for 10/27/23

If solar maximum is next year, 2024, (see below) subtract 11.5yrs, and it takes us to the beginning of our new 26,000 year cycle of mid-2012. Good synchronicity.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G1): A minor G1-class geomagnetic storm is likely on Oct. 30th when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from a double-lobed hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for bright auroras. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

DRAMATIC M-CLASS EXPLOSION: A magnetic filament just beyond the sun’s northeastern limb exploded on Oct. 26th (2324 UT), causing a chain reaction of magnetic eruptions that spilled onto the Earthside of the sun. NASA’s SDO recorded the M1.4 category blast:

Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) have since detected a fast-moving CME emerging from the blast site. Type II radio emissions from the leading edge of the CME suggest it is moving 1558 km/s (3.5 million mph). There is a hint of an Earth-directed component. It is too soon to know for sure, however; confirmation awaits additional data from SOHO.

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NOAA FORECASTS QUICKER, STRONGER SOLAR MAX: When Solar Cycle 25 began in 2020, leading forecasters thought it would be weak and slow to develop. Fast forward three years: NOAA is now predicting a quicker, stronger solar cycle. The revised forecast, published yesterday, shows Solar Max coming sometime between January and October 2024:

NOAA’s original prediction for Solar Cycle 25 is shown in pink (), the broad band indicating the uncertainty of the forecast. It has become clear in recent years that the original prediction was too low, which prompted NOAA to issue a new one. The magenta line () traces the new forecast, and takes into account recent high sunspot counts.

Uncertainties in the new forecast are bounded by different shades of magenta. There is roughly a 25% chance that the smoothed sunspot number will fall within the dark-shaded region; a 50% chance it will fall in the medium-shaded region; and a 75% chance it will fall in the lightest of the shaded regions.

If this new forecast is correct, Solar Cycle 25 could land in the ballpark of Solar Cycle 23, which peaked in 2000-2001, and produced the famous Halloween Storms of 2003. However, the odds still favor Solar Cycle 25 being a bit weaker than Solar Cycle 23. Either way, next year’s Solar Max could be potent.

NOAA plans to update this new forecast every month. Check out their Space Weather Prediction Testbed for the latest prediction.

A Further Explanation of the Sunspot Generating Aurora as the 13:20 Maya Code of True Time

Moving in binary pairs, beginning at the thirty-degree latitudes north and south of the solar equator, one spot is positively charged, the other negatively. Over a period that averages 11.3 years, these two binary spots slowly pulse inward until they meet at the solar equator. When this occurs there is a jump, the polarity is switched, and the spots, now in opposite places, begin their movement at thirty degrees north and south through another approximately 11.3 year cycle.

Though the complete cycle is about 22.6 years, it is at the 11.3 crossover polarity points that the effects of the sunspots attain maximum effect in the earth’s magnetic field and upper atmosphere. As the cycle runs its course, the outer radiation belt becomes saturated with negative solar electrons.

Corresponding to the moment of crossover polarity, the over-saturated outer belt rains solar radiation down upon the earth. The most visible effect of this unique solar-terrestrial synchronization is the manifestation of the aurora borealis and the aurora australis in the vicinity of the north and south magnetic poles respectively.

The Zone of Transformation

The SUN. From

I just posted the post yesterday. This picture is from there. You might want to re-read it so you can understand the astronomy.

The N. Polar Zone, Zone of Transformation, and the S. Polar Zone apply to the Earth and the Sun like a parent and child. That is the type of relationship all life has on Earth, and the Earth itself, with Our Great Sun.

I’ve talked about the polarity flip of the sun which happens with a new solar cycle every 11.5 years. There is a post on here. This is in exact alignment with the Maya Harmonic information about how the matrix codes between sun and earth which creates TIME in ALL LIFE. We see the frequencies change in the Harmonic as the Psi Bank magnetosphere read out from the Schumann Resonance. We also see it as the Auroras which display all the COLORS of the Tzolkin Harmonic. That’s us. That’s our matrix showing itself on earth as Time. It’s a beautiful reminder of the magic of evolution and manifestation, for our choosing.

