Watch “6000 Year Half-Cycle Event, Space Weather, Climate | S0 News May.17.2021” on YouTube

I think the true half cycle is 6500 years since the cosmic cycle is 1300, 13,000, 26,000 but the scientists still gauge everything by 12:60 so they see time in 6’s and 12’s.

  • Theme is 11Lysine or White 11 Spectral Wizard; releasing timelessness, Time is Art and Spirit, the dissolution of Time is Money and possibly cryptocurrency which is currently crashing. I withdrew all of mine.
  • Analog is 11 Serine or Red 11 Spectral Serpent; the liberation of Life Force Instinct on the planet, sex, passion, extremist, charismatic
  • Guide Power this morning is Itself-double pulse
  • Antipode this afternoon is 11 Valine or Yellow 11 Spectral Seed; releasing awareness of how the Matrix works.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 3Isoleucine or Blue 3 Electric Hand; Bonding and healing
  • 5GForce is 3Threonine or White 3 Electric World Bridger; electrifying change

**Special Note. This is an odd gateway today. I woke up thinking about my grandmother and then saw that the analog was her gateway and the Hidden Wisdom is my mother’s gateway (her daughter). In addition, a good friend is the 5GForce along with Elon Musk who is single-handedly taking down cryptocurrency because he no longer supports it. There is something major going on with the elite likely due to the war on Mars. Likely he is aligning with the U.S. Government to make sure our currency remains dominant to keep A.I. at bay.

Another heads up. I just looked at my Tzolkin again and a few years ago I had a major dream about the Federal Reserve on tomorrow’s gateway; Blue 12 Crystal Eagle. Something is going to shift in the economy tomorrow.

I dissolve in order to Enchant. Releasing Receptivity I seal the output of timelessness with the spectral tone of Liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

Artificial Intelligence vs. Real Inteligence. The Difference in Percentage of Power is Measured by the Power of the Human Soul Which A.I. Lacks.

It has no DNA. It has no blood. Even if it did, men cannot create a human soul.

While a woman can literally make a human being with a soul in her body, which makes her auperhuman compared to males, she cannot make a human soul.

It stops there so no contest.

Sunday-Watch “Space Weather Tests of the Field, India Cyclone | S0 News May.16.2021” on YouTube

The coordinates of the Cyclone heading for the NW coast of India are 20° N, 73° E . That falls in the Red Dragon Time Portal. The synchronicity that I see is that while we are in Yellow Seed 13-day wave spell, it hit in HF36 which started with Red 11 Spectral Dragon and that is one of two OMEGA POINTS in the Tzolkin. It counts as prominent. Omega means ending.

The weather on our planet is caused by the Sun. The changes on the Sun are directly ordered by the Harmonic Matrix from Galactic Center which are directly tied to the group movements of mind and heart on Earth; ALL SPECIES as a collective in addition to Universal Timing of Cycles. You’re not going to see that ancient knowledge discussed on Suspicious Observers. He may get it but he’s not going to talk about it. Science will not acknowledge the potent, literal energy of sentient thoughts and feelings from natural species. It’s talked about as though we have no choice and are victims, like the amazingly illegal edict from Biden that unless you get the jab you have to superglue a mask to your face 24/7 and maybe if he feels like it, put you in jail and throw away the key? Because you have natural antibodies in your immune system? That’s the level we are now folks. It’s completely irrational and unconstitutional but we’ve been there and done that already. These criminals are moot in the Universal Circuit now and are laughable.

Quantum Physics is the only scientific field that has proven that the energy of the observer of any event changes the movement and outcome of that event.

  • Theme; 10Glutamine or Red 10 Planetary Skywalker; Perfected movement and perspective. Don’t bother arguing. Freedom and free will as social principles are correct because they are Universal Law. Irrational restriction, edicts and psychopathic control are incorrect and will have karmic consequences from Universal Law.
  • Analog; 10Threonine or White 10 Planetary World Bridger; Perfected equalization and balance of species, surrender, multidimensional awareness, community oriented and grounded in Spirit. All Good. Death and Change may have to come forth to achieve balance.
  • Guide Power this morning is 10 Cysteine or Red 10 Planetary Dragon. There it is!! I didn’t see that earlier and is in synchronicity with the cyclone.
  • Antipode this afternoon is 10Alanine or Blue 10 Planetary Night. Perfect MYSTERY, logic, powerful, conservative, organized, introspective, strength to endure, facing possibility.
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk is 4Leucine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star; Art coming into FORM.
  • 5GForce; 4Isoleucine or Blue 4 Self-Existing Hand; Getting your healing work accomplished alone.
I Perfect in order to Explore. Producing Wakefulness I seal the Output of Space with the Planetary tone of Manifestation. I am guided by the power of Birth. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.

