About Lisa

I’ve been a Michigan resident for over twenty years, I’m a new author, Licensed Medical Manual Therapist (LMT) for seventeen years, Reiki Master for eighteen years, BA degree in music and the mother of an eighteen-year-old son who is attending college.

I published my first book “Healer,” in 2017. In it, I relay my adventurous roller-coaster ride for the first fifty years of my life. It’s always a mixed bag of salty and sweet events that may leave you asking the same question I still ask; “What does all of this mean?”

I have been tracking the Tzolkin “count of days” for twenty-six years and logged many synchronicities. They’re not all in the book but they’ve impacted it. It has been empirically proven that the Tzolkin generates our birth DNA which is only two percent of our genome. Ninety-eight percent of human DNA is identical.  We are one, human family.

Learning and applying all of this has helped me heal myself and share it with my patients, thus the title “Healer”.

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