What you see here is the upper part of the Z.O.T. which is more prominent right now as far as sunspots and the lower part of the Z.O.T which is less prominent. Since kin 141-260 of this current 260-day cycle we have been cycling between +1 and -1 as ELM polarity. When we hit Kin 1 again, Red 1 Dragon, it will go back to cycling between -0 and +0 and around it goes forever.

In this middle area of binary triplet configuration in the center, we bounce between -1 and +0 for 15 kin on each side of the Matrix. This is how the 13:20 code calibrates our world, our lives, and synchronicity with All That Is.

The top two portions of earth and sun are called the N. Polar Zone and S. Polar Zone. These are pulsing to, and create the DNA double helix which is TIME, CA, past to the present and AC, the old future to the present. Synchronicity in the matrix joins them at a central node point in all life DNA and in us and we have a deja vu so to speak to wake us up to our Free Will in all matters in our lives. We need to choose our Mindset to set the details of our destiny.

In 11.5 years the sun’s polarity will flip again and the sunspots will be opposite. Please note that as this pulses and creates the DNA spiral in us, the earth, and the sun, which is gravity, the Central Axis of the Eternal Present, kin 121-140 is always spinning. While you are in the body experiencing your/our past and present you are at the same time ALWAYS in eternity, no aging, no deterioration, no BS.

The big news that can freak everyone out, especially sick care is that WE are QUANTUM and ETERNAL. The ancients said it and did it and millions of outliers on earth and in social media are saying it. Our E.T. ancestors know it. It’s common knowledge all over our local universe. Death, sickness, and dying as absolutely silly given the reality of universal energies.

Why are we so deluded on earth? Because of the destruction of Tiamat and part of Mars. It’s not this way anywhere else, and all eyes are on us to see if we let go of the mistakes of our past and join the Universal Stream of life in our local system.

This is from NOAA and, in exact synchronicity with the Harmonic.

In the Maya Harmonic, we move from the North Polar Zone 5 kin to the Zone of Transformation 15 kin to the South Polar Zone 5 kin every 20 days. But the onus of alpha and omega points keeps moving with the 375 day solar year as the Harmonic calibrated True Time or Haab.

This is more proof that the time patterns I have figured out over 30 years are accurate in alignment with the sun and the rest of our local system. People need to put their thinking caps on and belly up to my table so they can know the time changes coming. Please share.

THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE OF THE SUN IS IN CHARGE: For the second month in a row, sunspot counts in the sun’s northern hemisphere are more than double the south. The assymetry is obvious in this summary of September’s sunspots compiled by astronomer Senol Sanli using data from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

According to the Royal Observatory of Belgium’s Solar Influences Data Analysis Center, in September the monthly sunspot number for the sun’s northern hemisphere was 90, the southern hemisphere was only 44; that’s a ratio of 2-to-1 in favor of the north. August was about the same. Looking back over an entire year, the north is leading the south by an average of 50%.

What’s going on? In fact, it’s not unusual for the sun’s northern and southern hemispheres to be out of synch. As long ago as the 19th century, solar cycle pioneers Spoerer (1889) and Maunder (1890) noted that there were often long periods of time when most sunspots were found preferentially in one hemisphere and not the other. This plot from the Royal Observatory of Belgium shows assymetries throughout the last 6 solar cycles:

Until recently, Solar Cycle 25 was pretty evenly matched, north vs. south. Sunspot counts from August and September, however, suggest that the northern hemisphere may be seizing control–at least temporarily. This has happened during the upslope of all four previous solar cycles (21-24).

One possible explanation for this phenomenon may be that the two hemispheres of the sun have their own solar cycles, one out of phase with the other by about a year. Indeed, Solar Max is often double peaked. You can see it in the hemispheric sunspot plot. In the three most recent cycles (22-24), north peaked before south, creating two surges of solar activity separated by a “Gnevyshev gap.” Solar Cycle 25 might continue this trend.

A complete discussion of sunspot asymmetries is included in David Hathaway’s excellent review article “The Solar Cycle.” for 3/16/23-see below

The auroras ARE the Tzolk’in or Mayan count of time. Time is light emanations that manifest as DNA by changing frequency, and light has its SOURCE in sound or The Tones of Creation. I haven’t finished that book yet.😊 The auroras are the etheric body of Earth’s light body just as the human aura is the light emanation of human chakras. The earth and humans are analogous and inseparable in every respect, actually. It’s an intimate relationship and a loving one from the earth to us but we don’t usually reciprocate but should.

