Real Singing From a Real Voice with Real Piano Playing. Absolutely Gorgeous. Happy Sunday

Rene Fleming is Yellow 13 Human. She spent her career expressing the full range of human emotion and art more than other singer I’ve had the pleasure to hear. She is a true gift to humanity.

Morten Lauridsen-a Great Example of Pivoting Into Greatness From Suffering

He escaped an abusive childhood and to we musicians, this man is a god. His music is transcendent. And, he is a Red 10 Planetary Serpent. So, indeed, Red Serpent can pivot. He has really embodied his analog, White 10 Planetary Wizard Priest. The Maldekian priests were incredible artists, poets, musicians, and philosophers.

Let these slow harmonies invade your soul. They open the pineal gland.

Music; Watch “Bach – Prelude and fugue in G minor BWV 535 – Van Doeselaar | Netherlands Bach Society” on YouTube

If you really want to balance your brain, listen to the Bach Preludes and Fugues. I used to play these just to clean the energy out at the Catholic church where in truth I was a spiritual infiltrator to line it up as a musician. The priest told me my masses were very “spiritual”. He had no idea what I was doing with my QI. He was Red 11 Spectral Serpent and has left the planet with the other Maldekians I had karma with.

Please pivot your mind from Halloween warlock to Lightworker Wizard when you hear the organ. This is all light, no shadow. Bach was a great person.They do this with great music to denigrate its power, via MSM. This opens time portals, it affects our DNA! They don’t want you to do that. Do it!

Bach was nuts in a good way. He knew how to spin the Fibonacci code into his music so that it was universal. This is not religion. He worked for the church and was treated poorly by the Church, of course, but he was a MASTER of energy and alignment. He was a Lightworker and Healer, a real gift to Earth as Blue Hand kin are and you can see it in his destiny oracle, Blue 5 Radiant Hand.

J.S. Bach, March 31, 1689

He was an Aries. Look at his Hidden Wisdom. He was a Maldekian Wizard Jaguar Priest, come to Earth which mediates Blue Hand to impart truth and order lost on Maldek. Well, here it is, in his music as good as the Emerald Tablets. His radiant hands were one with those keys, the manuals and created magic flight…for humans.

Found: a controversial painting hidden inside a painting by Vermeer

This freshly unearthed image drastically alters the meaning of one of the artist’s most celebrated works.

“There is far more than a picture of Cupid above her to the right! Do you see the weird mask laying on the bed and the two creepy E.T. looking entities in the reflection of the window? Wow. None of this is even mentioned in the article!!” _Lisa T.

TIM BRINKHOF30 August, 2021

Found: a controversial painting hidden inside a painting by Vermeer

Girl Reading a Letter in an Open Window

Credit: Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister

  • When restoring a painting by Vermeer, conservators discovered an image of Cupid covered up by an additional layer of paint.
  • The paint was removed, revealing the painting as the Dutch master had originally intended it.
  • While this discovery settles old debates about the work, it also raises some new questions — like: who covered it up?

Every now and then, conservators stumble upon an unseen detail that completely alters the meaning of a centuries-old image. Earlier this week, the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden, Germany unveiled their most recent attempt to restore Girl Reading a Letter in an Open Window, a genre painting created by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer in 1657.

Although the painting was once attributed to Rembrandt, it contains numerous elements that are considered characteristic of Vermeer. A drapery is pulled to the side, allowing viewers to glimpse into the private life of a female figure who, depicted in profile, engages in some kind of soft, quiet, and altogether unremarkable everyday activity, in this case, reading a letter.

Yet this seemingly mundane image had a big surprise in store. For a very long time, it was believed that the girl depicted in Vermeer’s painting was standing in front of a plain, old, undecorated wall. However, X-rays revealed that this wall was actually a secondary coat of paint applied to obscure a picture of Cupid, the god of erotic love and desire in classical mythology. (I didn’t even see the painting of Cupid when I first looked at it. I immediately saw the mask on the bed and the entities. Lisa T.)

