Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron are all in Aries Right Now

😆 lol. It’s all from Love. Seriously.

We’re coming up on Red 1 Skywalker Wavespell mediated by MARS in 6 days. Yesterday was Resonant 7 Worldbriger mediated by Mars, so prepare now to take a chill pill. Especially if the Psi Bank ramps up.

I am Aries Skywalker, and it gets intense. I have to lay down and wind down my Qi. If you have Mars in your chart or are Red Skywalker or White Worldbriger kin consider doing the same thing.

From now on, until April 20, society can get explosive. Truth also comes out whether anyone likes it or not.

Just a heads up. “We not be messin’ round.”

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