In the Very Long Mayan Time Cycle We are in Time Cell Five, The Matrix

Mayan Dreamspell Time Cells

I haven’t talked about this very much trying to acclimate you to the other aspects of Mayan Time Keeping. Now that I’ve introduced you to the double strands of our DNA being CA (Civilizational Advance, past to present) and AC (Aboriginal Continuity, future to present) we need to be aware of the fact that in the Long Count we are in TIME CELL FIVE: The Matrix.

We could easily say that each time cell represents 4000 years so that all together it’s 20,000 years. It may even be 40,000 for each harmonic and then 400,000 years. It wouldn’t be hard to add zeros. What is the actual date of the Red Dragon Tribe with it’s sulfuric acid ways started things here? The planet was started by FIRE and BLOOD, thus on the CA timeline, which are the first 9 archetypes, we have the RIGHT FIRE HAND and RIGHT BLOOD FOOT. That is Time cells one and two and Red Moon which starting the DNA sequencing with Methionine.

Then we have the Left Truth Hand and Sky Foot for the next 9 tribes. At some distant point in Time, Time Cell Three and Four commenced and here we are like ants running all over the planet. According to the Urantia Book, the human race is only one million years old whereas all other DNA life came before us in the past time cells.

Here in Time Cell 5 we begin with Red Earth, an AWARENESS OF SYNCHRONICITY, how to navigate the energy here, our energy bodies, vortexes, quantum physics, energy healing, the Aquarian Age (Uranus mediates Red Earth and Aquarius) and we JUST began the Age of Aquarius a few months ago if you remember.

I don’t know how long it’s going to take to move through this Time Cell but you can see we end up as our Solar Selves aligned with our Star, The Sun. But first we have to go through a time of Reflection and Transformation. This will not be a quick process. I just wanted you to see that evolution of Life on Earth is an orderly process from initiation, refinement, transformation and ripening.

Where are the Amino Acids in the Body?

Can you look at these and name THE ORACLE ARCHETYPE for it? Memorize them.
  • Glycine-White Wind, White refining kin
  • Alanine-Blue Night, Blue transforming kin
  • Valine-Yellow Seed, Yellow ripening kin
  • Proline-lesser Stop Codon
  • Serine-Red Serpent, Red Initiating kin from The Dragon (The Draco)
  • Asparagine-Blue Eagle, Blue transforming kin
  • Phenylalanine-Red Earth, Red initiating kin from The Dragon
  • Tyrosine-White Mirror, White refining kin
  • Histidine-Yellow Warrior, Yellow Ripening kin
  • Cysteine-Red Dragon, Red initiating kin, THE DRAGON ITSELF, blood memory, primordial mother, our oldest ancestor whose DNA is IN US
  • Threonine-White World Bridger, White refining kin
  • Methionine the START CODON of all DNA sequencing-Red Moon, Red initiating kin from THE DRAGON. They began initiating the Human DNA sequence
  • Leucine-Yellow Star, Yellow refining kin
  • Tryptophan-BLUE STORM-Blue transforming kin, #19 at the end of our ascension we need to be self-generating. That’s the goal. Listen to the Blue Storm kin message!
  • Glutamine-Red Skywalker, Red initiating kin from Red Dragon
  • Aspartic Acid-White Dog, White refining kin
  • Isoleucine-Blue Hand, Blue Transforming kin
  • Glutamic Acid-Yellow ripening kin
  • Arginine-Blue Eagle, Blue transforming kin
  • Lysine-White Wizard, White refining kin

Resting skeletal muscle normally releases –

  • glutamine (Red Skywalker) and
  • alanine (Blue Night, its antipode) in large quantities; they can represent from 50–100% of the amino acid efflux in the fasted and fed states, respectively, whereas
  • glutamate (Yellow Human) is the dominant amino acid that is taken up by skeletal muscle (8, 9, 11).

There are five dominant amino acid in  bone including;

  • glycine (White Wind) (21.2-36.7%),
  • proline (lesser stop codon) (8.7-11.7%), hydroxyproline (5.3-9.6%),
  • alanine (Blue Night) given to bones BY the muscle (8.48-12.9%), and
  • glutamic acid (Yellow Human)activated by the muscles (7.23-10.15%).