An imbalanced composition

Even before modern technology allowed conservators to peek underneath layers of paint without damaging them, critics suspected that Girl Reading a Letter was hiding something. Photos taken before the restoration clearly show the darkened outlines of what used to be the shadow cast by a canvas hanging on the wall.

In early 2018, the Gemäldegalerie made the decision to remove this secondary coat and reveal the painting-within-a-painting hidden underneath. The result of this risky and slightly controversial endeavor — which the gallery now advertises as an entirely “new” Vermeer — shed some light on the many mysteries surrounding this famous artwork.

Why was Cupid’s presence in the painting not discovered sooner? One explanation is that Vermeer often incorporated empty backgrounds in his genre paintings. The wall behind The Milkmaid, for example, was left completely naked. Presumably, this was because the negative space helped bring Vermeer’s unsung heroine, the maid, into focus.

In Girl Reading a Letter, this negative space has been removed and the image of Cupid, almost as large as the girl herself, now fills up a large portion of the background. Rather than stealing the spotlight from Vermeer’s main subject, the painting-within-a-painting adds a welcome sense of harmony to what could have previously been considered an imbalanced composition.

Forbidden love

But the presence of the love god does more than change the painting’s look and feel; it also alters its meaning. For decades, historians debated what the contents of the letter might be. In his biography of Vermeer, Norbert Schneider interpreted the wide-open window as symbolic for the outside world, arguing the painting depicted the girl’s “longing to extend her domestic sphere.”

Schneider studied the objects Vermeer scattered throughout the painting to test his argument and quickly noticed the bowl of fruit in the foreground. According to Dutch Golden Age iconography, fruit and vegetables represented love, sin, and according to Schneider, even something as specific as “extramarital relations.”

Schneider made this deduction before the painting-within-a-painting was unearthed. Once the X-rays confirmed Vermeer had originally intended to ordain the background with an image of Cupid, the historian concluded the letter was a love letter. And not just any love, but forbidden love: the bittersweet fruits of a 17th century affair.

Though a handful of Vermeer’s most striking portraits from the aforementioned Milkmaid to The Girl with the Pearl Earring were painted against an empty backdrop, the Dutch master frequently incorporated artwork from other painters in his own creations in such a way that the relationships between different images produced subtle statements like the one outlined above.

Who covered up the painting-within-a-painting?

While the Gemäldegalerie’s restoration attempt answers many questions about Girl Reading a Letter, it has also raised new ones: When was the painting-within-a-painting covered up? Who is responsible? And most importantly, why did they do it? Unfortunately, these questions cannot be answered by X-rays and lab tests alone.

Initially, critics simply assumed that Vermeer covered up the painting-within-a-painting himself, perhaps because he wanted its symbolism to be a little less obvious. However, this hypothesis was quickly rejected for a number of reasons, including the fact that the secondary coat of paint had been applied decades after the first one.

While it is possible that Vermeer revisited the painting later in life, it is unlikely he would have made any significant changes. Those familiar with his work know that similar paintings of Cupid can be found in the background of other genre paintings, including Lady Standing at a Virginal, which he completed three years before his death in 1675.

In hindsight, conservators were not all that surprised by their discovery of the painting-within-a-painting as images of Cupid decorate the backgrounds of many original Vermeers, so much so that critics speculate each individual iteration must have been based on a painting by a contemporary artist that Vermeer had in his possession.

Old art, new findings

With their discovery of a “new” Vermeer, the Gemäldegalerie offers yet another example of how modern technology can enhance our understanding of age-old artwork. A few years ago, Harvard Art Museums used specialized light installations to cover up the wear and tear on a series of murals Mark Rothko had completed in the 1960s.

More recently, the Rijksmuseum made similar strides when it used artificial intelligence software to reconstruct sections of The Night Watch that went missing more than three centuries ago. With the help of neural networks, researchers were able to translate a copy from the style of a contemporary artist into Rembrandt’s own.

