I’ve been working with and studying the Mayan Tzolkin patterns for thirty years. I’ve been working with live DNA in humans as a successful bodyworker and Reiki Master for twenty years in my private practice. I am D.N. , Doctor of Naprapathy in the Chicago holistic tradition, have a B.A. in music from Aquinas College and an A.A. from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, CA

My name is Lisa K. Townsend and I live in the rapidly changing city of Grand Rapids, MI. I own my own home, have a grown son and I’m single.

I’m a sovereign woman over my body and my mind but seek affinity always and have an open heart and mind. I’m a published author, writer, blogger and have one book published; “Healer” and I’m writing the second one “DNA is Time” which is far more complicated than I expected. You can view my other collections on the books tab of the homepage.

I am a spiritual person, live a holistic, fairly simple life, work out with a personal trainer, am sober and meditate daily. For my entire life I’ve had an active, prescient dream life, remember my dreams, I’m quite psychic naturally and run Reiki 24/7. I have a great love and affinity for the human body, our DNA and I’m deeply interested in human evolution especially right now. While I find unconditional love fairly easy I do not suffer fools or toxic, rigid people lightly if they come directly into my space. It surprises many people when I speak up and set firm boundaries. I feel most humans don’t mind if things are incorrect and won’t do the work to make sure their work and their words are correct. It matters. When things are wrong, people get hurt, especially children and animals. On that front I’m a warrior. I care more about getting it right than people liking or affirming me. I love beauty, art, jazz, and calm people.

Deep t.Issue Therapy and Reiki


Professional, Licensed Bodyworker and Reiki Master


Published Author

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