FBI Causes Shutdown of Major Hacking Website, Arrests Alleged Founder


It’s called BreachForums. They’re basically competition for corrupt governments.

The Feds will likely just offer him a plea deal to come and work for them since that’s what the CIA does on all social media to spy on the public, likely including this site.

It’s a matter of record that that’s what they did after WWII in Operation Paperclip, where they hired the leading Nazis to head our space program. You can read about it here.


The man who became head of NASA after the war was a Nazi and is in a picture at this link sitting between JFK and VP Johnson. Keep in mind what they did to JFK not long after this in 1963 for talking about disclosure.


Re-Program: Love is a frequency you run, followed by action. It’s not a feeling

Desire, lust, and attraction are feelings, not love. Maybe frame it and put it on your wall. It will make or ruin your relationships and the issue is spiritual but not religious.

Humans are mammals so we tend to be feelings-oriented and reproduce like rabbits. It’s cute! Most mammalian feelings are oriented toward mating, reproduction, and hunger. But the most primal one is fear which is manipulated all the time by the media. The other feelings are manipulated as well which means, to become conscious, you have to turn it all off.

Stop watching the news and Facebook and observe your brain and mind change. Like a drug addict, they’ve programmed you to crave it. Then they’ve got you. Free yourself. TURN IT OFF!

Lisa T.

Happiness and self-care will return.

I watch Ancient Aliens on Netflix or an artfully done movie from 7-9. That’s it.

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