Now, it is finally Vermeer’s turn. “The Delft painter’s actual intention becomes recognizable,” museum director Stephan Koja announced in a statement. “Before, we only looked at a vestige. Now, we understand it as a key image in his oeuvre. [Girl Reading a Letter] is a fundamental statement about the nature of love.”


Monday S.O. In Synchronicity with the Theme; 10 Planetary Yellow Sun and it’s analog, Lightning Dominated Blue 10 Storm

I’m sorry I didn’t get this up this morning. True to Yellow 10 Star, my baby grand piano was returned to me fulfilling justice and karma. It’s a happy day and I was very busy with patients. I do what I can.

  • Theme; 10 Planetary Stop Codon or Yellow 10 Planetary Sun; Enlightenment, Universal Fire
  • Analog; 10 Planetary Tryptophan or Blue 10 Planetary Storm; Catalyze, Self-Generation
  • Guide Power; 10 Leucine or Yellow 10 Planetary Star; Art, Music, and Beauty
  • Antipode; 10 Aspartic Acid or White 10 Planetary Dog; Love and Loyalty. Heart Focus
  • Hidden Wisdom: 4 Cysteine or Red 4 Self-Existing Dragon; Nurture, Being, and Birth
  • 5GForce: 4 Stop Codon or Yellow 4 Self-Existing SUN; Same as the Theme

Saturday; Seeing Synchronicity Between the Past and the Present

Cysteine, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, and the Stop Codon.

Blood memory as primodial mother, reflection and refraction, finding synchronicity between the present and the past, being challenged to lighten up and be creative, and Christ Consciousness providing wisdom.

Wednesday. Self-create or React? Act or RE Act?

RE-acting is mimicry. Monkeys and parrots mimic. Humans also mimic unless they are mentally mature. Babies learn by mimicking but adults learn by creating. Humans are addicted to mimicry because of a lazy streak usually due to unresolved childhood issues. They’re still grieving parenting they didn’t get. That ship has sailed. You can parent yourself with the help of the universe and rival your parents. Don’t you want to win? I want my son to win over any mistakes his father and I made. Self-Creating, self-generating (Blue Storm tribe), Acting is all ART and comes from your Magic Nation or imagination.

Think of these two as a teeter tooter where you are deciding whether to go one route or another. In this case, are you going to DIY and send up a plan in your mind or are you going to continue your normal REACTIVE route where first you have to pull in something from outside of you such as another’s idea, T.V. , Twitter or Instagram and react to it, or are you going to sit quiet or workout, meditate, listen to your body and intuition and create your own plan from within yourself?

We are each at the precipice right now. Tone 2 is stabilizing by polarizing. It’s a simple choice; Self create, or React? Self create or React? The first one is INtegrity the second one is wash, rinse, repeat for your entire life and wastes everyone’s time and resources and nothing original is added to the planet.

Self-creating and acting involves:

  • Body care-organizing fresh food
  • Physical Activity
  • T.V. OFF
  • Water intake
  • Hand held device-limited
  • Organizing your money and bills
  • Meditation up to an hour a day
  • Boundaries with people who vampire your energy
  • No large group activities right now. Stay away

All of that is stabilizing. Stabilize yourself and don’t look outside of yourself to get someone or something to do it for you. Your MIND, your BRAIN is a magnet that turns your body into a magnet. It’s literal. The media is trying to program your mind to give your authority and magnetism over to them. Don’t let them in. Our immune systems, bodies, and minds are the province of US and the Universe has our backs. Freedom and balance are universal law. We are supposed to be evolving in freedom and balance otherwise we’ll be programmed to go over the cliff. That gets rid of the weak-minded ones. They obey.

5GForce: Yellow 12 Sun; I dedicate in order to enlighten. Universalizing Life, I seal the matrix of universal fire with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of free will.


