SSP UPDATE: Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate near Civil War and Orion Group Operation against the Disclosure Movement

From.Corey Goode on

Recently, I have received briefings mostly about the Earth Alliance, with a bit of info here and there delivered to me by the members of the SSP Alliance who have joined the new interstellar organization formed by former GGLN colony members.

The Confederation of Free Colonies has made quite a lot of progress in battles between them and their objective, Our solar system. They have defeated several enemy armadas on their way here, bringing them into conflict with the Reptilians and a few groups that fight with them, including the Dark Fleet. They have also encountered several Galactic Federation ships in combat.

The ships they could not destroy retreated to our solar system, where they joined what remains of their armada in low orbit around the gas giant planets and their moons, where they are preparing for the Confederation to invade and liberate our solar system. The enemy is now trapped in our solar system, where they will either be taken out by the Confederation or by the solar micro-nova that they know is soon.

Since the Lunar Operations Command was locked down by the Orion Group and the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, most of those serving off the planet have been in a martial law setting. The people serving are now forced to accept nanites and brain chips to continue their service or be sent to prison.

This has resulted in several colonies. On Mars, outposts within strategic star systems in our sector have shown signs of resistance against the ICC transhumanist mandate. Open opposition and a widespread civil war is expected to break out within the ICC, which could cripple its alliance with the Orion Group.

The ICC is calling on the Orion Group to help suppress the uprisings. Still, the briefings indicate that they expect 30-40% of those serving on colonies under the control of the ICC will openly rebel in the coming months, forcing the Orion Group and ICC into spreading their resources thin in an attempt to maintain control.

At their current rate of progression, the Confederation of Free Colonies would reach our outer solar system sometime in late 2025 and then begin the operation to liberate our solar system. The Orion Group and their allies have a beachhead and are entrenched throughout our Solar System, and it will take several years to fight through their defenses to reach Earth finally.

Meanwhile, here on Earth, we have brave individuals doing their best to reveal the UAP disclosures to the public to prepare them for what they will see in the sky and our solar system in the coming years. The Cabal is going to twist these disclosures in a way that they hope will put all citizens of Earth on a war footing, ready to fight against invaders while using the new threat to take away what human rights remain on the planet to prepare the population to serve their transhumanist gods.

We have also become aware of a significant Orion Group operation against contactees and others within the Disclosure Movement. For example, one night, while I was sleeping, I had what felt like an intrusive dream where three tall, attractive, blonde, human-looking beings stood at the foot of my bed and spoke to me.

They had sparkling blue eyes with big smiles on their faces. I felt a rush of comforting energy flow over me and began to feel love radiating from the visitors to the point of illuminating the room.

They told me that they had come to help many times throughout human history and were known to the ancient Greeks as their gods. They stated that they have returned to fulfill prophecy and to help liberate humanity from negative beings that have enslaved us for thousands of years. They told me they were the key to humanity’s salvation and the next step in evolution. One of the visitors leaned over the bed and looked deeply into my eyes, causing me to lose all feeling in my body or ability to move.

He asked, “Why are you persecuting us?”. “You are interfering with the Creator’s plan”.

At this very moment, I felt a significant change in the room’s environment, where time seemed to freeze. The Tall Beings that stood before me froze and then disappeared, leaving me horrified to see three small Grey Aliens standing in their place. The Greys were visibly shocked and immediately floated up horizontally a couple of feet from my floor and then turned and floated through the wall.

After this incident, I verified that this type of thing is happening across the planet. The Greys are using these tactics against the Disclosure Movement and Contactees and have been using similar techniques to manipulate people in power. These operations have increased exponentially, and the Earth Alliance can do nothing about it because the ICC has been providing support and cover-up operations to assist the Orion Group.

We are indeed in a time where we can trust very little of what we see and hear from those around us.

It is time that those who call themselves awakened become activists who help support the UAP Whistleblowers coming out and pressure our state and US representatives to pass laws protecting them. If the Disclosure Community doesn’t transform into activists, there will be no counterbalance to the disinformation and fear-mongering the Cabal will turn these revelations into.

We go into much more detail about this update in an upcoming episode of SSP UPDATES – coming soon to Ascension Works TV!

Time is DNA (All life). DNA is Mass which is mostly Frequency (of all Life). DNA creates Gravity which is that Frequency. So Time creates Gravity.-Ed Level Advanced

This came to me intuitively at 3am, when I tend to get my best insights during those Delta waves.

When you put that “ism” on the end it’s in a box with sexism, racism, materialism, spiritualism, ageism, and cultism which are based in opinion, gossip, memes, feelings and thus dogma.

The internet, when I enter “Time creates gravity”

No, time dilation does NOT cause gravity. The simplest way to understand this is recognize that time dilation is a relative phenomenon, dependent on an observer’s state of motion and their position relative to masses, while gravity is an objective phenomenon all observers will agree upon.” Nov 14, 2017

WOW. Very severe and mandating agreement on everything being reality.