Huge synchronicity here which I wondered about as I flipped my Tzolkin BOOK from the front to the very back yesterday. What did it mean that THE FIFTH DENSITY GFORCES were at the very end of the 260-day cycle, flipped, all the way to the other side?

So, Yellow 1 Sun, kin 40 2 days ago, has the 5gforce of KIN260, and Red 2 Dragon, yesterday, has the 5gforce of kin259 and so forth as time spirals in on itself in its natural RADIAL manner.

It means that in duality frequency, time goes in two directions, future, and past, with 2 strands, AC and CA. It doesn’t have to but where we are in our evolution we need duality and resistance to grow. With this new solar cycle 25, the ELM of the Sun has flipped, and so are the planets reversing and so is time. No worries as long as you are sitting in your center, the CNS, the axis of the eternal present. If not, your mind will spin out. You must stay IN YOUR OWN BODY CENTER!

CME IMPACT SPARKS NORTHERN *AND* SOUTHERN LIGHTS: A CME struck Earth’s magnetic field yesterday, March 15th. The impact was so strong, it sparked auroras over both ends of our planet. First, the south:

“Red auroras lit up the skies above Lake Ellesmere, New Zealand,” reports photographer Mike White. “A strong glow persisted for an hour or so on the southern horizon with occasional periods of bright rays extending upwards.”

Second, the north:

Roman Banas photographed these red auroras near Bydgoszcz, Poland, almost 18,000 km away yet remarkably similar to the display in New Zealand. “You could see the rays with the naked eye,” says Banas. “It was strongest around midnight.”

This is the time of year when Northern and Southern Lights can be seen at the same time. We’re only days away from the March equinox. Nearly equal amounts of darkness allow sky watchers in both hemispheres equal opportunity to witness auroras. The lights themselves are caused by exactly the same physics: Particles from the sun hit Earth’s upper atmosphere, causing air to glow red and green regardless of latitude.

The CME that struck Earth on March 15th was hurled into space by the eruption of a magnetic filament on the sun almost 4 days earlier. Its arrival sparked a series of alternating G1 and G2-class geomagnetic storms throughout the day. Subscribers to our Space Weather Alert service received instant text messages when the CME arrived and when the ensuring storms developed.

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Very High ScR

When this goes up do you have white noise, a very low whirring sound in your ears? It’s louder than usual now. Usually, I don’t notice it but I know it’s there when amplitude is normal. When this goes up my brain buzzes at a medium frequency.

The Frequency is 7.52 @7:30
The amplitude power is 70! Watch your brain and heart. Take it easy.
When the ScR goes up we need to go down and rest so our etheric bodies can go through the paces.

Saturday 2/25/23 Spacetime Weather

🌎 The Earth Holon as the Eternal Now

The context of the Earth changes is 4 billion years. It’s been doing this for that long. Humans only arrived on scene 1 million years ago, approximately so we are a new species here. We need to calm down and LEARN about the earth and its ways so we can cooperate with all evolving life forms peacefully and continue to thrive here, not just survive and obey the edicts on the news as though it’s God.

The purpose of this section of my blog is not to fear monger cataclysm for the federal government or any other agency who wants to institute A.I. on Earth. You know I believe natural evolution will continue here and so must our bodies.

To achieve that through the earth changes, it’s important to know that our bodies and minds contain eternity, the eternal NOW, AS TIME, expressed in LIGHT AND COLOR in the auroras as the collective emanations of the etheric aura of all DNA forms. They are emanating our 52-day cycles. The Maya left these time patterns for us on Earth thousands of years ago.

  • The Red Light 52-day cycle is kin 1-52
  • The White Light 52-day cycle is kin 53-104
  • The Blue Light 52-day cycle is kin105-156
  • The Yellow Light 52-day cycle is kin 157-208
  • The Green Light 52-day cycle is kin 209-260

The Tzolkin IS TIME, as OUR BODIES and All DNA.

