hats, not fake, not Hollywood, not pandering to politics, not c_)(*. They are thousands of whistleblowers over the years who are mostly military and they tell the truth.

The c+_)( tends to be Ufology folks, they tend to be on TwitterX, trying to push something or psyop something for the government to manipulate the masses regarding UFO/ET.

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