The 4DTesseract

How Does Time as DNA Affect Mindset?

 The four dimensions are height, width, length and depth. Most of us call anything we can measure around us that is manifested, “real”. If you perceive anything else you need to go to a psychiatrist? Right? No.

Thank goodness we have science and epigenetics that has proven that all of our thoughts and feelings go directly into every cell of our body, our DNA, and control our health. You can’t touch your thoughts and feelings until they manifest in your body. Then they are more dense than etheric level. We intuitively know that as well.

We are the only ones that can be 100% in control of our bodies. I’m not saying people manage to 100% control their bodies or that there aren’t hindrances. There are, and we live in a very toxic, ELM, 5G, Mind control-satellite-polluted world including the air, noise, water and soil trouble. Also throw in there the pressure to be heteronormative or stay in an unloving relationship due to social pressure. All of that affects our DNA.

But our minds are more powerful than all of that. Our focused, meditated, calm minds, through breathing, plenty of clean water and attention to controlling our emotions are far more powerful than anything we can quantify in 4D.

We’ve nailed the first three dimensions with everything around us in the physical world, but the nail for depth, the fourth dimension, is Time. When does depth actually end? We don’t know how deep the oceans are nor how deep space is as we travel outside the earth. It’s exponential and thus timeless,

When I first looked at the tesseract, I saw both front facing squares.

Then I saw the front face as the top square and so on. What we see as the front face on the tesseract can change. Depth can also change as your perspective changes. Your mind changes what you see with your eyes once we get into 4D. It is the same with Time. People say that over time your perception changes and we all know it to be true. In addition, our perceptions have far more wisdom and depth. Our physical eyes are only sensors, they don’t actually see the whole truth.

It is essential to understand that as a fact in the Matrix on earth in order to understand the information in this book and to realize who we really are in the body.

The ancients have long taught that the lattice holding up our physical bodies is the etheric body. The etheric body is eternal or beyond time and can travel in different density frequencies. The same is true of our DNA, amino acids, and everything else that can be measured in the body. The foundation of it is etheric which is directly tied to implicate order or eternity. That is the source of “phantom limb syndrome”. They aren’t phantoms, they are etheric and real! Tell the person who feels actual pain in their severed limb that it’s imaginary! The sick-care system does that all the time. When they don’t understand something or how to help, they tell the patient it’s all in their head. “Here, take this anti-depressant.” It’s their failing, not the patient.

If we understand the context within which we really live as humans in a body, it will be easier to transcend or let go of the control of our birth family on earth emotionally and habitually. In fact, they are only one fifth of our DNA according the Mayan Oracle! We are made of stardust but our souls also come from the stars and planets; indeed, the universe.

Without our parents we would have not GPS on the planet and we see the synchronicity with our birth family directly in the Tzolkin Matrix. For that reason, it is important to honor them but not always mimic them. Family members tend to be born and die either on each other’s gateways or in the same harmonic family.

For instance, your analog kin can be brought forward due to the date of the marriage of your parents, meaning, your analog tribe or support in life is cemented the date your parents were married; your analog. This is the case with a good friend of mine. His parents were married 6-22-1958. When I spin that up in the oracle it’s his exact support analog. Even though his family situation was very difficult for him, he would not have the VISION he has now that helps others. His analog is Blue 10 Planetary Eagle which is manifested vision. I see this all the time when I do Mayan Oracle charts for clients. Please note that these synchronicities can fall on any one of the five kin in the theme-plex which will give it a different meaning.

So, even if you view an event in your birth family as traumatic or negative, it’s not! It’s a blessing for you to learn to move forward in a positive manner with your unique gifts. It will ever be true that many times we need the stimulus of difficulty or resistance to break through into self-existence and self-generation and most of the time, it occurs in the context of the birth family. The final step must be to let…it…go and not sit in resentment or being a victim, which is shadow. Stand in the SUN, in the light that is already in you. No need to search for the light. You were born into the light and the dark; female and male equally. Both are good but as the Tao Te Ching teaches, know the male but keep to the female. She/he who controls their mind controls their time. The mind is one with the body and the body is one with DNA. Do you see how it all merges together?

