Synthetic Invasion of AI comments by Elon in China not readily visible to us last Summer

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Last summer, Musk described a synthetic invasion to the World AI Conference in Shanghai, China. “

The ratio of machine versus biological intelligence keeps increasing,” he said. “That means, over time, human intelligence will represent a smaller and smaller percentage of total thinking capacity on earth relative to machines.” 

Elon Musk

Our brains will soon be (could be) overwhelmed by the digital mind. As robotics improve, our laboring hands are to be replaced by mechanical bodies.

Speaking at the same Shanghai conference, the pioneering AI scientist Richard Sutton argued that “technologically enhanced humans, and then AIs, will be our successors.” Along with many in Silicon Valley and communist China, Sutton anticipates the rise of artificial general intelligence (AGI)—a digital mind that first equals and then rapidly exceeds our human brains.

. “This is really a profound change,” Musk continued. “But the trends are, over time, that we’re headed to a world where there are more robots than humans.”

(Please note that Elon didn’t say he wants or supports that. In fact, everything he says and does on and what he says in his bio by Walter Isaacson, who followed him for 2 years, and to me, is the OPPOSITE.)

This is the ultimate goal for Sutton’s former employer, Google’s DeepMind, as well as for Microsoft’s partner OpenAI and Amazon’s new partner Anthropic. AGI is also the aim of Sutton’s new employer, Keen Technologies. Naturally, the Chinese tech companies Baidu and Tencent are scrambling to catch up in the AGI race, lest Westerners create an artificial godlike intelligence first.

In time, Sutton believes it’s “inevitable” that cyborgs and AGI “will become more important… in almost all ways than ordinary humans.” “I think the reasons to fear AI are less noble,” he told his Chinese audience, going on to describe humanism as “akin to racism.” (!!!!!🫨😵‍💫😲).

It’s a “systematic bias against AIs—denial of their moral worth and their first-class personhood.” (Say what crazy man?)

This bias is driven by “conservatism”: the “fear of change, timidness, [and] fear of the other tribe—where the AIs are the other tribe.”

The “noble” approach is to “bow out when we can no longer contribute.” Sutton condemns any resistance to this Greater Replacement as the height of human prejudice.

Richard Sutton

Therefore, to realize our transhuman potential, we must maximize diversity and inclusion to stave off the ultimate race war between legacy humans and the AGI borg. A deplorable “specist” is on the wrong side of history.

Lisa’s commentary

In truth, when Musk said that human consciousness should be protected, Google founder Larry Page called it sentimental nonsense. He added that if consciousness could be replicated in a machine, it should hold equal worth. Page also accused Musk of being a “specist,” someone favoring his own species.

Gee, how awful to care about your own species. 🙄

How to Attempt to block AI CCbot and Chatgbt

Stated Copyrights on WordPress

That means they should have provided an AI blocking system for its writers. They didn’t. I can try this below.

If your site has already been crawled (It has already been visited by chatgbt) then it’s likely already included in multiple datasets.

Nevertheless, by blocking Common Crawl it’s possible to opt out your website content from being included in new datasets sourced from newer Common Crawl datasets.

This is what I meant at the very beginning of the article when I wrote that the process is “neither straightforward nor guaranteed to work.”

The CCBot User-Agent string is:


Add the following to your robots.txt file to block the Common Crawl bot:

User-agent: CCBot
Disallow: /

An additional way to confirm if a CCBot user agent is legit is that it crawls from Amazon AWS IP addresses.

Microsoft-backed Open AI starts release of powerful AI known as GPT-4 | Reuters

This is c#$%^ if I ever saw it. The Feds better stop them… unless they are complicit. I think they are. This is coming from Gates and Musk relationship with the ICC.

It’s irrelevant because the GGLN and The Watchers are shutting things down. It’s a danger to the natural evolution of humanity. After the Tiamat blowup it’s not allowed. A.I. is not going to help us evolve well except in an extremely limited fashion.

We need to BOYCOTT Microsoft and Google. How is that going to work? They have so much of a monopoly. I need to talk to some friends and come up with a plan. They are out of hand.

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