DNA and TIME are not Ending. They are changing and Evolving as they always have.

I guess we’ll see if we all disappear on Tuesday after we’re done integrating the new Light Codes. I agree and can feel that there are new light codes. They are simply up-leveling our DNA. Most definitely, our minds and bodies are being changed on the planetary level. Today is Red 10 Planetary Skywalker so we are now exploring and integrating this new mental energy.

This entire new HF 39 takes us up to Tuesday. This is governed by IChing Hx55; Abundance and Fullness. It’s all good but I’m not giving up my muscles, blood and flesh. I, and millions of others love our bodies and we’re simply improving them via our mind and choices.

10 Glutamine Mars

Some New Age folks are saying Time is ending. Time is ending as we know it but Time is not ending. That would mean the Sun would disappear and we’d all die. The rotation of the Earth around the Sun is what we call Time.

Time is more real than space actually. Space is an illusion based on what we perceive with our five senses. The truly manifested, literal world is multidimensional and can be comprehended with the natural twelve senses.

Time is MIND. It’s a mental perception that we’ve projected onto a wall clock. A wall clock means nothing and does nothing to time. Timelessness would be Mindlessness and I’m not going there. Mindlessness would be unconsciousness. Many believe that’s what happens at physical death but the only thing you become unconscious of is THIS dimension of illusory denseness and material grasping. I personally welcome that. You then wake up on another mental level that is awake.

Today’s attributes are Exploration, wakefulness, and space. Red Skywalker is accomplished, popular, pillar of heaven and earth, knowledgeable, time and space traveler, crusader, assumes challenges and is socially principled. If you feel any of that welling up in you know that the Tzolkonic vibes are hitting you.

The analog is White 10 Worldbridger or PLANETARY CHANGE AND DEATH. Take from that what you will. We all have to change but we don’t all have to die and we’re not supposed to.

The Guide Power is Red 10 Dragon or the manifestation, finally, of the Divine feminine in power balance with the male. He’s not going to get to upstage her anymore. They have to share power equally. That does not denigrate men and their spiritual journey. That means that women have to lead also. End of story. He no longer dominates her and she’s too busy to dominate him if she’s tuned in.

The antipode is Blue 10 Night or the perfection of INTUITION which is LOGICAL and powerful. Intuition is conservative. Study Blue Night for an education in what true intuition is. I believe intuition will be the foundation of the New Science.

The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star. Bringing FORM and harmony to art and beauty. This is pulsed upward by the 5GForce Blue 4 Hand or SELF-HEALING. Others can help us and aid in our alignment but any good therapist then gives you homework to work on at home. You have to heal yourself. No one can do if for you. It’s a good thing you have SOURCE in you and can heal yourself.

Realizing our Intentions and Working Hard to Do It

I think all humans have a lazy streak. I consider myself fairly diligent and work for what I have but sometimes I stop and catch myself, “Boy that was lazy of me.” Meaning, I really could have had a better attitude, not been so uncaring or just, “I don’t feel like it.” when I said I would. We all do that!

Sometimes I wish I could just spend an entire day laying in the grass and having someone wait on me. LOL. Espressos, biscotti and then iced drinks, bit of alcohol or not. I’m not really into that.

Humans like to be taken care of that’s for sure. I take care of humans for a living as a body-worker and patients come in with agendas to get attention as opposed to just medical care. I hate it. But I don’t feel like I’m slaving for them or being a service worker because I charge a decent fee.

I do feel like a domestic slave when I have to do housework. If I could, I’d hire a maid, a groundskeeper and a cook. Then I could get all my brainiac work done and not have to think about chores. That seems reasonable to me. I would not feel guilty doing that because I know I have something valuable about which to write.

Today is Yellow 9glutamic acid Earth

Today is Yellow 9 Solar Human, it’s support is Blue 9 Hand or solar healing and accomplishment, Guide Power is Yellow 9 Solar Star or harmony and beauty, the challenge is White 9 Wind or Solar Spirit Communication and the Hidden Wisdom is Red 5 Overtone Moon or radiant flow of feeling. Sounds like poetry to me. This is all good.

Humans mystify me to a great degree though. My son, who says he doesn’t like himself (21 years old) continues to be a peach and helpful as can be to me, and thoughtful and generous. Yet he says he only does it to avoid conflict but he and I don’t have conflict. His Dad and I did. He says,” It’s not that he cares.” LOL!!! Very mysterious.

People who seem like they’d be mean or rude or even evil sometimes end up being the best. The OPPOSITE is true as well. Someone who has been good and kind, doesn’t break the law, etc. will turn around a go off the chain. All of a sudden, everything they’ve repressed will come to the surface and maybe they didn’t even know it was there. We all stand there stunned. Humans scare me. Seriously. I believe the unconscious mind needs to become conscious and I’ve blogged alot on that previously.