Wednesday-Full Moon in Aries is about True Feelings. Can We Still Find Them?

Interplanetary Holon

We still have the Sun, Mercury, Mars and the Ascendant in Libra so our penchant is to cloak our true feelings with sugar to cover up negativity but with the full moon in Aries the truth will leak out.

We are mediated by Mercury today during the switchover in our grounding from AC past strand to CA future strand in our DNA.


The full moon got past me this month but physically I felt density frequency changes yesterday and thought to myself that it felt like I was switching timelines. Of course that’s our DNA moving and it reprograms our minds. Indeed, we are on the feminine receptive side today.

  • The Full Moon occurs in the sign of Aries today at 10:57 AM EDT.
  • Epiphanies can occur now as our feelings come to full bloom.
  • This Full Moon reminds us to consider how we are honoring ourselves in the context of our close relationships.
  • New revelations can occur now, particularly with our leadership skills, feelings of independence, our ability to initiate and begin new things, and our close partnerships.
  • With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic illumination occurs in our lives.
  • Since these new feelings and revelations are emotional ones, we might want to exercise some care in expressing them.
  • The Full Moon occurs in the sign of Aries, and Mars, its ruler, is close to the Sun.
  • Our revelations are meaningful, but we should watch for impatience.
  • Ideally, we have the courage and passion for taking action!
  • We can struggle with obstacles, pressures, and a bit of paranoia, but we’re brave, determined, and resourceful.
  • The Moon continues its transit of Aries until it heads into Taurus at 4:00 PM EDT. Our emotions settle and stabilize with the Taurus Moon.


Body Holon

  • Theme is 11Aspartic Acid or White 11 Spectral Dog. A ghost dog? How about the ghost of love and loyalty still haunting us unrequited. It’s rare to find reciprocation and then we settle.
  • Analog is 11Methionine or Red 11 Spectral Moon; dissolving universal flow of feelings. These are the ghostly feelings from the past; betrayal, death, loss, grief. It’s quite a disincentive and challenges the saying, “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” My whole life, loss has followed personal love and I don’t want to do it anymore. Agape love is better. There is no personal attachment.
  • Guide Power is itself.
  • Antipode is 11StopCodon or Yellow Spectral 11 Sun; dissolving enlightenment.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 3Asparagine or Blue 3 Electric Monkey: electric magic 🎩

Today’s Theme Song for White 11 Spectral Dog and Full Moon in Aries. Adele has a child and is divorced now. She wrote this song. She is a Taurus Sun with Red 5 Radiant Earth as her birth theme-plex. Analog-White 5 Wind (I’ll say), Guide Power Red 5 Radiant Serpent, Antipode Blue 5 Radiant Hand and Hidden Wisdom Yellow 9 Solar Seed.

Keep an eye on your Taurus kin. They have Uranus in Taurus right now so are striking out independently as Uranus rules Aquarius and we just began Age of Aquarius. They aren’t behaving in typical grounded, Taurus fashion. Uranus mediates her Red Earth ∞ White Wind as well. Synchronicity.

There ain’t no gold in this river
That I’ve been washin’ my hands in forever
I know there is hope in these waters
But I can’t bring myself to swim
When I am drowning in this silence
Baby, let me in

Go easy on me, baby
I was still a child
Didn’t get the chance to
Feel the world around me
I had no time to choose what I chose to do
So go easy on me

[Verse 2]
There ain’t no room for things to change
When we are both so deeply stuck in our ways
You can’t deny how hard I have tried

I changed who I was to put you both first
But now I give up

Go easy on mе, baby
I was still a child
Didn’t get the chance to
Feel thе world around me
Had no time to choose what I chose to do
So go easy on me

I had good intentions
And the highest hopes
But I know right now
It probably doesn’t even show

Go easy on me, baby
I was still a child
I didn’t get the chance to
Feel the world around me
I had no time to choose what I chose to do
So go easy on me

Tuesday-What is the Process of Universal Water?

It’s knowing how you feel and using it as one piece of information along with rationally thinking it through. It’s a mistake TO DO what you feel before you’ve though it through. But the process comes from the heart and today with have WHITE DOG present and that is THE SUPPORT to Universal Water. Let your emotions or heartset influence your mindset but not control it.