I didn’t say time dilation and I didn’t say cause. I said time, by itself, MAKES, not causes. When you make something it’s literal 3D. Women MAKE babies, literally. When you cause something, you just think it or nudge it with a thing. That’s all guys do is cause something. They make a mess and noise but they don’t make a baby. They cause a baby. This is the height of mechanical indolence. This is why so much of science is wrong.

Time dilation is the difference in elapsed time as measured by two clocks, either due to a relative velocity between them or due to a difference in gravitational potential between their locations. When unspecified, “time dilation” usually refers to the effect due to velocity.”Wikipedia

They don’t know what time is. No one does. Their minds are still in the time of Newtonian Mechanics in the year 2023. Newton’s ideas were formed 1643-1727, the 17th century. The earth rotates and then it rotates around the sun. That’s time to them.

The fact that Time creates gravity will change E=mc2 because Energy = Gravity x the speed of light2.

Gravity is the SUM of all DNA as Mass moving in spacetime. The fun piece is that all mass is 99% frequency or empty space. It’s not dense. It’s just moving at phenomenal speeds because of MIND.

5:15PM on Friday

Now I’m looking at some physics notes from Jack Sarfatti, Physicist on X.

  • UAP’s use warp drive or control of the spacetime continuum (gravity field) with small amounts of energy using energized resonant artificial meta materials in macro quantum coherent “Frolich condensate” phases. This is a straightforward application of Einstein’s 1915 gravity field equation connecting the gravity field Guv to the stress-energy tensor Tuv of an applied electromagnetic inside the specially designed meta-material fuselage. Fröhlich condensates are classified into 3 types:
  • weak condensates in which profound effects on chemical kinetics are possible,
  • strong condensates in which an extremely large amount of energy is channeled into one vibrational mode, and
  • coherent condensates in which this energy is placed in a single quantum state.- Mar 17, 2009

On the right is the tensor describing the matter and energy density — the source of the gravitational field. The equation shows that spacetime geometry equals mass-energy density when adjusted with the proper units and numerical constants.Oct 4, 2015

But Einstein looked at space and time and saw a single dynamic stage — spacetime — on which matter and energy strutted, generating sound and fury, signifying gravity.

The article below

Time is DNA says exactly the same thing but I hadn’t read Einstein. The Maya suggested it all to me in the Harmonic, and Jose Arguelles.

Honestly, Einstein’s work was always common sense to me. I’ve always understood E=mc2 and it actually caused me to ask more questions, especially about the true nature of mass which is answered by Fritjof Capra in the Tao of Physics. And it was answered by my hands on 23,000 people in my office.

Most people still don’t process that what appears dense and feels dense on this planet is simply spinning at mind-boggling speeds like 60,000 mps with MIND intention. Why? Because our Creator gave all creation the ability to create ITSELF and to create new things. Self-Existing Tone 4 and Earth are ruled by 4. That’s the purpose of life. Not money. We’re creators. But on X, they call Creators-MONEY. I already posted that you can’t have it both ways. Time is money or time is art. There is nothing wrong with making a living with art, but that’s not the focus or you can’t create. No response. They live for money. There is no art on any social media.

Congressional Elites BLOCKING UFO Investigation, DENYING Public Answers: Analysis

I hear a lot of people in the Disclosure movement who believe David Grusch is a disinfo agent. He and the approximate 40 other whistleblowers are telling the truth as they know and experience it. Their disclosures are the beginning of what will unfold through 2027/28, according to my briefings. There is an incredible amount of pushback against Grusch and his team…

Corey Goode on

Mainstream UAP Disclosures – Reality VS Our UFO Religions & Entertainmen…

This is really important, up to date info from Corey on what’s coming next with David Grusch testimony and 30 more whistleblowers.

The caution is not to spin it into your own narrative to agree with your social group. I see this constantly with humans. They don’t care about facts as much as they do fitting into their group.

I’m sure it applies to my info, too. Most people don’t trust themselves. They keep listening to others first, and it creates a huge mess.

“The Facts Cannot Be Denied” – a Conversation with Dr Luc Montagnier

By Deborah Hayes, BSc(Hons), CCH, RSHom(NA), NTP

This article was published in The American Homeopath Journal, Volume 18, 2012, and is reproduced with permission.

The homeopathic community was honored to have Dr Luc Montagnier as a speaker at the 2012 Joint Annual Homeopathic Conference in Reston, VA.  Dr Montagnier was awarded the 2008 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine as a result of his work identifying HIV as the cause of AIDS.  Some of his more recent research has led him in an unexpected and controversial direction, showing that certain dilutions of bacterial and viral DNA sequences can emit low frequency electromagnetic waves. 

