Light and Shadow are Not Good and Bad

We live with both

The Urantia Book talks about this misperception at length. It’s all goofed up in people’s minds because of religion.

There is good…but evil is just ERROR. It’s just a mistake but as we hear all the time, you have to try, fall down and fail in order to learn. That’s not bad. It’s actually good to be full of mistakes. Those folks learn quicker because they get sick of suffering. Lol

I suffered for years with my body because I made the mistake of not being mindful about eating baked goods and blew up like a balloon! I still ate healthy food, veggies and fruit, not a ton of processed. But I was out of hand with the baking. Done now. It was a mistake and an addiction! No different than cigarette addiction.

You’re going to pay a price with your life if you don’t go cold turkey. And even then you’ve done damage to your body you have to heal. Same with thieves who end up in jail. My jail was my body and hurt feelings from insensitive men. What’s new? Some women like mean, bad men because they are. I’m not one of them.

If you make a mistake you are forgiven, but mostly you have to forgive yourself, figure out why you were in shadow and come into the light. Shadow and mistakes aren’t bad. They are a teacher. Live and learn folks.

Here’s some “out there” jazz for ya from 1962-63 when I dropped onto the planet.

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