How do you know how you feel? It’s in your body. Meditate and do a body scan. Ask your body how it feels when you think about a certain person or event. An example for me is, I know I just love one particular person and no matter how much we disagree, we come back together and are kind and protective to one another. And we’re attracted to one another. But we’re being reasonable about our differences and independence. Still, it’s there and not going away. That’s an indicator.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Red 10 Planetary Moon or 10Methionine; Purification of emotion in the body
  • Analog is White 10 Planetary Dog or 10Aspartic Acid; Love
  • Guide Power this morning is Red 10 Planetary Earth or 10Phenylalanine; Synchronicity in Choices
  • Antipode this afternoon is Blue 10 Planetary Storm or 10Tryptophan; Planetary Self-Generation…on Earth in 4D
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Human or 4Glutamic Acid; A healthy, self-contained, dignified, balanced human being which is the purpose of Tone 10: Planetary Manifestation.
  • 5GForce is Blue 4 Self-Existing Monkey or 4Asparagine; Doing Magic and Art alone. You can feel the densities up-leveling your body by yourself. You don’t need anyone to understand. Let them sit mystified at your changes.

Interplanetary Holon

MERCURY, which is DIRECT now. Yeeha!!!!

Mercury, the planet of communication and electromagnetism

The Moon is in Aries today so our energy levels should be pretty good. Plus Mercury and Jupiter going direct…it’s time for a good mood.

We have a Venus-Uranus quincunx though which is in synchronicity with the Guide Power so the Libran need for a relationship but some of us preferring total independence is coming up. Add that to the Tone 4 challenge with Tone 10 and Self-Generation is at the forefront, especially with Blue Storm present. We each have to find our way.

Fully-vaccinated former Secretary of State Colin Powell, 84, dies of COVID complications while battling Parkinson’s and blood cancer

HEAD’S UP. Powell Was A Major C^&*( Gatekeeper

He was Yellow 2 Polar Human, residing in HF33. Very significant. His Hidden Wisdom, Red 12 Crystal Moon is ALSO in HF33. Unreal. He guarded the front door, Red 12 Moon and the back door to Implicate Order, Yellow 2 polar Human for the Cabal. What reason? To make sure WAR continued on this planet. His 5GForce was Yellow 12 Crystal Star, in synchronicity with today.

“Mr. President, there is no WMD in Iraq that we know of.” Bald faced lie. This was Sadaam Hussein’s regime who the U.S. hung.

Colin Powell Birth Gateway

Earth, Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury. He helped block the Time Tunnels in the Cosmic Web. It’s obvious to me. It’s very odd that he is an Aries and there is no Mars alignments here. That indicates to me that he did not come for soul lessons but the be a SHADOW PLAYER.

SpaceX (Elon Musk of Tesla) launched the first factory in space

By Braeden HaigeTaylor Daily Press 3 days ago

Cover picture for the articleThe creation of factories in space is not a whim of billionaires detached from reality, but projects that are gradually developed and bearing fruit. Like Jeff Bezos, president of Blue Origin, which aims to send polluting industries into space, space research firm Varda Space aims to be the first to build a factory in space through a partnership with SpaceX, which should be as early as 2023.

Elon was asked a question at his most recent board meeting and denied having built a factory in space currently. Start at minute 21:11 (proof)

Monday-Mercury and Jupiter Turn Direct Finally

Interplanetary Holon


We’re mediated by Venus today but throwing some other vibes in the mix are Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars.

Amino Acids evolving as RNA/Time are Leucine ∞ Asparagine, Valine, Tyrosine, and Glutamine. Today’s focus is Gluts, low back, hips and thighs.

