Saturday Reading-We Model Our Minds Like Clay so We Can Live With Integrity

You have got to hear this. Resphigi. The Pines of Rome. The climax is fabulous. It reminds me of Jupiter for some reason.

The frequency is an agitated 8
Amplitude power is 22

The 5GForce is kin45; Red 6 Rhythmic Serpent

“I organize in order to survive. Balancing instinct I seal the store of life force with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

The Eagle tribe pulses to the left arm and Tone 8 pulses to the left shoulder. The analog is the right Seed arm.

8Jupiter, 8Pluto, 8asteroid belt, 6Mars
All Zodiac Signs
The Ruling Planet in 3D is Uranus. The Mediating planet of Blue Eagle is Jupiter.
  • The Moon continues its transit of stable Taurus all day.
  • This morning, the First Quarter Moon occurs when the Sun in Aquarius forms a square with the Moon in Taurus. There is a crisis theme surrounding any quarter Moon phase, as we feel compelled to take action. We become aware of how our actions affect those close to us, perhaps through trial and error. Whatever project or initiative we began around the New Moon is now off the ground, and it may face its first obstacles. It can be a time of stress, clashing, and discord, but also high energy, motivation, and growth.
  • However, a Sun-Neptune semi-square can be disorienting. There may be some indecision or listlessness. Our willpower may decrease as we stray from our goals and temporarily lose focus. This aspect serves as a gentle reminder to consider our needs for downtime, fantasy, or spiritual refreshment.


Watch “Yo-Yo Ma Teaches Music and Connection | Official Trailer | MasterClass” on YouTube

This is YoYoMa’s birth gateway and why he believes in perfection…on Earth? (His mediating planet) The Tzolkin is never wrong. This is the 10~4 pulse for these kin. They don’t figure out true perfection until they’re 70 years old. He’s 67. Birthday is 10/7/55. He is a Libra. ♎️

This is exactly what I mean when I say Musicians are Magicians. Listen to the whole video.

I’ve lost music expression of late because I’m obsessed with our incorrect cycles of time. Cosmic time is perfect. The cycles sprocket exactly and that has to do with math.

I suppose I have yet to bridge art and science in my own DNA, in my own mind because I feel science has gotten so much wrong, especially about the body that has caused too much suffering.

I’m not bored. Something will push through in the patterns that will be another epiphany and I’m sure it will have to do with sound which is music. Music is always evolving which is why it’s good to break out of the classical box and grow into jazz. Many classical players need to do that.

Thursday Reading-Yellow 11 Spectral Human

Earth Frequency

The frequency is 8 and amplitude is 5.

Coronal Holes: 05 Jan 23

There are no significant coronal holes on the Earthside of the sun. Credit: SDO/AIA.

Aw shucks…it’s all good. Nothing to fight here.

3D Astrology and 4D Tzolkin Time

The flow of time is center, right, up, and counter clockwise to the bottom. 4D is opposite of a clock. Clocks are mechanical death, slavery, money, patriarchy and error. DNA with multiple dimensions IS LIFE, female leads, genders BALANCE in power. There is no dominance.

We’re looking for the day when authoritative women who teach are not considered tyrannical but leaders equal to authoritative men who are not considered tyrannical. Tyranny indicates violence and for the most part men have that problem, not women.

Theme-11glutamic acid Earth, Analog-11isoleucine Earth, Guide Power-glutamic acid Earth, Antipode– 11glycine URANUS, Hidden Wisdom– 3methionine Mercury

The 5gforce to level up 3 and 4D is Yellow 3 Star.

“I activate in order to beautify. Bonding art I seal the store of elegance with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of free will.”

In the physical body evolution is focused on the thorax above the navel, left and right, (digestion) the right neck flesh, the right foot flesh and tone 11~3 pulse affects the HIP JOINTS.

All Zodiac Signs
  • The Sun forms a trine to Uranus today, promoting changes and encouraging us to embrace the new. (4D antipode)
  • Unique or unconventional opportunities might emerge. An original approach to life is appealing and works to our benefit. This transit can detach us just enough from a situation to move forward. We might make some exciting discoveries, and our willingness to take a few creative risks and experiment may be the key to success. We’re ready to embrace new plans and get rid of dead-weights.It’s a time to celebrate the unusual or non-traditional.
  • The Moon continues its transit of communicative Mercury ruled Gemini until 9:15 AM EST, when it moves into soulful, protective Cancer. (Our Mercury 4D Hidden Wisdom)
  • The void Moon continues today until the Moon enters Cancer at 9:15 AM EST.


Musicians are the Magicians on The Planet, as well as other Artists.

Time is Art. Time is DNA. We are Art or creators as Time.

My son’s father Dave, White 4 Self-Existing Wizard was a wild pianist like this; jazz and classical. Not at concert level like she is but he could have been. He didn’t like the attention. But he did play that Beethoven piece that Gould plays almost that good.

I’ll never forget the night I went out to the jazz club Speak EZ here in G.R. on Sunday night and one of his so-called best friends called him a freak, to my face. Dave wasn’t there but he was still alive. He died December 29, 2015. Alex talks about him often. He’s here with us. He took so much sh.. for being excellent.

He wasn’t a freak. He just practiced has ass off, in the room where my office is now. He just worked hard to point of being pegged “a jazz mercenary”. I work hard too as a Healer but I keep to myself around here. Unfortunately, I can’t find my music right now. I’m not sure why.

At 7:36, this is the Beethoven piece that Dave would pound out quite a bit our our baby grand. Beethoven was his fav.
All of this music played at the same time would change the frequency of the planet.

Franz Liszt Was born in 1811. He Was a Star Back Then

He had huge hands and was tall and was very odd and eccentric. His music is really great. Put headphones on and listen to this, imagining that you are at the outer edge of our solar system on Uranus. This music will transport you. It’s exceptional.

He is considered to be one of the most prolific and influential composers of his era and remains one of the most popular composers in modern concert piano repertoire.
After 1842, “Lisztomania“—coined by 19th-century German poet and Liszt’s contemporary, Heinrich Heine—swept across Europe.[32] The reception that Liszt enjoyed, as a result, can be described only as hysterical. Women fought over his silk handkerchiefs and velvet gloves, which they ripped to shreds as souvenirs. This atmosphere was fuelled in great part by the artist’s mesmeric personality and stage presence. Many witnesses later testified that Liszt’s playing raised the mood of audiences to a level of mystical ecstasy.[33]

The link
Uranus is stunning
Uranus pulsing 3x

He was White 11 Spectral Wind. This kin never fits in but people listen even if they don’t want to. His antipode is Yellow 11 Human. Being White Wind they are speaking from Aquarius principles. He was born a Libra Sun which likely made him a social lite at parties in Austria in his day.

I know he was popular but his eccentricity didn’t mind offending.

He died on White 3 Wizard so there is great synchronicity with the 3~11 pulse making it occult. During his life, Blue 3 Storm was his Hidden Wisdom (his mother) but in his death he went to Blue 11 Hand to HEAL his life on earth which for him, was very difficult. Perfect.

Is his coat cool or what? They say he was very handsome.


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