Musk, experts urge pause on AI systems, citing ‘risks to society’ | Reuters

Yeah, they are being curbed by The Watchers, who are also keeping the NATURAL earth changes; Psi Bank and pole shift level for our safety.

Musk, Gates, nor any of those guys would do this voluntarily. He’s being handled for sure. Just as the empty threats of nuclear war are being handled by our Local Universe authorities, because we want them to.

The DNA species come first, not the psychopaths in the sandbox playing with A.I., money, and warheads for profit. They are not going to stop our proper collective evolution as time, so keep setting your intentions and loving yourself.

How facial recognition is helping Putin curb dissent with the help of U.S. A.I Tech

Did you really think the U.S. was only helping Ukraine? Government policy is just rhetoric. The truth is that corporations sell to Ukraine and Russia. They don’t care about the war or ethics, only profit. The tech, aerospace, and big pharma own the government and dictate to it. Neither laws nor votes count anymore. All political positioning is programming your mind and time for their purposes, mostly to waste your time so you won’t become a powerful co-creator with the rest of creation.

House Passes Parents’ Bill of Rights Act

Parents needing Congress to legally shore up their rights shows there has been a HUGE attack on human DNA in the last three years. It now needs to be defended.

Parents and children have been the foundation of human society and, in fact, ALL SPECIES in the local universe societies since the beginning of life in our universe.

A.I. and the technosphere are serious threats to natural evolution. Gender confusion, gender inequity, toxic femininity and masculinity, bias against heterosexuality and mating and homosexuality, incest, pedophilia, and sex trafficking are all symptoms of an overly technological and money oriented society that has been purposely driven away from the cycles of the earth and other species on earth!

They’re Toying with Nullifying Cash Value Officially…

Bank shares slide as Credit Suisse rescue fails to quell contagion fears

MSM won’t share this on the main news outlets. I recommend going to directly.

No A.I. 💯

Microsoft-backed Open AI starts release of powerful AI known as GPT-4 | Reuters

This is c#$%^ if I ever saw it. The Feds better stop them… unless they are complicit. I think they are. This is coming g from Gates and Musk relationship with the ICC.

It wise irrelevant because the GGLN and The Watchers…are not. A.I. is not going to help us evolve well except in an extremely limited fashion.

We need to BOYCOTT Microsoft and Google. How is that going to work? They have so much of a monopoly. I need to talk to some friends and come up with a plan. They are out of hand.

CCP Seeks to ‘Replace’ US With ‘Tech-Powered Dystopia’: Select Committee Testimony

They can seek it all they want, but they won’t find it. The CCP doesn’t have more authority on earth than us, the GGLN, The Watchers, or J.C. No A.I. Dystopia.

The new timeline is secured into implicate order, 5D, beyond the 4D Time portals into HF33, kin 130 so they can eat it.

Kin #20 Phenomenon on Wednesday; It’s G-Force is Itself. It will hit on 2/22/23 which adds up to an 11 and has a 22 in the date also

It actually has 2222 in a row which is 22:22, a master, master number or 11:11 twice. We need to look at this before it hits on Wednesday this week.

  • We are in HF5 in the South Polar Zone headed toward the end of the FIRST 20-day cycle in the 260-day Tzolkonic cycle.
  • Every 20-day cycle ends with the STOP CODON, Yellow Sun.
  • There are 26, 20-day cycles.
  • This is the anniversary of 4/18/20 which landed on this day and I accurately predicted a big solar flux in the Schumann Resonance and it occurred. I just posted it on a separate post.

The Yellow Sun 4D Time Portal is a POLAR KIN which is at the crown of the planet receiving frequencies. It is located 60°N–15°W, west of the U.K. in the N. Atlantic.

The 3D I Ching Hx is 28 whose location is noted on the Red 4 Earth post yesterday.