Partially from

  • Both Jupiter and Mercury station and turn direct today, making it a time of transition, not ideal for strong decision-making.
  • We’re in a state of flux, but information and motivation blocks are now lifting, clearing the path ahead.
  • Jupiter turns direct after four months of retrograde motion (since June 20th). As such, our confidence in ourselves and the universe builds. (Synchronicity with Yellow Seed G.P.)
  • Gradually over the next few weeks, matters ruled by Jupiter will move forward more straightforward.
  • Mercury has been retrograde since September 27th but now turns direct. (It really manifests tomorrow which is Red 10 Planetary Moon, mediated by Mercury and planetary tone is manifestation in 4D.)
  • Over the coming weeks, recent challenging issues with communications and decision-making can improve.
  • The answers we’ve been waiting for might arrive, and plans or projects that have stalled now resume.
  • It can be hard to make sense of everything during the shift today, however. Thus, we might consider avoiding critical decision-making for the time being, if possible. We’re more error-prone.
  • As the change from retrograde to direct occurs, problems can magnify, and we can encounter difficulties conveying and understanding directions.
  • The Moon moves into Mars-ruled, fiery Aries at 6:05 AM EDT today, and Mars forms a trine to Jupiter. Synchronicity with Hidden Wisdom and Guide Power; Red Skywalker and Yellow Seed. HIDDEN WISDOM IS TRINE THE GUIDE POWER IN UPPER DENSITY FREQUENCIES
  • Especially as the day advances, our confidence, faith, and enthusiasm soar.
  • Our desire for freedom is just as strong. We are more decisive and enterprising under this influence–it’s a great time to think up an exciting new plan or challenge.
  • Something moves us to take action to better our lives.
  • We possess the willpower, vigor, and energy necessary to achieve our goals.
  • Positive attitudes create winning situations, and we can enjoy friendly competition now.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Venus controlled Yellow 9 Solar Star analog Blue 9 Solar Monkey: Beauty, art, magic, fun
  • Guide Power is Yellow 9 Solar Seed; Targeting, focus, DNA
  • Antipode is White 9 Solar Mirror; Solar Meditation or Sun Worship
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 5 Radiant Skywalker; Accurate Prophecy
  • Fifth Density Galactic Force; Yellow 5 Radiant Human; A person who is empowered in the FREE WILL as a GOOD THING if it comes from your Higher Self. It’s not selfish in a bad way to be free, it’s Universal Law.

SPACE Wild New Paper Claims Earth May Be Surrounded by a Giant Magnetic Tunnel

Corey Goode posted this article on LinkedIn this morning.

“Who else thinks this sounds a lot like my 20-and-Back testimony from my movie ABOVE MAJESTIC where I described how the Galactic Portal System worked? These electromagnetic filaments ultimately connect to the Cosmic Web. CG:

Wild New Paper Claims Earth May Be Surrounded by a Giant Magnetic Tunnel -“


Left: what the tunnel would look like; right: what the sky does look like. (Image Credit Below)


Mysterious structures in the sky that have puzzled astronomers for decades might finally have an explanation – and it’s quite something. The North Polar Spur and the Fan Region, on opposite sides of the sky, may be connected by a vast system of magnetized filaments. These form a structure resembling a tunnel that circles the Solar System, and many nearby stars besides.

“If we were to look up in the sky,” said astronomer Jennifer West of the University of Toronto in Canada, “we would see this tunnel-like structure in just about every direction we looked – that is, if we had eyes that could see radio light.”

We’ve known about the two structures for quite some time – since the 1960s, in fact – but they have been difficult to understand. That’s because it’s really hard to work out exactly how far away they are; distances have ranged from hundreds to thousands of light-years away. However, no analysis had ever linked the two structures together.

West and her colleagues were able to show that the two regions, and prominent radio loops in the space between them, could be linked, solving many of the puzzling problems associated with both. Comparison with a real tunnel showing orientation. (Left: Pixabay/wal_172619/J. West; Right: Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory/Villa Elisa telescope/ESA/Planck Collaboration/Stellarium/J. West)

“A few years ago, one of our co-authors, Tom Landecker, told me about a paper from 1965, from the early days of radio astronomy. Based on the crude data available at this time, the authors (Mathewson & Milne), speculated that these polarized radio signals could arise from our view of the Local Arm of the galaxy, from inside it,” West explained. “That paper inspired me to develop this idea and tie my model to the vastly better data that our telescopes give us today.”

Using modelling and simulations, the researchers figured out what the radio sky would look like, if the two structures were connected by magnetic filaments, playing with parameters such as distance to determine the best fit. From this, the team was able to determine that the most likely distance for the structures from the Solar System is around 350 light-years, consistent with some of the closer estimates. This includes an estimate for the distance of the North Polar Spur earlier this year based on Gaia data, which found that almost all of the spur is within 500 light-years.