The point of this gateway is to say that we ARE POWERFUL and when we are UNCONSCIOUS of that inner power from the SUN or our QI, we can be dangerous or very good. It is literally our duty to meditate and focus our minds and hearts on our intention for being on the planet or we could lose our minds. Humans do not like to be controlled. Yes, we will be conflict avoidant, act like we’re scared and then obey but none of it will be sincere. None of it will be authentic because we have evolved TO BE FREE! We have evolved to have a mind of our own and to learn to express ourselves in a community and to cooperate! We haven’t evolved to be divisive as we see now. That’s been programmed into us by the media. This gateway is about humans sitting in their true power and engaging with the planet and each other to create something good, unique, and lasting over time.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about how unhappy and divisive everyone is right now. Sometimes I cry about it because it’s sad to me that people don’t see or know how much they are loved and valued by the Universe. I hope we get through this in one piece because we are ONE human race made of many cultures in a vast universe to be explored.

Daily Reading; Today’s Gateway is Unique. It’s 5GForce is Itself

White Dog

The theme is White 7 Dog, the analog is Red 7 Moon, the Guide Power is White 7 Wind, the antipode is Yellow 7 Sun and the Hidden Wisdom is Blue 7 Monkey. The nutshell of that is;

Resonant, universal LOVE from Source is supported by our ability to FEEL our feelings and purify that flow. We are guided by Spirit and our ability to breathe, meditate, and communicate, MASK FREE, we know we can express ourselves and feel better. The challenge and the gift with that is Christ Consciousness, solar awareness, enlightenment, and feeling unified and whole in the midst of DIVIDE and CONQUER social programming from the far left. The subconscious hidden wisdom is remembering how to play when we were children, how free we felt, and bringing up powerful artistic tendencies that reside in all humans.

It’s strange to look at human and animal loving closeness now isn’t it? All the media programming is so evil and promotes separateness. It’s part of the globalist psyop of divide and conquer and hopefully, you’re doing the opposite.

None of this is about a virus. That needs to be dropped now. What they are trying to do to humans and human society is far worse and there is no end to which virus or bacteria could wail on in the media as a bioweapon to make this endless. We need to turn it off and love each other. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t hurt to follow exopolitics.org either and contact your congressperson so they know, “we know” and can handle the truth. Society would change quickly if they knew we were ready for the truth. They’re able to take advantage of humans because of our fear.

Today is White RESONANT 7 Dog or resonant loyalty and Love from Source, the opposite of fear. The 5th-dimensional GForce is ITSELF so this is a powerful day to forgive, create your own self-loving vortex that then resonates with others and decide you want to create, thrive, and live on the planet.

I know it feels like it’s literally illegal to be happy and free now and that should be MORE of a wake-up call at the attempted globalist threat to humanity! Every day I find a new positive space to put myself in and then share that with others so that slowly I’m coming to the top. I have to admit I have no desire to be around most humans right now because their vibe is so toxic and programmed. I am around people though and it’s more work than ever. That’s ok though. I have much work to do and still enjoy my body and my home.

Have a great loving day.

Re-Program: Humans Resist Getting Organized But Feel So Much Better After They Do. It’s like working out.

Today is Red 6 Rhythmic Moon. Can you organize your feelings instead of acting on them?

What most people do is eat or drink alcohol more when they don’t want to deal with organizing their feelings. My “go to” lately are frozen yogurt bars. In the past it was bingey potato chips. Humans are addicted to feelings so avoid them. I believe Huey Lewis sang about being “addicted to love” but he meant the sexy, lusty, emotional kind, not the real kind.

The Moon has entered Sagittarius which the Virgo Sun forms a square to this afternoon during Blue 6 Storm. This could create some tension unless you know how to ignore pettiness and gossip.

Big minds discuss ideas, mediocre minds discuss events and small minds talk about people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

That sizes up our media in a nutshell. I guess that’s why I’m annoying. All I want to talk about is ideas and it stresses people out. My big idea with this blog is there is far more to our DNA and who we are in time and in our families than anyone realizes. I’m scoping out facts and research and then adding my intuition to the mix. One would think that would be valuable to a whole lot of people but most of them are busy reacting to what everyone else does or worse, following what everyone else does.

The Theme is Red 6 Moon, Analog is White 6 Dog, Guide Power is itself, Antipode is Blue 6 Storm and Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 6 Human so Mercury, Pluto opposing and Earth are strong players astrologically from the UNIVERSAL perspective, not the astrological perspective.Red Moon and White Dog are mediated by Mercury so the good part is a Mercury-Uranus trine opens us to creative ideas. The 5GForce is Blue 8 Monkey or galactic creativity, playfulness and illusion. It actually comes up as the Gateway in two days. The galactic tone is all about integrity and doing what you say you’re going to do. That creates harmony and a good example for others.