Every day happens all at once in one Gestalt of Time, which is Eternity. But because of evolution, we can see it in pieces. Because we see it in snippets, we believe it exists in pieces, like a day, but it does not. Every day is eternally a day and night, like the movie Groundhog Day, but without the time warp. As we change our minds and hearts, the time warp ends so that every day LOOKS AND FEELS different.

Time is ONE WHOLE, all of the time as the double strand DNA, the past, and the future, which are actually just partial projections of what we’ve created before.

As soon as today arrives, tomorrow is gone, so tomorrow IS TODAY. There is no “live” past, there is only now. We just have memories of events and feelings. The 3D pieces we see or have are only shadows of time. They aren’t alive.

Only DNA that has some form of breath is alive. Everything living breathes in its own way. It doesn’t breathe like animals, but it breathes.

There is no set future because of FREE WILL. The future is created based on what THE COLLECTIVE MIND wants, which I read all of the time and thus make predictions. But it’s never set in stone. No one can predict the future for sure. They only see their perspective from their point in time, but the collective is always changing its mind!! We are not of the same mi d as our ancestors when some fellow we know harps on that. We are US.

We can only see it in the Tzolkin as the 7th harmonic run, the axis of the eternal present, the Mystic Column that pulses to our CNS or brain and spine. It is kin 121-140, and I’ve posted on it continually. Just search on the Mystic Column in the search box, and more information will come up. And the GAP kin are the activation points on our spine for our eternal DNA, so heads up when those hit.


Shock waves inside the CME accelerated protons (our DNA positive+charge) to nearly light speed, and they have already reached Earth.

Our planet’s magnetic field is funneling the particles toward the poles, where a second type of radio blackout is underway–a polar cap absorption (PCA) event. Airplanes flying over these regions may find that their shortwave radios won’t work due to the ionizing effect of infalling protons: map.

These are the 52-day light emanations as TIME; the Tzolkin, or count of days as evolution through the Loom of Maya from our mothers. They are different colors because they are different Hz frequencies of SOUND via The Tones of Creation 1-13. Light comes from sound. But what is the Source of sound?

The Psi Bank Magnetosphere ScR

Frequency is 7.94, and amplitude is 35

A CHAIN REACTION ON THE SUN: A magnetic filament connected to sunspot AR3229 erupted on Feb. 24th (1949 UTC), Friday, producing a chain reaction of events. First, the filament sliced through the sun’s atmosphere:

Its liftoff destabilized the sunspot, sparking a long duration M3-class solar flare (2030 UTC). The flare, in turn, ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, blacking out shortwave radio transmissions around the Pacific Ocean: map.

Next, a CME emerged from the blast site. Coronagraph images from SOHO show a lopsided halo with an Earth-directed component:

Type II solar radio emissions from the leading edge of the CME suggest a departure speed of 1200 km/s (2.7 million mph). The flank of the CME could reach Earth on Feb. 27th. NOAA analysts are modeling the storm cloud now, so stay tuned for a refined forecast.

That’s not all.

It’s not showing up in the ScR. I don’t feel it’s a big deal. Not as big as the start codon and stop codon revving up evolution as the plasmaspbere and a piece of the Sun dislodging.

Saturday, Feb. 11, 2023

What’s up in space          

Never miss another geomagnetic storm. Sign up for Space Weather Alerts and you’ll receive a text message when magnetic storms erupt. Aurora tour guides and professional astronomers use this service. You can, too!

A DANGEROUS SUNSPOT: Sunspot AR3217 has a ‘beta-gamma-delta’ magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. Indeed, it just unleashed one (see below). The sunspot is turning toward Earth so any flares this weekend are likely to be geoeffective. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

SOLAR FLARE AND RADIO BLACKOUT: Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected an X1.1-class solar flare from sunspot AR3217 (Feb. 11th @ 1548 UTC). Extreme UV radiation ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere, causing a strong shortwave radio blackout over South America:

Ham radio operators, aviators, and mariners may have noticed unusual propagation effects at frequencies below 30 MHz for as much as an hour after the flare.

This was an impulsive flare, intense and fast. It may not have lasted long enough to lift a CME out ofthe sun’s atmosphere. Confirmation awaits fresh data from SOHO coronagraphs. Stay tuned. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text.

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