The entire length of the tunnel modelled by West and her team is around 1,000 light-years. Light intensity of the North Polar Spur (top) and Fan Region (bottom). (West et al., arXiv, 2021) This model is in agreement with a wide range of observational properties of the North Polar Spur and Fan Region, including the shape, the polarization of the electromagnetic radiation (that is, how the wave is twisted), and the brightness.

“This is extremely clever work,” said astronomer Bryan Gaensler of the University of Toronto. “When Jennifer first pitched this to me, I thought it was too ‘out-there’ to be a possible explanation. But she was ultimately able to convince me! Now I’m excited to see how the rest of the astronomy community reacts.”

More work is needed to first confirm the findings, and then model the structure in greater detail. But doing so may help to solve an even bigger mystery: the formation and evolution of magnetic fields in galaxies, and how these fields are maintained. It could also, the researchers said, provide context for understanding other magnetic filamentary structures found around the galaxy. The team is planning to perform more complex modelling; but, they suggest, more sensitive, higher-resolution observations would help reveal hidden details that show how the structure fits into the broader galactic context.

“Magnetic fields don’t exist in isolation. They all must connect to each other. So a next step is to better understand how this local magnetic field connects both to the larger-scale galactic magnetic field, and also to the smaller scale magnetic fields of our Sun and Earth,” West said. “I think it’s just awesome to imagine that these structures are everywhere, whenever we look up into the night sky.” The research is due to appear in The Astrophysical Journal, and is available on arXiv.

Cover image credit:  Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory/Villa Elisa telescope/ESA/Planck Collaboration/Stellarium/J. West © ScienceAlert US LLC. All rights reserved

Pars Kutay Is Spot On Again

I’ve been resting all day, my immune system taking over because I worked deeply into some injured low back muscle yesterday and can hardly move. Now I know how my patients feel. Dopamine has taken over my brain.

So I was noticing that I was making a list in my head of all the things and people I used to go to to feel better; certain men I dated…meh…Magnum Bars…no too sweet…baking or cupcakes…no, too sweet…Starbucks, no, too expensive and not that great. Prime Video good series binge…not really.

Jazz, yes, I will always love that, espresso and dark chocolate, one particular fellow…maybe. Sushi happiness, meditation is like water and breathing, I rely on it. Working out and laughing with my son. And of course writing.

So many people and things I used to love have utterly left me and I just don’t care anymore. No affinity. How about you? Then Spirit told me to look up Pars. SYNCHRONICITY.

The increasing Presence of HIGH Frequency LIGHT ENERGY and the Fact that people are Spiritually Waking Up is causing many Beliefs. . . Traditions. . . Societal Rules. . . and Laws to Crumble and Dissolve into their own NOThingness because All that has Formed and Held them in place is the BElief in them.

Most things, We will BE Happy to see CHANGE or DISAPPEAR, but a few things that We Enjoy may also fall away.

Never forget that anything REAL Never dissolves or permanently disappears for Reality is HELD Infinitely in place by DIVINE Law.

Some things We have Loved and may BE feeling sad to see go will Re-Appear in NEW and Better forms.

For example many of us are finding that We NO Longer seem to have anything in common with people We once felt very close to.

Some entertainments. . . TV shows. . . books. . . etc.. . . NO Longer Hold our attention as they once did or have BEgun to feel boring and uninteresting.

Favourite foods may NO Longer Agree or seem to have NO Taste. We will NOT BE needing as much material food because as We Spiritually Evolve We are Fed more with ENERGY.

These Experiences are taking place because We have Evolved and are NO Longer Energetically in Alignment with many of the things that up to NOW have been a large part of our lives.

We Trust and Allow the process Dear Ones. . . both Within and without.

TRUST that there is a DIVINE PLAN unfolding that CANNOT Be Stopped or Delayed by Human Thinking or Activities.

ONE with God SOURCE is a Majority.

Many of us are finding that We prefer to stay quiet and away from the hubbub of the outer world at this time and that is fine.