There is definitely a creative restlessness in the astrology and in The larger Matrix. Channeled well, these aspects encourage us to improve but otherwise might lead to over-indulgence, lack of moderation, or exaggeration. We need to be in touch with our feelings so we can moderate our expectations of ourselves and others.

Methionine is the start codon for the mRNA sequence and tryptophan sometimes functions as a stop codon so this could be a defining day or a type of test to see if we’re taking control of our vibe. Look at the similarity between White Dog and Yellow Human. Yellow Human just has the extra COOH molecule.

The tryptophan molecule with the presence of the hexagon and the pentagon is indicative of the influence of Jupiter and Saturn in holding our DNA together in the past. Now that that’s over I wonder if it will be replaced with something else or rehabilitated?

Watch “AUM CHANTING ~ OM at 396 Hz | Universal Mantra ➤ Dissolves Negativity, Removes Fear” on YouTube

It’s important to meditate daily for the next 2 weeks to stay ahead of the curve and uplevel the vibe. Best to keep the TV off and social media to a minimum so that YOU are programming your own mind and feeling your own feelings. They tell you how to feel if you give them a chance. Monitor it! Better yet, have it off, meditate and listen to your breath and body.✌🙏💜😇

Meditate More Today to Stay Above the Scorpio Moon

4Isoleucine Earth

You may have had weird dreams about family members last night. The aspects are cleansing our psyches and this is a good thing.

However, for people who are asleep or living superficial in the Matrix they’re likely to act out like a small child who can’t control themselves. Don’t try to save them or reason with them. Let the mud settle and the chips fall where they may and walk the other way.

These new energies are intense right now as the new light codes uplift our DNA and everyone is at a different evolutionary point in dealing with challenges. My pineal gland was opened and I was uplifted by the Covid virus. Others are done in. Others are paralyzed for awhile. Whatever your body needs to ADAPT to the new solar lights codes to remain on earth through the changes, that’s what you will need to go through. Others are already at a high evolutionary rate, can get anything and not get sick. Awesome! They are chill and likely have a high acceptance of CHANGE.

Earth is mediating Blue 4 Hand and Yellow 4 Human today. Blue 4 Night is the Guide Power this morning, Saturn mediating, but the square is this morning while we go into Scorpio moon. With this moon your dream could have been an odd sexual one that’s not neccesarily an issue for you BUT WILL HELP YOU SEE ONE THAT IS! Scorpio is like that.

This afternoon we are getting our 4 Red Earth synchronicity mojo humming. Do you know how and where you want to navigate when we have a new earth and new solar system alignments? Knowing your 5GForce will help you transmute childhood issues into a new career. We’re jumping from childhood subconscious issues to 5th dimensional creative expression. Let me know your birthday and I can get that info. to you.

Then tonight is White 10 planetary Wizard Jaguar. By dusk tonight you’ll feel like a shaman taking care of and loving yourself. KEEP THE TV OFF AND TRY NOT TO BINGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Get productive cleaning up, organizing, journal or thinking about a new project. The Sun is in Virgo so time to get to work on yourself and your project.

Blessings as you sit in feelings of peace, harmony and joy created by you and millions of others on the planet.

Daily Reading; The End of the Retreat

All of life is being programmed with new Light Codes and new DNA code.

Our physical and mental energy has been lying low for four days in this harmonic governed by I Ching 33 called Retreat. It coincides with the end of Lion’s Gate 8/8 and the intense entrance of the earth and all life on it into a New Earth.

Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed UNIFIES

“I unify in order to target. Attracting awareness I seal the input of flowering with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

We’re in the process of shifting now and we’ve had some significant astronomical events that you can find more about on my Facebook Group “Time Science & Art”. Just type that in the search box.

Tomorrow we enter harmonic 37 governed by I Ching Hx 30; The Clinging Fire, Synergy so things will pick up. Plus Sun in Leo has ended and we are now Sun in Virgo. Our FOCUS is on tap with Virgo and today’s Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed. The attributes are targeting, awareness, flowering, an active dynamic, spiritual creator, potential, a leader, a performer and an influencer.

The analog is Blue 1 Eagle so targeted vision and calibrating the 3rd eye pineal gland in the brain through meditation. The Guide Power is itself but the 5GForce Guide is Yellow 13 Warrior which ends this 13-day wavespell. Cosmic intelligence and Free Will is given to us there. We didn’t come to the planet to follow, react, and indulge in passionate feelings. We came to evolve, uplift, and create. The antipode is White 1 Wizard; attracting psychic senses, aligned with Divine will, and a heart knowing shaman. Finally we have Red 13 cosmic Earth to guide our navigation. It’s important to watch for synchronicity now, ground, track clues in the Matrix and be alert and confident.

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