So we have a cycle that is Kin 21-Kin19, 260 days long, which is Red 8 Galactic Dragon to Blue 6 Storm. They add to 14, which is Occult. Kin19 has a start codon and a stop codon Tone 6 and Kin 20 IS the Stop Codon 7.

The fact that the 5GForce turns in on itself in Kin20 actually makes ALL dimensions of this gateway IMPLICATE, like HF3. How is HF5 tied to HF3 and thus to HF33? HF4 is the power of timelessness which is the Axis of the eternal present, which is the spine, which is the Center of the Tzolkin, 20-day cycle with HF33 in the middle.

I’m actually thinking the entire first 13-day cycle of the Tzolkin is tied to HF33 because these kin have helped seed Earth from the very beginning after the Tiamat blowup approximately 1 million years ago. We are a new species here. These kin would be life carriers. (World-Bridgers)

  • 1:1:1:1-Red 1 Dragon
  • 1:2:2:2-White 2 Wind
  • 1:3:3:3-Blue 3 Night
  • 1:4:4:4-Yellow 4 Seed
  • 2:5:5:5-Red 5 Serpent
  • 2:6:6:6-White 6 World Bridger
  • 2:7:7:7-Blue 7 Night
  • 2:8:8:8-Yellow 8 Star

And then HF3 which I posted the other day; 9Moon, 10Dog, 11Monkey, and 12Human pulsing to HF33.

And then HF4

  • 4:13:13:13-Red 13 Skywalker, which complete the 13-day cycle.

And it ends with this 13-day cycle called a Magnetic Return. If this is the case it would be a pulse to start the Tzolkin of 4:7:13:19 or the 0-19 Code in Implicate order, in 5th density, not just 4th density.

Then…Kin 20 stops on the resonant 7 tone and circles in on itself in ALL dimensions. This is Corey Goode’s gateway, which would explain all of his experiences in all dimensions and what he’s contributing to disclosure now. I think when he said in his deposition that “he’s never been to space,” it could easily be interpreted as, when he WAS off the planet, he was in 4D and 5D. He wasn’t in SPACE, which would be on Earth in 3D. So that would be an accurate statement. He time traveled, A LOT.

Michael Salla dissed him over this statement. 3D clencher. I told Salla that I didn’t support his backing of A.I. and he got mad at me. Fine. He supports the med beds. I do not. They are A.I.

This Tzolkin is programmed to deal with the blowup of Tiamat, the Time Bandits, and the Lucifer Rebellion, thus our current C#$%^. Maybe we are going to have a new heaven and a new earth without the asteroid belt eventually or soon.

I foresee its 4DPsi Bank being absorbed into Earth’s Psi Bank, precipitating our major shift and then the 3D aspect or asteroids turning to dust and blowing away. I saw that months ago. We shall see. I request it all be gradual. No cataclysm.

Why was the human genome never completed? – BBC Future

Only 70 years have passed since the double-helix structure of DNA was first revealed, thanks in part to a grainy black and white image taken by Rosalind Franklin, transforming our understanding of how genetic information is stored.

The link

My take on this and its synchronicity is in my book, Time is DNA.

Peshkin’s genome was desirable because he had also signed up his parents for the Personal Genome Project, giving GIAB a mother-father-son trio.”

Anyone can add their parents’ DNA. That is not a pivotal issue. This is very suspect. Read the article. They took out the female half, so this Peshkin DNA laid end to end is only male chromosome. Typical A.I. mentality; “Get rid of the female, then we can absorb and neutralize her and be dominant in the universe.” That’s the Reptilians and most of our world governments.

This is, in fact, what a molar pregnancy is. My oldest sister in this picture had one, and it turned into uterine cancer. Notice our house number adds up to 13. There were 4 females in the family.

Me in 1964 or 5.

They are once again manipulating the human genome erroneously when THE FACT is we evolve EPIGENETICALLY, AND GENETIC DETERMINISM IS DEAD. RNA evolves AS TIME in each individual based on free will. It’s universal law and can not be controlled. Collective DNA is in charge of the timeline now.