These electromagnetic signals carry information about the DNA.  Under certain conditions, the electromagnetic signals from a tube containing a highly diluted solution of DNA sequences can transmit information to a second tube containing only purified water.  If the chemicals for polymerase chain reaction are added to the signalized water in the second tube, the original DNA sequence can be duplicated with 98-100% accuracy.  In his presentation, Dr Montagnier also explained that in his most recent research, his team had transmitted the electromagnetic signals digitally between computers and had succeeded in replicating the DNA in a distant laboratory.

The results suggest that nanostructures comprised of water molecules are produced as a result of the EMS. These nanostructures, which Dr Montagnier terms “naneons,” are destroyed by temperatures over 70°C, by electromagnetic fields and by freezing.  Dr Montagnier pointed out that the water in our bodies is comprised of nanostructures.  His physicist colleagues propose that the stable nanostructures in water emerge as coherent quantum domains that are surrounded by an electron cloud, are relatively stable and have the ability to carry information when diluted to a sufficiently high degree.

Dr Montagnier posited that perhaps the DNA double helix itself is not read, but rather it is the water structure that surrounds it that carries the essential information: “Without water, the double helix cannot stand.”

Homeopaths will find it particularly interesting that in order to produce the electromagnetic signal, the diluted sample had to be succussed.

At the end of his presentation, Dr Montagnier received a standing ovation and was practically mobbed by members of the audience, who were eager to shake his hand.  Dr Montagnier was gracious enough to pose for photographs with many of his admirers.  I was able to speak with him for a few minutes before he had to leave.

Deborah Hayes: You have been treated as if you are a rock star! What do you make of your reception by the homeopathic community?

Luc Montagnier: It touches me, because, you know sometimes, while I’m not discouraged by certain negative reactions, still it is touching to have such a positive response. But ignorance still exists, and the will of some people is to demolish everything I say.  

I am not alone in this fight, but we are a minority of scientists, and the majority of scientists still want to eliminate everything which is linked with Jacques Benveniste and homeopathy, especially in France.  But Benveniste was an honest man; he had difficulty proving what he found because he was working with biological systems.  He was measuring biological activity.  On the contrary, we are starting with measuring the signals of chemical structures, which are developed in water, so we don’t have difficulty in reproducing these structures. 

We have to take into account that if two plastic tubes are close together, one control and one containing DNA emitting something, the control can capture some of the information in the water from electromagnetic radiation. The second problem is human beings.  If you have too many people in a room where you are doing the experiment it can fail.  We discovered this more recently when we tried to export our technology. So many people were so interested to observe the experiment at the same time. We realized that not more than two people could be in the same lab for the experiment. 

DH: To what do you attribute that?

LM:  The fact is that people are also emitting waves.  And some, for unknown reasons, are emitting waves that will counteract the waves that we are measuring.  So definitely, the experiments are reproduced in labs in several parts of the world, but our colleagues must take precautions and follow our protocol.

DH: Your work involves using a vortex to reproduce the process of succession.  What led you to do this?

LM: In the beginning we used and adapted mostly the techniques of Jacques Benveniste.

DH: Where do you think your work takes us in terms of where homeopathic research needs to go next?

LM: I am pursuing my own research.  But I keep an open mind to homeopathic research.

DH: Can you explain to our readers who were not able to attend your talk today, and who may not be familiar with your work, what are the key outcomes of your research?

LM: The key is that first, there are waves, low frequency waves that transmit information, like submarines talking to each other. One can hypothesize that these waves may help explain the origin of life.  There is much research now in science that is just analytical, essentially trying to see which genes are expressed at certain times. This is important. But it doesn’t show what is the engine of these processes.  In embryogenesis, there is a harmonious succession of gene expression that is originated from the DNA.  I believe this is mediated by the waves emitted by DNA.  The genes are expressed in a precise order; the DNA is played like the notes in a musical symphony.  So it is a way to explain the origin of a complex individual, like ourselves. 

DH: And water is very important.

LM: Water, of course, is key, and waves. 

DH: The memory of water.

LM: Yes, the memory of water. In homeopathy that of course fits.  Carrying accurate information.

DH: Yesterday at the conference there was a presentation by Jeremy Sherr about his work on the treatment of AIDS in Africa using homeopathy. He has shown cures with levels of virus dropping to undetectable levels.

LM: Possibly, but the problem with HIV/AIDS is that the situation varies from one patient to another.  It is very difficult to make a statistical study.  There are several types of variability. We are trying to study these variabilities in terms of DNA emission, EMS transmission and co-factors.  It’s very complex.

DH: Do you think that that the scientific community will accept the idea of transmission of information via the memory of water, of your work?

LM: This will come.  We are making progress, slowly, but definitely in being reproduced by other laboratories.

