True Time Update for Sunday, 3Warrior

Instead of DST, daylight saving time, which it doesn’t actually achieve, we need BST, Body Saving Time, which we can achieve by following our body clock. The mechanical wall clock, which is erroneous, or the AI phone clock with its toxic 5G, are in error and inaccurate  because they aren’t aligned with the solar cycles and natural cycles of the earth.

Our ancestors from Tiamat, who created the asteroid belt by blowing up the planet next to Mars, never did understand our relationship to the sun. They screwed up, and AI is its legacy creating chaos in humanity by focusing on space instead of spacetime tx. That’s why they and their progeny are filled with nanites. Many are here on earth. Stay away from nanotech and tell your friends. The U.S. military and U.S. Space Force takes infestation of nanites very seriously.

Our bodies and the earth tell accurate time because they are time and are absolutely aligned with the solar cycles and galactic cycles. Human brains are absolutely tied to, fed by, and programmed by the natural rhythm of solar cycles and free will. The magnetosphere tracks our collective frequency. Even doctors will admit how much we rely on the sun for our health, in addition to sunlight making Vit. D in our bodies without which we would die. But the sun gives us far more than that for life. We have to have sunlight in our eyes for our brains to function.

Church, state, corporate, money, and tech will never achieve full extinction or control of humans because the SUN has our back. The Maya timing frequencies prove it via synchronicity in the Matrix, and I’ve been tracking it for 33 years. You can use one of the apps online, but I’m creating a new one soon that is more comprehensive and proves synchronicity.

Follow your body clock! AI is just a limited tool. It’s not supposed to control the planet or take over our institutions and won’t.

*This is the oracle date for the signing of the Patriot Act and when Pearl Harbor was attacked starting WWII. All very synchronized with 3Warrior

Today is Yellow 3 Electic Warrior on the 3~11pulse, electric to spectral, activate to DISSOLVE
3Saturn, Pluto, Mars, and 11 Spectral Maldek asteroid belt karma, the dissolution of Tiamat was accomplished by the DracoReptilians. They wanted to become the ultimate WARRIORS in our system and tried to manipulate the power of the sun to do it. BUT THEIR TIMING WAS WRONG BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T COOPERATE WITH EVOLUTIONARY CODES. They thought they were smarter than the sun. Dang.

And now here we are on this planet, put far back on our DNA evolution because our ancestors were impatient and egotistical about control. Many of them now run this planet, but the will of humanity is overtaking their error, and all will be set right.

🌎 Earth Holon

This afternoon at 2 p.m. EST, we will hit 8.21hz alpha at High amps. This is during 3Worldbridger, the antipode, which is Elon Musk with his AI dreams. I’m in his face. He says he wants to be careful, but we’re not all believing him on X. We’ll see.
  • All Zodiac SignsEarly today, Mars is quincunx Chiron, and we could be doubting the effectiveness of our assertions or efforts to go after what we want, which can lead to passive-aggressive behavior, defensiveness, or frustration .We can find it challenging to be both assertive and sensitive now, possibly see-sawing between one and the other .It can be difficult to assert ourselves effectively without provoking, annoying, or concerning others .The trick is to find ways to combine both sensitivity and directness instead of narrowing our choices to either/or.
  • A longer-term influence is exact today: Jupiter is semi-square Neptune. This aspect adds a thread of idealism to our lives. We’re hopeful but perhaps looking in the wrong places for inspiration. Unrealistic or inflated expectations can mislead us–-people can lead us astray, too. We might gloss over essential and realistic details or suffer from some disorganization. This is the second of three perfections, with the first occurred on July 22nd, 2023, and the third will occur on March 3rd, 2024.

5GForce for Meditation

I dissolve in order to target. Releasing awareness I seal the input of flowering with the spectral tone of liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Kin 24-Yellow 11 Spectral Seed

This is Jeff Bezo’s birth oracle, found of Amazon and buddies with Elon. Their karma is very tightly wound. 11 Seed is the analog of 11Eagle which is Elon’s Hidden Wisdom so they pulse off of each other big time, in business.

Happy Sunday.

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