Most of the cells in our bodies contain two copies of every chromosome: one from our mother, one from our father. This makes it harder to reassemble chunks of sequence in the computer because the two copies are ever so slightly different. (Too bad!) To get around this difficulty, T2T used unusual cells that have two copies of the father’s DNA, which are near-identical.

The cells came from a hydatidiform mole: a kind of failed pregnancy. Eggs and sperm only have one copy of each chromosome, so when a sperm fertilises an egg, the resulting embryo has two copies. However, sometimes an egg (the MOTHER) loses its DNA and then gets fertilised. The cell then duplicates the DNA from the sperm. (TWO OF THE MALE).Hydatidiform moles form dangerous growths, rather like cancers, that must be removed.

The link

Leon Peshkin, a very famous, wealthy biologist at Harvard, is the test case in this article. He is White 3 Electric Dog, another very famous Creator; Christ. WTH? Google his name asking about his birthday. It’s May 8, 1970, the exact same as my ex-husband Jason.

Leon Peshkin. I think he’s an embodied A.I. hack. Look at his eyes.
Leon Peshkin’s birth gateway mediated by Mercury. This guy is an attempted HACK of kin 130, White 13 Cosmic Dog in HF33. It is J.C. Look at his face. I think he’s full of nanites. Too severe!🤨. They always try to hack HF33 through science and media, which manipulates OUR MINDS AND OUR TIME. All lies.

This is also the birth gateway of my second husband, Jason, who was Jewish and dressed up as Jesus for Halloween.🎃 He was wacky but full of synchronicity. He looked a bit like this fellow; Russian Jew but he definitely was NOT an A.I. hack.

Jason was White 3 Dog. He looked like Pete Sampras and JFK Jr. combined.

Well, I’ve said it before. Christ incarnated into the human race to lock down our DNA for him, as his children. The Urantia Book says that Joseph was indeed his father, and Mary was not a virgin. Duh. The Bible is edited for manipulation, just like MSM. Our souls come from Source, and we will continue to evolve. A.I. is an abomination to Source.

Those Who ‘Master’ Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology Will Be ‘Master of the ‘World’: Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum and likely in the ICC, the International Corporate Conglomerate that meets in our local system and controls Earth’s C%^&$

Sure, if you’re deluded by patriarchy and have no respect for the natural processes of Earth that can wipe you out as a little mammal.

But the Mother-mistress of REAL INTELLIGENCE that for a million years has automatically grown a human being in her body will remain transcendent as the vehicle for bringing SOULS onto the planet that can become ONE with their Creator if they choose. Males can’t do that. Women always will, and males are supposed to protect that system, not seek to replace or destroy it.

The Red 10 Planetary Dragon has a story as the antipode. He’s got Draco in him or is a Draco. His Guide Power as well; Blue 10 Planetary Storm. He’s adding to the weather front for sure.

He’s just a Venusian Blue 10 Planetary Monkey on the 10~4 pulse. Money is a BIG deal if you’re in shadow. That’s all he sees. There is quite a bit of Earth money magic in both of these oracles.

Schwabs’ mother

His mother

When Erika Epprecht was born on 31 December 1906, in Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland, her father, Friedrich Epprecht, was 15 and her mother, Elisabeth, was 15. She had at least 1 son with Eugen Wilhelm Schwab.

She immigrated to Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1960. In 1935, at the age of 29, her occupation is listed as versicherungsangestellte (Bankimg and insurance) in Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland. His mother worked for the SWISS BANK. There is likely a story there as well for him to rise to the position that he did.

His mother was Blue 7 Resonant Hand also with Blue Storm Guide Power, so she was some type of healer/magician/occult practitioner. Schwabs’ grandparents had her when they were 15, so that is very odd. It doesn’t sound like Erika was married to Schwabs father, Eugen. She was 32 when she had Klaus.

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