Saturday; Getting Things Done with the Full Moon in Virgo. Perfecting or Finishing a Project

The mediating planet today is JUPITER. The Full Moon lands on Blue 10 Planetary Eagle

Tone 10 is moving things along with the Full Moon in Virgo as it’s about Manifesting and Perfecting. If there is something we have not be diligent about it’s time to set a schedule or and end date when it will be done. I will set mine as end of the summer, “DNA is Time” will be done. I will give myself through the fall to set up self-publishing and marketing.

The theme today is Blue 10 Planetary Eagle ∞ Yellow 10 Planetary Seed as the Analog. The person born on this themeplex is a visionary and a project finisher. They are not a relationship person. They are doers and achievers. Don’t talk about it just do it, like NIKE says. And they are usually athletic. This is synchronous with VIRGO today which is CARDINAL EARTH so we are asserting our agenda over our physical environment this weekend and getting it in ship shape for spring. This is probably a type of pre-spring cleaning.

The Antipode today is Red 10 Planetary Serpent suggesting there was a rough start to this kin’s life; a survival situation that gave them a tough outer skin, thus the lack of emotional attachment or bonding in a relationship. They only need to get their job done and then they can die. They like to help people but they don’t live for people like most do.

The Hidden Wisdom is White 4 Self-Existing World Bridger and there you have it! I saw that today and thought it was perfect synchronicity. Their wisdom is found alone, dealing with change and death to bring more equality and opportunity to our society. They have the details of that vision in their mind and know how to seed it . That said, it doesn’t mean they are going to succeed with stubborn humans who have SOCIAL RULES and are not inclined to budge if they are emotionally attached to what they believe whether it’s good or not. I’ve see that in practice as a bodyworker for twenty years. It gets tiresome when people won’t advocate or do for themselves no matter how much great service and info. you give the for their money. They just take it and go. Everyone knows that about humans. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Mark Twain said, “Don’t worry about people not paying any attention to your great ideas. If it’s any good you’ll have to cram it down their throats.” That sounds like the need to hire the right marketing agent. That’s what I’ll need to do.

The 5GForce is Red 4 Self-Existing Serpent which rings of Tiamat/Maldek karma. Maldek was Mars, Tiamat’s moon and has been in the news a lot lately. It’s not the most mild planet but there is plenty going on underground up there. The surface isn’t much to write home about. Most planets are teeming underground, including earth but for some reason most humans are afraid of life underground. We need to get over that. It’s more safe underground than it is on the surface and there is plenty of oxygen and water; even small suns.

Rods of God…Hmm. What do Goddesses have as a Space Weapon?

Friday; Set Intentions While Sitting in the Sun

Red 9 Solar Serpent is the Analog, White 9 Solar Dog the Guide Power, Yellow 9 Solar Seed the Antipode Challenge, and Blue 5 Overtone Hand the Hidden Wisdom.

It’s a good place to do it. It isn’t sun worshipping but it is solar meditation. Find a window facing the sun at home or work and set some intentions for your OWN life. You can’t affect other’s lives in your mind as you can your own. Positive intentions for others is fine but if they have no positive feelings for themselves it will slide right off.

We are in receptive mode today and this morning the Guide Power is White 9 Solar Dog so again, the Christ Consciousness is coming through the Sun from Galactic Center. Use it.

The Antipode this afternoon is Yellow 9 Solar Seed. There are the intentions again. A seed is a DNA packet so use some of what I posted previously about the DNA double strand as time; past and future. Be sure and check your birth and inverse harmonics to see if you’re on track. I did this yesterday and looked at the harmonic of a man I’ve very drawn to. In his harmonic which is right next to my inverse, is Rosalind Franklin and Corey Goode. Meaning, key people I see as part of my future either in spirit or in person are right next to him. He is a future oriented person who never dwells in the past timeline either. That’s what I want. I saw new things in my birth harmonic as well and realized the first 52 years of my life were SO about clearing out my inverse harmonic karma. Done with it. Time to focus on my Birth Destiny Harmonic. Set your intentions for the future if you can.

The Hidden Wisdom tonight at dusk is Blue 5 Overtone Hand. This is radiant healing. A sense of accoplishment and knowing where you’re headed will be the fruit you’ve seeded if you do the work during the day.

It’s 11:11 right now as I type. LOL. The 5GForce is White 5 Overtone World Bridger. Change/Death is in the air. Spring is coming. The snow is melting and sun is out a lot in Michigan. We love it. March 4th we’re hoping for the changes promised at the Federal Level. Our society needs to be opened again and the masks taken off. This is just ridiculous. Disclosure is happening every day now, many events, all over the world. They can’t hide it anymore.

Be sure and check out my posts on the News About E.T.’s page. on this blog. Cool stuff is happening. They are here to support us, not to hurt us. The ones hurting us are in power after a fake election in Washington D.C. Karma.

Your Inverse Harmonic is Past to Present Karma (CA) and your Birth Harmonic is Future to Present or Dharma (AC)

Remember, CA is Civilizational Advance or what most people are caught up in; a ONE WAY TIMELINE where all they tap into in their DNA is one strand, linear, past to present landing on today. But today has many aspects of yesterdays in it because no one is aware of it. Thus we keep going into the future REPEATING THE PAST. That will continue until we wake up. That’s the purpose for what I’m teaching about time.

