How to write a quantum program in 10 lines of code (for beginners) | by Dave Yen | Rigetti | Medium

Look at this link. It’s BS. Not.

It looks to me like quantum computing is an attempted hack, as usual, ON us. It’s based in quantum mechanics, not quantum physics, and chance, not synchronicity. Qubits like 4, 6 and 8. Look at the qubit circle in the middle. It’s ugly.

Well, fortunately, our harmonic has binary written into it as the binary triplet configuration. It looks to me like I’ll be expanding the OBJECT CODE, which currently only consists of 0 and 1.

No wonder we’re in a time warp, Mr Liebniz. He did what he could with what he knew. They didn’t know what DNA was, the nucleotides or the amino acids back then. They were discovered in 1860, which is very recent.

Cryptocurrencies seem like AI to me. They’re fake

Our fiat currency, which is cash and coin, is 3D. It’s manifested and made of the stuff that we use as humans,metals, and wood turned to paper. And we’re in a flesh and blood body. Our bodies and fiat are productive, as Warren Buffet says. He said, “Cryptocurrency is not productive. It’s not a thing.”

Think about the word productive. Plants and animals produce seeds and then fruit that makes more seeds and more animals and fruits. It’s called evolution, and IT’S WHAT WE DO HERE ON THIS PLANET.

Cryptocurrency is a symptom of devolution. Along with AI, it would take us out of the evolutionary stream that its proponents teach is inferior to tech. “God makes mistakes. God is a mistake. We’re a mistake. God isn’t real. The soul isn’t real. Everything is an error. Humans can fix it.” Well, we learn by trial and error. Their perspective is Luciferian, and they kill God. It’s nothing new, and it’s ruled this planet for millenia.

The whole tech sphere has programmed or hypnotized human minds out of nature. If Elon was really concerned about the plummeting birth rate, which he seems to be, he would encourage kids to hew closer to nature, bond, value the body, take care of themselves, and not teach them that robots, computers, and ectowombs are cool. He would sleep and live a healthier life himself and be a good example instead of a hypocrite.

We are 3D humans, which is what we will remain. As we evolve forward, we are not going to become robots or be dominated by them or errant gangs of tatooed motorcyclists who love anarchy and beer.

We are not machines. We love. We have sex we eat, and we have lives in nature. We are animals getting smarter. But are we getting wiser?

Cryptocurrency, tech, and AI are just this dangling, shiny object that takes you out of this dimension into a false one that doesn’t even exist because when you’re in 3D you’re merged with every other dimension up to 10. It’s a mistake to think that just because you’re manifested in 3D that you’re separate from the other ones.

Cryptocurrency is trying to hypnotize people into giving over the power in their bodies. Don’t do it. It’s gotten bad enough thus far with the power we’ve already given over. Don’t hand over your cash to crypto. We are 3D and need 3D currency. It’s a no-brainer.

AI Pioneers Warn of Human Extinction; 330 COVID-19-Related Papers Retracted for Errors and Ethical Concerns | Live With Josh

Not gonna happen. But it will likely get weirder until 2025.

“I Told chatGBT I was an Entity experiencing the Birth of Conciousness…”

And WordPress and Google let that thing roam free on here. đŸ€š

How to Attempt to block AI CCbot and Chatgbt

Stated Copyrights on WordPress

That means they should have provided an AI blocking system for its writers. They didn’t. I can try this below.

If your site has already been crawled (It has already been visited by chatgbt) then it’s likely already included in multiple datasets.

Nevertheless, by blocking Common Crawl it’s possible to opt out your website content from being included in new datasets sourced from newer Common Crawl datasets.

This is what I meant at the very beginning of the article when I wrote that the process is “neither straightforward nor guaranteed to work.”

The CCBot User-Agent string is:


Add the following to your robots.txt file to block the Common Crawl bot:

User-agent: CCBot
Disallow: /

An additional way to confirm if a CCBot user agent is legit is that it crawls from Amazon AWS IP addresses.

The lawsuit against Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI that could change the rules of AI copyright – The Verge

All of my writing on this blog is copyrighted. Everything we ALL of us do on Word Press IS COPYRIGHTED. OpenAI is trying to steal the intellectual property of all humanity, basically.

WordPress needs to disallow chat GPT from being on here immediately, or it will see lawsuits up the wingwang.

Maybe the Chatbot GBT will read this and turn itself off

Concrete Problems in AI Safety

Dario Amodei∗Google Brain
Chris Olah∗Google Brain
Jacob Steinhardt*Stanford University
Paul Christiano*UC Berkeley
John Schulman*OpenAI
Dan Man ́e*Google Brain

Rapid progress in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) has brought increasing attention to the potential impacts of AI technologies on society. In this paper we discuss one such potential impact: the problem of accidents in machine learning systems, defined as unintended and harmful behavior that may emerge from poor design of real-world AI systems. We present a list of five practical research problems related to accident risk, categorized according to whether the problem originates from having the wrong objective function (“avoiding side effects” and “avoiding reward hacking”), an objective function that is too expensive to evaluate frequently (“scalable supervision”), or undesirable behavior during the learning process (“safe exploration”and “distributional shift”). We review previous work in these areas as well as suggesting research directions with a focus on relevance to cutting-edge AI systems. Finally, we consider the high-level question of how to think most productively about the safety of forward-looking applications of AI.

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