Yellow 2 Sun Themeplex

  • THEME; Yellow 2 Sun is the Stop Codon
  • ANALOG: Blue 2 Storm or Tryptophan
  • GUIDE POWER; Yellow 2 Human or Glutamic Acid has the extra carbon-hydrogen molecule which humans needed to evolve once we were on the planet
  • HIDDEN WISDOM: Red 12 Cysteine or Red Dragon. Notice the Sulfur molecule in Red Dragon. The Earth began in sulfur and Red Dragon is the first tribe.

Heartset; The Word “Truth” Should be Taken Out of our Spoken Language

Synchronicity cover2

I love change, flexibility, free edges, creativity, and flow. I trust the Universe and my intuition and it pays the bills. That’s because I process my emotional truth all the time. I always know how I feel and I pay attention to my body, love it and take care of it at all times. It’s pretty easy when you’re single and is actually pleasant because it means I always know my center and my truth, the only truth we can know. It also means I know how to sculpt my body to fit my needs and designs on this planet of theatre that is a projected reality.

I agree there is some small percentage of absolute truth that might define the order of the Universe but my intuition tells me my puny mind can’t perceive the exact parameters of absolute truth. It’s huge! God knows religion can’t and neither can anyone else. That would mean you were Source and Center yourself which is crazy. So THE truth is out of the question to even utter.

What’s left is relative truth; relative to our individual perception, our individual experiments, our group experiences, our communally created world we live on but it’s still all relative and MOVING. Everyone intuitively knows that except rigid people. Everything is moving and evolving all the time so the relative truth keeps shifting as well. Human beings being who they are, we do find it easier to agree on some basic, relative truths (THAT COULD CHANGE IF WE ALL DECIDED TO!);

  1. Grass is green
  2. The sky is mostly blue
  3. There are approximate 24 hours in a day
  4. 2 + 2 = 4

And this list can go on that no humans have a HUGE pressing emotional issue with, therefore it’s held as relatively true. It would tip if a majority of humans started changing their waveform and decided they needed a movement of people who were color blind and saw grass as blue, that grass is not green.

I find the facts of relative truth, proven by quantum mechanics and quantum physics to be extremely entertaining, creative and a great blast into people’s reality who are in emotional denial because of their subconscious mind that was programmed in childhood by their parents. There is some huge torrential secret that they can’t say or feel so they cling to absolute truth or “The Truth” as security in their world of delusion. Those are high walls.

The reality of relative truth and ever-shifting and evolving vistas of art and science has been nothing short of a complete solace for me in the face of absolutely NO security from provincial human society, my family, or my domestic life. Through no fault of my own, time and again, death has visited the people I’ve relied on and loved and they’re gone. I accept it and move on so that I can continue to learn about “the new relative truth” and enjoy my life. My personal truth is no one I get close to sticks around…ever. That is factually true for everyone actually, over time, but people resist it and get attached and demand people they love to stick around; children, mates, friends and they comply. People do imprison one another in these human social units and claim to be free. I don’t think they are and it’s creepy.

Contrived provincial lives offer them a theatre of emotional denial for something that happened to them, something in their family they never let go of and it’s crippled their body and mind. It’s made them ill. It’s that simple. If your body is ill, your thoughts and feelings are ill. You have not accepted relative truth and the shifting sands of earth waveforms and people coming and going.

Death is just a change of waveform. There is no point whatsoever over fretting or constantly revisiting your death or someone else’s death. It’s a waste of QI and you cut down your own body and adventures on earth while you’re here. I’m personally not interested in it and I’m not going to watch it if that’s “The Truth” for you.

Everyday Spirituality Vs. Materialism

Materialistic values demean intuition and praise rationality, are seen and enforced by the media, educational institutions (schools), churches, behaviorists, (psychology and psychiatry), modern M.D. and healthcare. Take your pills and make sure you have a bulletproof backpack are their mantras. “Be realistic! Make sense!” Whose sense? Add governments, banks, and similar ilk in there.