The data at this link is fascinating but long. The short of it is, with regard to the BRAIN and Central Nervous System, it is once again Red Skywalker, Blue Night, Yellow Human, White Dog, and Red Serpent!,and%20postsynaptic%20neurons%20%5B132%5D.

Sat.-Watch “CME Impact Tomorrow, Climate Half-Fail, Galaxy | S0 News May.15.2021” on YouTube

Today is SOLAR tone 9, 9 Glutamic Acid or Yellow 9 Solar Human per the oracle that organizes our holonomic matrix of Mind.

Coronal Mass Ejection landing tomorrow on Red 10 Planetary Skywalker. It’s all about moving forward and evolving as solar humans. Our lives and bodies are intricately tied to our Sun which is one reason I post these.

The sun flares on everyone; the masked and the unmasked, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, the IQ of 80 and the IQ of 140, the dependent and the independent. The truth is we’re all interdependent with these earth cycles changing so ignore the media that keeps trying to separate humans from each other to do us in. We need to be of service to others if our own self-esteem is high.

Mayan Birthday kin; Dave Brubeck and Martha Stewart. Dave Brubeck died on Blue 9 Solar Monkey and it’s Guide power is Blue 9 Hand which is today’s analog. Big synchronicity as usual with kin being born on a gateway and leaving the planet on a synchronous gateway. It happens ALL the time.

  • Theme– 9glutamic acid or Yellow 9 Human; realize you are a VESSEL OF HIGHER POWER, abundant and a good worker.
  • Analog-9isoleucine or Blue 9 Solar Hand; Earth mediated HEALING HAND OF ACCOMPLISHMENT.
  • Guide Power this morning-9leucine or Yellow 9 Solar Star; clever, hopeful, artistic human
  • Antipode-9glysine or White 9 Solar Wind; pulsing quiet divine breath. Pay attention to the literal solar wind report on here.
  • Hidden Wisdom-5Methionine or Red 5 Overtone Moon; empowering flow of strong feelings. Moon is in CANCER and Jupiter is in Pisces. Synchronicity. We need to lay low today.
  • 5GForce is 5Leucine or Yellow 5 Overtone Star; Very radiant, beautiful creativity.
I pulse in order to influence. Realizing wisdom I seal the process of free will with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of elegance. I am a galactic activation portal. Enter Me.

Friday; S.O. Video Shows Large Uptick in Earthquakes.

The anatomy of a star segment is in synchronicity with the analog today; Yellow 8 Galactic Star.

Blue Monkey today is archetypal of the illusive holographic matrix in which we live. I’m working on that section of my book for part two and will post something about holograms. The Mind is a magnet supported by INTENTION. Then we appear as does everything else. The Universe is made of conscious Mind ever evolving.

  • Theme; 8 Asparagine or Blue 8 Galactic Monkey; Modeling Magic and Play
  • Analog; 8 Leucine or Yellow 8 Galactic Star; Harmonizing beauty and art
  • Guide Power this morning; 8 Arginine or Blue 8 Galactic Eagle; The integrity of a vision and creative mind
  • Antipode this afternoon; 8 Cysteine or Red 8 Galactic Dragon; Integrity of the primordial mother, birth, and being
  • Hidden Wisdom at dusk; 6 Aspartic Acid or White 6 Rhythmic Dog; balancing life with a faithful companion or dreaming up one and intending it to manifest, if that’s what you want
  • 5GForce; 6 Methionine or Red 6 Rhythmic Moon; indicative of Jupiter moving into Pisces.

Jupiter leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces today. Jupiter mediates Blue Eagle ∞Yellow Seed which pulses on the Guide Power this morning. Synchronicity.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune which mediates Red Dragon ∞White Mirror which pulses on the antipode this afternoon, synchronicity, so STARTING NOW we will be feeling this Jupiter transit switch.

Moving from Aquarius to Pisces the expansion and adventure of JUPITER will now hit our feelings (Red Moon), romantic inclination, dreams, daydreams, indecision and a sense of floating through life through July as summer kicks in as of June 21. We have one more month of spring.

I Harmonize in order to Play. Modeling Illusion I seal the Process of Magic with the Galactic tone of Integrity. I am guided by the power of Vision. I am a galactic activation portal…enter me.