DH: Do you think they will ever accept the tenets of homeopathy?

LM: Why not?  They are facts, you know.  If one can explain the homeopathic phenomena in a rational way, if you show there are people cured by homeopathy, the facts cannot be denied.

DH: People do try to deny it!

LM: People do try, but I think that there are economic interests to keep out everything that is outside the mainstream and that of course includes homeopathy.

DH:  Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me on behalf of American Homeopath’s readers.  With that we went our separate ways, leaving the lecture room still buzzing with people enthused by Dr Montagnier’s presentation.

If you would like to find out more about Dr Montagnier’s research, you may go to his web site  The articles he has published on this phenomenon are: “Electromagnetic Signals are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences.”  Interdiscip Sci Comput Life Sci (2009) and  “DNA Waves and Water.” Journal of Physics: Conference Series 306 (2011) 012007.

Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)

This just popped up in XTwitter at 11:11. Luc was a very good friend of Dr. Chavez, who was my friend and knew of my work. I wasn’t as far along back then as I am now.

Notice that they are just now discovering that DNA has memory, which we know is the CA strand, civilizational advance, and that it makes sound. That is the Tones of Creation. All ancient t knowledge that gets ignored.

It’s stunning to me that molecular biologists are still struggling with the fact that all DNA emits ELM energy. I thought this was old news.

Lastly, the suggestion that biologists study physics. Is this new also?

They are behind.

Chats with Corey – Q&A July 22, 2023 – Ascension Works TV

There are parts of this that are very informative. If you have a job or have to be around very toxic or fearful people, it’s important to get Reiki or etheric field clearing to keep your vibration aligned. You can do it yourself if you know how to do the central axis meditation through the pineal gland with the 5gforce daily.

If you haven’t already got that going better, get busy. Questions, email me.

SpaceX Punched a hole in the Psi Bank

Is that like punching a hole in a wall because they’re giving you a hard time? I’m bugging him too much. 😆 lol. I’m sick of all the fake Elon unverified accounts following me. It was 10 a day, and now I directly tweeted to him, asking that everyone on there be required to be verified. I don’t have time for this. It’s very controversial but all the spam and grifters on there are wasting time and $.

SPACEX JUST PUNCHED A HOLE IN THE IONOSPHERE: On the evening of July 19th, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. Sky watchers from southern California to Arizona witnessed a magnificent exhaust plume. At the San Francisco Volcanic Field north of Flagstaff, photographer Jeremy Perez saw something extra:

“After the rocket passed overhead, a red fluorescent glow expanded southward and crossed over the Milky Way,” says Perez. “It was visible for almost 20 minutes.”

The red glow is a sign that the rocket punched a hole in the ionosphere–something SpaceX and others have been doing for years. One famous example occured on August 25, 2017, when a Falcon 9 rocket carrying Taiwan’s FORMOSAT-5 satellite created a hole four times bigger than the state of California. On June 19, 2022, another Falcon 9 punched a hole over the east coast of the USA, sparking a display of red lights from New York to the Carolinas that many observers mistook for aurora borealis.

“This is a well studied phenomenon when rockets are burning their engines 200 to 300 km above Earth’s surface,” explains space physicist Jeff Baumgardner of Boston University. “The red glow appears when exhaust gasses from the rocket’s 2nd stage cause the ionosphere to recombine quickly.”

Rocket engines spray water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) into the ionosphere, quenching local ionization by as much as 70%. A complicated series of charge exchange reactions between oxygen ions (O+) and molecules from the rocket exhaust produce photons at a wavelength of 6300 Å–the same color as red auroras.

Above: Electron density maps show a hole in the ionosphere formed by a SpaceX rocket in 2017. [more]

“I reviewed footage from the July 19th launch,” says Baumgardner. “It shows the second stage engine burning at 286 km near the ionosphere’s F-region peak for that time of day. So, it is quite possible that an ionospheric ‘hole’ was made.”

Once rare, ionospheric “punch holes” are increasingly common with record numbers of rocket launches led by SpaceX sending Starlink satellites to low-Earth orbit. Ham radio operators may notice them when shortwave signals fail to skip over the horizon, shooting through holes instead of bouncing back to Earth. Sudden GPS errors can also result from the anomalies. These effects may be troublesome, but they are shortlived; re-ionization occurs as soon as the sun comes up again.

Readers, did you see a red glow from this week’s SpaceX launch? Submit your photos here.

more images: from David Blanchard of Flagstaff, AZ (he also saw the red glow); from Dennis Mammana of Borrego Springs, California; from Andrew Corkill of Riverside, California; from Chris Cook of Laguna Beach, California; from Art Brown of San Diego, California;

Realtime Space Weather Photo Gallery
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Alaskan Volcano eruption draws ET helpers to the area

Probably stabilizing the White Dog time portal.

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