True Time Update for Saturday, 2Eagle

We are on a 2~12, lunar-crystal pulse today and SATURN TURNS DIRECT. We go between dualistic impulse and cooperative impulse. We are typical humans at this point in our evolution. It’s all good. This isn’t a utopia down here.

We are mediated by 2 Jupiter 2 Earth, 2 Maldek karma asteroid belt, and 12 Mars

We might see a serious pause in the continual killing of Palestinians now. It looks to me like we created a monster after WWII to serve OUR purposes in the region for control of oil energy. The U.S. is a leading globalist, to be sure (Eagle archetype), compromising many of our founding values. Israel has been and always will be a use and throw proxy state; collateral damage for U.S. aims internationally. Karma for us. It’s a good thing the E.T. shut down all nuclear weapons to protect the Cosmic Web.🙏 They are forbidden after what we did to Maldek and were part of the agreement for Maldekians (humans) to be allowed to settle on Earth and keep evolving.

We are very low frequency today.
  • All Zodiac SignsSaturn turns direct today after retrograde motion since June 17th, and this change in direction reminds us to take care of our obligations and bring our goals down to earth .With Saturn’s direct turn, our responsibilities, and perhaps our limitations, tend to magnify. Gradually, our long-term goals and plans will be clarified. We become more aware of rules, limits, and boundaries in our lives.
  • Mercury opposing Uranus today can produce mental tension, miscommunication, changes of mind or plans, and resistance to ideas. These, however, can lead to new insights if we’re open to them. We can be confrontational or controversial. (Synchronicity with TONE 2) As such, it may not be the best time to present an argument or an important idea, but friction can challenge us to learn more about our own minds and opinions. Epiphanies and unusual insights can occur now, or surprising news might arrive that turns our perception of a situation on its head.
  • The Moon is void until it enters Leo today at 3:21 AM EDT.

5GForce for Meditation

I dedicate in order to survive. Universalizing instinct I seal the store of life force with the crystal tone of cooperation. I am guided by the power of navigation.

Kin 25-Red 12 Crystal Serpent

The Red tribes, especially Serpent and Dragon take quite a few hits as far as being civil or loving. But our Reptilian brains have allowed us to continue on as a species and survive with our killer instincts. Nature is rough. All you have to do is watch a “nature show” and watch a lion rip a wildebeast limb from limb to see how mammals have been programmed because we have to eat! Some humans, not most (to be fair), are capable of the same things because of our brains. Fortunately, it has become socially unacceptable to be a pariah and we are seeing that play out in the Israeli-Arab war. The world no longer condones war that accomplishes nothing but death and injury. It’s insane. It’s about time humans got to this point where neither side scores any points in war. The Globalists are unacceptable, but they are the ones with highly programmed Draco-Reptilian brains, not us.

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