Examining the Schumann Resonance (ScR) Amplitude for the Tones of Creation

The ScR monitors the Van Allen Belts/magnetosphere/ionosphere/Psi Bank for AMPLITUDE. Amplitude is an adjective that describes the fact of SOUND above the earth that is not audible to us. It’s happening in the etheric body of earth the same way time manifests in our etheric body.

The past and the future clutter peoples auras all the time, and I release it with Reiki so they can feel their central axis better.

Today’s amplitude in the ScR. It moves over time during the day, just like the oracle. Midnight, dawn, noon, and dusk.

Take a look at this. There are 4 layers of measurement of sound. The first three layers look similar. The bottom on is different right on top of the earth.

So here’s what I’m 🤔 thinking. The top layer is the theme and analog, which ARE ONE in the oracle. I’ve never said anything different for 30 years. And they are mediated by the same planet.

Today, layers one, two, and three are Tone 4. Layer four is the Hidden Wisdom tone for Yellow 10 Seed and is Tone 10.

This makes total sense to me. What do you think?

The frequencies for today.

These are the same. The first frequency is theme~analog and so forth. Guide power F2, Antipode F3, Hidden Wisdom F4.

I can use this in the lab to stimulate amino acids, these exact hertz frequencies, and watch the magic happen…maybe. It’s hypothetical. The slower scientists might need to see this since they don’t feel or intuit anything.

You would think it’s proof enough that we enter multiple birthdays of people and events in our circle into the app, and they merge. My Tzolkin book is amazing. Everyone needs the app to keep track, but the apps aren’t good enough.

I’ll get on it.

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