Books for sale

Book-“Time is DNA”

Time is DNA is a groundbreaking hypothesis I formed by studying The Mayan and I Ching Oracles showing that our DNA is time. We embody time. We are time itself and that is tremendously empowering. It is 144 pages. This is now available on Amazon. Just search on the title. As an option, I have paperback copies here at my office and will mail one to you. Just email me at the address above. The payment would be through Paypal.



This is an autobiography as well as educational with regard to Reiki and The Mayan Tzolkin. The title refers to the fact that we can heal ourselves. I healed myself. We can help one another but you don’t really need someone else to heal you. The power lies within yourself. It is available on Amazon in paperback or eBook.


Book-The Role of Intuition in the Scientific Method

This is a paper written by PhD physicist Dr. Smith who worked on the Manhattan Project. He had a different perspective on the efficacious and ethical use of Intuition. I wrote the preface, history, glossary and added bios and pictures at the end. This booklet would be useful in history, science, research methodology, or physics classes at college level. You can also find the ebook on Amazon for 4.99.


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