True Time Update for Thursday, 1Hand

We begin a new 13-day and 20-day cycle focusing on the power of accomplishment. Accomplishment is defined only by you, the individual. Can you feel your destiny? Do you understand it by studying the oracle and astrology combined and using your intuition? Do you have a meditation/spiritual practice so you aren’t sucked into the larger world and its programming?

The path to manifestation of your vision is from within yourself first and then knocking it around in the 3D world. That ‘s where the lessons, restrictions, and accomplishments come.

We are mediated by 1 Earth 3x, 1 Uranus, and 13 Maldek Karma via the goddess Ixchel, who was silenced by the Maldekian Reptilians, Red Serpent tribe in their vie for power. Their attempt created the asteroid belt.

Humans from Tiamat landed on Earth as souls to heal and work out our karma from blowing up our home planet and getting so unbalanced with gender. Now, here we are only a million years later. Earth was here long before we arrived. She’s billions of years old and just helping us out temporarily.

We are on the 1~13 pulse, magnetic to cosmic with Blue Hand, Yellow Human, Red Earth, and White Wizard. This is my 5gforce, which I’ve manifested for 24 years as a deep tissue and Reiki Therapist as a single woman. Women don’t need to rely on men to accomplish what they are here for. They need to rely on themselves and make their own money.

It’s a big deal because if women would become more independent, the men wouldn’t get so out of hand with their testosterone controlling everything on earth. They’d have to deal with our power in the public sphere more. That would curb them. The power would balance. Some young women are doing that now. Reproduction is great, but we need a larger segment of females putting their own dreams first and just having a boyfriend/girlfriend on the side.

Earth 🌎 Holon

  • The Moon leaves Sagittarius and enters sensible Capricorn early today, at 2:42 AM EST. With a Capricorn Moon, we seek some order and structure. Our careers, reputations, and objectives are in focus.
  • However, as the day advances, the influence of a Mars-Neptune trine, exact early tomorrow, strengthens. (The 5Gforce is mediated by Mars; Red 13 Skywalker)
  • Tomorrow, the Sun will also form a trine with Neptune. This Mars-Neptune transit opens us to alternative paths. It’s good for feeling inspired, letting go of anger, and softening our dispositions. Creative arts, particularly physical ones, are in favor. With this influence in play, it’s better to wind down or act on our visions, dreams, and compassion. We’re looking for the meaning in our experiences and ready to believe we can make our dreams happen. It’s also a time to bring more imagination to what we’re doing. We are not inclined to follow rigid rules, directions, and schedules, instead favoring following our intuition or inner guidance and gut feelings.
  • The Moon continues its void period until it enters Capricorn today at 2:42 AM EST.


The 5GForce for Meditation

I endure in order to explore. Transcending wakefulness I seal the output of space with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of navigation. (Red Earth, which is the antipode challenge today)

Kin13-Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker (me)
We’re just in low alpha hz today

Today’s Tune to Wind you Up

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