Others of us may BE Guided to take actions of some sort and that is fine as well as long as We Trust and Allow our intuition to Guide us.

Much is Happening in the outer world and is going to continue Happening for a while yet.

Our job as a Light Worker is to Hold the LIGHT at all times and in all situations knowing that our Consciousness imbued with LIGHT is with us wherever We go.

Some around us will feel this LIGHT and BE Attracted while others may feel it and BE repelled but this is NOT our concern.

Everyone’s Journey is their own Personal Journey and it is Never the Responsibility of Another to Heal. . . Change. . . Fix. . . or Save them UNLESS They Reach Out.

Never attempt to change the thinking of another for contrary to what many believe. . . this is NOT Spiritual work but rather the expression of a belief in separation–that some people are Not one with SOURCE and need us to enlighten them.

The person We attempt to Enlighten may actually BE very Evolved and Experiencing a Chosen Lifestyle / Lesson / Experience.

WE Honour the Free Will choices of all unless We are asked for Guidance or information at which time We can Lovingly tell them what We know or observe.

Because We who resonate with these messages are Spiritually Awake and Aware. . . our work at this point is simply to Acknowledge the DIVINITY of every Person and Life form We See. . . Interact with. . . Read. . . or Think About.

Most of us have already Evolved BEyond feeling a need to fix others because We KNOW that in Reality everyone is already perfectly ONE with SOURCE and We NO Longer judge by appearances.

CHANGE is Upon the World Dear Ones. . . it is NOT coming. . . It Has Arrived.

WE are going to Witness the Dissolving of many Beliefs within our Present Systems of Education. . . Science. . . Medicine. . . Law. . . Religion. . . etc. Concepts and Beliefs that have been accepted as Being High Intellectual Truth.

This will Create Outcries and Resistance from Intellectual Communities. . . Human minds Who BElieve that Present Facts and Information Represent the HIGHEST Reality.

WE Stand back and Observe the world from that safe and secure place of LIGHT Within our Hearts Knowing that NO Thing can make us less that Who and What WE Already DIVINELY Are.

Let’s BE the LIGHT… See the LIGHT. . . and Live the LIGHT for WE Are the LIGHT.

Within DIVINE LOVE of ONE and in Service
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Summation of Movement and Correspondence Section of “Time is DNA”

The Art for the Cover of My Book

Summation of Movement and Correspondence-pg. 101

In the double helix, the pattern system of the 64 trigrams of the I Ching oracle controls the DNA nucleotide pairs in the double helix ladder through precise organization which then pulses and sprockets exactly with the 65-kin Tzolkin Harmonic via the spine or two strands of the double helix. They contain the 5-member nitrogen, hydrogen (the Sun) proline molecular ring whose organization is illuminated in each kin of the Tzolkin. The strands are multi-density in terms of physics and the I Ching nucleotides are time space or 4D. All of that rotating together is DNA which is Time itself. The math is exact and syncs up with the 11.3-year sun spot cycle.

The Sun is 75% Hydrogen and 25% helium approximately via nuclear fusion so that speaks to the new finding that I noted on page 113;

“…quantum physics can cause mutations in our DNA via proton tunneling or the movement of the positive charged amino acids to a different location making it look like our cells can be in two places at once. Hydrogen is involved as well.”

The quanta movement is via the Tzolkin controlled tRNA molecules in the double strand spines that are multi-density, beyond 4D. And what the scientists call proton tunneling to a different location is the primordial crossover polarity of the positive charged amino acids I illuminate in Table three, and the Binary Triplet Configuration in Table two. Both of those movements pulse off of one another.

The Sun as hydrogen is key here as the Sun is the Stop Codon in the DNA sequence and 0 in Mayan Math which = 20 in Mayan Math which equals Proline as a secondary stop codon. It forms a nitrogen ring and is responsible for reverse polarity. The polypeptide chain changing direction IS TIME, changing direction via the GAP kin shown in the center of the Tzolkin which are essentially the tRNA molecules in the double strand.

The Rest of the Book

The rest of the book is highly specified data showing what my hypothesis is suggesting and is very interesting. The cover will be in color so the paperback book won’t be $11.00, I doubt. We’ll see.

The PDF is for sale on the Books for Sale tab of this blog