As you can see, The irrational Matrix is far-reaching. This is all true insanity and it’s out of hand. They even set fire to the Amazon rain forest, I guess because they no longer believe humans need air to breathe nor want us to have it? There is something very creepy going on. I think materialism has brainwashed and frightened many people to the point that they’ll accept death in any way it’s handed to them from the elite. (I wrote this PRE COVID) They feel powerless to focus their own minds on their vision. It’s cultish and dystopian but I see it happening.

Materialism Creates Disunity

Materialism is considered reality, what’s real, and what we should all be following and obeying if we’re good citizens, neighbors, and sane people. Lying and faking, putting on a plastic face and a plastered smile, women dolled up ready for sex and men the takers is the poster with a shiny new car behind them. All of this is considered normal and good. If you deviate, or are different, have brown skin, use big words, love yourself or have faith, you’re not stable?

Spirituality is about UNITY and PEACE between cultures. ONE human race.

Enter spirituality, exit religion. Church membership is declining and the Spiritual movement is on the rise. Holism is coming forward (my field), art and artists are starting to be acknowledged. The foundation of the Spiritual movement is ART and personal freedom of expression, interdependence and a unique individual perception that is a personal truth but not a societal dogma. To each his own; together. Many artists understand QI which unpins the Chinese civilization, 1.3 billion strong, the largest in the world. Their art from every level, as well as their medicine rivals the west.

The western religions were compliant and the right-hand helper of materialism as they are in a subconscious headlock as well. They are sexually deviant, addicted to all manner of substance, perverse, and love money and power under the guise of salvation and safety from hell damnation. This is the subconscious mind from their parents. The leaders of the churches are also down the rabbit hole. They need to hide too. Government and religion have long been bedfellows for more sex and money than is imaginable. They are an enslaved people looking to enslave others so the truth doesn’t come out.

Their mutual cooperation defines world history and the ascent of the mythological genetic line in the institution of the family, none of which is based on science at all. Genetic determinism is not scientifically valid; it’s dead according to the experts. Morphic resonance is a better theory as well as the imprint of the family on subconscious programming. It all comes from our environment and it shows up in cell biology! Quantum physics is shedding light on all of it.

At odds with religion back in the day was Science. Science calls on the higher, intellectual faculty of the conscious mind informed by free-will and choice. It reads, thinks, and is a critical thinker. One has to be calm to do that. That is at direct odds with the emotional indulgence and drama of a repressed childhood. Scientists have work to do. We are now getting closer to modern spirituality approaching modern science. The Earth is not flat, it’s round. We revolve around the sun, the sun doesn’t revolve around us; little facts like that that are still challenged by religionists today. Much blood has been spilled over scientific fact and by scientists themselves for daring to challenge church dogma that required a blood sacrifice.

It feels like getting uppity and empowered took us too long and while humanity was maturing, the elite was ripping off and ripping into the planet to end all of it for god knows what purpose. The climate has hit a tipping point while we wake up. Now what?

Spirituality is judged handily by unimaginative and indolent behaviorists who themselves are likely addicts but busy none the less with calling intuition, Reiki, ESP, and psychic mediums schizotypy. Kudos to the dude that came up with that word. I call them materialists who might feel very comfy in a church pew ruminating nostalgically over their time on a swingset. A step forward would be an art class, a jazz gig, hang-out with some cool cats and lose the stiff upper lip of intellectualizing love and creativity because you can’t or won’t take the leap and do it yourself. Those who won’t do it only analyze from the outside.

Materialism = subconscious programming from the family, 95% of personal action

Spirituality = conscious control programming (mindfulness and high intelligence) of the subconscious mind and minimizing the family to 40% of personal action, 60% to your own mind.

We seek a more creative, spiritual, peaceful world where everyone’s needs are met, including animals and plants, cultures are celebrated and acknowledged and it is understood that biologically, there is no such thing as race. We are ONE race; human, made of thousands of cultures and our entire lives and everything we do is founded in Love.

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