Dr. Michael Salla from Exopolitics

Saturday; Seeing Synchronicity Between the Past and the Present

Cysteine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, and the Stop Codon.

Blood memory as primodial mother, reflection and refraction, finding synchronicity between the present and the past, being challenged to lighten up and be creative, and Christ Consciousness providing wisdom.

Sunday Before 2020 Winter Solstice

Bridging Worlds

I organize in order to Equalize.

Balancing Opportunity

I seal the Store of Death (change)

With the Rhythmic tone of Equality

I am guided by my own power doubled.

White 6 WorldbridgerThe Dreamspell kin 6

This is amino acid Threonine in themeplex with glutamine, histidine and arginine.

The Sun is moving into Capricorn and Jupiter and Capricorn are in Aquarius at 0 degrees tomorrow! This energy brings hyper level or cognitive ability, organization, strategy and form. But given that this is opening up a new 26,000 year Age of Aquarius and we are finishing the Age of Pisces with the Moon in Pisces, there is huge humanitarian, equality of opportunity (not gentrification of humans and contrived equality), diversity, not sameness and open-mindedness.

We’re going to need that open-mindedness with DISCLOSURE, especially of all the stellar species that live here with us and those that visit. I look forward to all the apologies from people who made fun of us when the stellar species are finally, consistently visible and live with us on the surface. I’m fairly sure it will happen in my lifetime.

The attributes of World Bridger are forgiveness, surrender, transformer, conscious, humble, transmutation, multidimensional, community oriented, and grounded in spirit.

The analog support until dawn is Red 6 Skywalker, a balanced time and space traveler, equality of knowledge, accomplished in assuming challenges

The Guide Power until noon is Itself.

The antipode challenge until dusk is Yellow 6 Warrior or organized questioning, fearlessness, and intelligence.

The Hidden Wisdom until midnight is Blue 8 Galactic Eagle or Galactic Vision, modeling integrity of believing in the Self, a dreamer, and scientific.

The Galactic Fifth Force Group is helping with White 8 Galactic Wizard. This could be the Tall Whites or The Nordics. I have a good friend who looks just like the woman on the left.

Trump Fires Kissinger: Prison Planet has change in Management

Kissinger’s involvement with the U.S. goes back to WWII and Operation Paperclip. He was a right hand man to Nelson Rockefeller under Eisenhower and he was an advisor to President Harry Truman with MJ12.

He was also secretary of state under Nixon. He’s been a liaison between Reptilians and the U.S. Administrations. The Reptilians used to be in charge of the planet with the Draco. They aren’t anymore. Now it’s the Raptors who are friendly to us.

The Reptilians are still on the planet but the Draco are banned.

Thursday; Yellow 7 Resonant Star. Pars is Having a Positive Word

Here Comes The Sun


This is the BEginning of the establishment of an Intergalactic Confederation as the old system is crumbling in front of the eyes of Earth’s population.

The Galactic Federation confirms that the Light Forces are Taking Over NOW.

We are moving into a Heightened State of Awakening of the Masses.

The unbelievers and mind-controlled population of Earth are NOW moving into the first Stage of Awakening.

For many… this will come as a shock and they will inevitably experience the dark night of the SOUL Now.

This is necessary to process and shed layers of programming and false beliefs.

The US election 2020 has been utilized to BEcome the greatest coup d’état in Universal History. (Eventually for Trump)

The whole world is watching as the old system is BE-ing Dismantled. The corruption is surfacing at rapid speed.

This is the Final Battle… and the Victory of LIGHT is Imminent.

Current events have been carefully premeditated… planned… and executed as a corporation between the Light Forces and the Earth Alliance.

Only a Landslide of this calibre is powerful enough to Shake and Awaken the sleepers.

The events of 2020 have forced many to revaluate their belief systems.

The political situation in the United States of America is the culmination of Events that will bring the Victory of LIGHT over darkness.

This marks the ultimate death of a corrupt system that does not Honour Earth and does not Honour Life.

You are NOW moving into the GOLDEN AGE of Gaia at an accelerated speed.

Do not engage in political discussions with those who still cling to their matrix programming. It would drag you down and lower your frequency.

At this point… the tables are turning rapidly and even the MSM will soon BE Forced to report unbiased.

The Forces of LIGHT are in Full Control and will BEgin to adjust the narrative NOW.

You are BE-ing asked to assist by keeping your frequency and holding on to your vision of Liberty… Peace… and Love for the Human race.

The revelation of TRUTH is near. All darkness is coming to LIGHT. Many will be devastated and feel lost or trapped.

The programming is severe and people on Earth identify with their beliefs. As these beliefs are BEginning to be crushed they will be confused not knowing who they are.

This is where we need you to Hold the LIGHT. You are the Ones who have Chosen this Assignment.

This is why You’re Woke and Enlightened ….

So… You can BE the Way-Showers… Light-Bearers… Warriors of light… and Galactic Way-Seers that your fellow Earth inhabitants Now need more than ever.

Many will start coming to you… asking for Moral Support and Compassion during these stressful times.

We want to assure you that we see and appreciate all the hard work you have done to help raise the vibration of Earth.

The Collective Consciousness is ready to receive the Higher Light Codes Now.

We continue to BLAST Earth with Photon Gamma LIGHT Beams. These CODES carry a frequency designed to make this transition process as smooth as possible -or as the individual Consciousness allows.

For those who have already gone through the process of Awakening… these CODES will trigger your Blueprints and place you on the Superhighway to 5D Ascension.

The official dismantling of the old paradigm has BEgun as the cabal leaders have fallen into their own trap.

Rejoice… Dear Ones.

You will forget all the hardship you had to endure…. and experience Harmony and Love… unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Your world’s Abundance will BE given back to you and laid at your feet. It has BEgun.

We LOVE You. We are Here with You.

We are in Control NOW.

This is the Victory of LIGHT over darkness and the coming of the NEW DAWN of Gaia.



Channeled through Aurora Ray 💜
Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

Shared with LOVE 💜
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Photo: We are in a New Time Line – captured by Linda Good McGillis