It keeps you locked in your karma and it can be found in your inverse harmonic. If you don’t have the Tzolkin in front of you and don’t know your inverse harmonic, let me know and I’ll work up a reading for you. It is extremely instructional. Mine has been unreal and been right in front of my face with no less than ten very significant people crossing my path who had or have birth gateways on one of the four gateways. None of it has been very positive or easy but GREAT LESSONS for me. That is what you will see in your inverse harmonic. It brings past lives to your memory as well; karma.

Your birth harmonic is about AC or Aboriginal Continuity, your dreamtime, the details of the destiny you choose for yourself. Some of it you chose before birth and thus were born to a certain mother in a certain family but the details are up to you. Most people have no access to this timeline because they are asleep, 3D clenching, not meditating, paying attention to what everyone and everything else is doing for FEAR OF MISSING OUT. You’re missing out on creating your own future and controlling your time when you do that. It’s not helping the planet or humanity. You’re not here just to watch everyone else, react and follow as though life is a spectator sport. It’s not; it’s an individual active sport or team sport. We really are free to choose. Free will and Liberation are universal Tzolkonic values. I type them all the time on here.

Now it gets crazier. Look at the Occult Partners in your birth harmonic. They are your Inverse Harmonic. All the people who offered up karma in your inverse harmonic have A BALANCING ENERGY FOR YOU in your birth harmonic.

For me; The remedy for Red 11 Serpent is at the bottom of my birth harmonic; Yellow 3 Warrior. That is exactly what I did with those people. I activated my Electric Warrior self. The remedy to White 12 Crystal World Bridger is Blue 2 Polar Eagle; balanced vision. The remedy to Blue 13 Hand was White 1 Magnetic Wizard (I’ll say). My ex husband was White Wizard and was very supportive of my healing practice. And the answer to my karma with Yellow 1 Star is ME; Red 13 Skywalker: explore, go beyond being wakeful to SEALING THE OUTPUT OF THE BODY IN SPACE with my presence in the world, in public. Cosmic Synchronicity will guide me in the details.

If you want a reading, let me know. I can give you some guidance and details.

Mars Mediates Red Skywalker and ∞White World Bridger Tribes; Glutamine and Threonine

Thursday; We Have Two New I Ching Hx’s that say Conflict and the Inverse Darkening of the Light

Suzuki is Red Skywalker

Harmonic 19 is expressing the intelligence of LIBERATION. The inverse harmonic 36 is remembering the elegance of EQUALITY. Think of this with regard to what is going on right now on the planet. We need to run these realities. This applies to the next 4 days.

Today is Red 8 Galactic Skywalker ∞White 8 Galactic World Bridger.

Guide Power this morning is Red 8 Galactic Earth or Galactic Synchronicity

Antipode this afternoon is Blue 8 Galactic Night which is harmonizing intuition from the unconscious or meditative state. Logic, thoughtful and organized. It’s deep and full of possibility.

Hidden Wisdom tonight is Yellow 6 Rhythmic Star. Equality sets in that is elegant and inspiring

The 5GForce is Blue 6 Rhythmic Hand. We have a higher dimensional sense of what we can accomplish and heal. This could involve channeling.

We could put a realistic face on it and say RESISTANCE. I talk about that a lot with regard to the antipode. Light and Dark are dependent on one another. Nothing can always stand in the light or there would be no balance. You must affirm this in your own mind. Dark is the fullness of the unconscious, fertile darkness that brings forth the Dreamtime and the AC strand of the DNA; Aboriginal Continuity. Without the Unconscious dreamtime in our sleep we would die. It’s a fertile, dark land when our body rests.

Think of Blue Night, Blue Storm, Blue Eagle, Blue Hand, and Blue Monkey. They are fertile, creative, mysterious, restful and not easy to ground. They skew toward the unconscious mind. Think of the 52 year Blue Castle of Burning, court of magic, power of turning around in the Dreamspell when it was around. The castles are exponential. They can be 52, 520, 5200, 52, 000, etc. By the power of 5 x 4 = 20 which in Mayan math is 0 or the conch shell we live by cycles of 52. The Native American say that when you reach the age of 52 your end your first life and start your second one. That’s why my plan is to live to be 104. I’m only 5 years old as an adult. Your first 52 years you are a child. Your second 52 years you are an adult.

Rest and darkness are not evil they are FERTILE with ideas and bringing forward a future that was created before. It’s another timeline. A motivation of the time thieves in our institutions to portray the fertile womb, women, and darkness as evil is to steal the energy from the AC or the other timeline full of information from our future. They’ve managed to take some of it but we can reclaim with our minds and choices as we each become conscious.

We have a brilliant, vital immune system. It’s helped the human race reach 8 billion population on the planet and has defeated an endless list of microbes. Most microbes in the body are beneficial; not dangerous. Trust your body and take care of it. The institutions don’t want you to do that because they make less money off of empowered, happy people.