True Time Update for Friday, 1Wizard

We are mediated in time by Maldek Karma 3x, Jupiter, and 13Hand Earth

The gist of this evolution is pulsing on the worn out karma of Maldek and the Draco-Reptilian creating patriarchy on that planet and suppressing magic and receptivity in both women and men. You could say they tried to kill the female PRINCIPLE which resides in both genders to become a combat culture. They upped the testosterone big time. Then they messed up, blew up the planet and brought their patriarchy to earth.

Many think if you’re kind, warm, and receptive, you must be dumb. It’s very common with male scammers preying on women on the internet. The plan was hatched on Jupiter, and then the Blue Hand tribe healers helped women and men organize on earth as wizards and magical people, and here we are.

The 5gforce ends this wavespell. This is highly karmic of Maldek and Mars. It’s the second wavespell of the 260-day cycle.

The 5GForce of Meditation

I endure in order to equalize. Transcending opportunity I seal the store of death with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of heart

Kin 26-White 13 World Bridger

Earth Holon 3D alignments

  • Venus opposes Neptune and forms a minor square with Jupiter today, playing with our expectations.
  • We can feel exasperated or wistful. Problems can emerge if we’ve been indiscriminate with money, pleasures, and relationships. Uncertainty in Venus-ruled areas of life (romance, social life, leisure, and finances) can be prominent. These influences can exaggerate our feelings, wants, and perceived needs. We need to assess those things that have become dysfunctional, and, in the process, we may need to give up on an unrealistic ideal so we can make gains. It’s best to keep in mind that we’re more emotionally vulnerable and more susceptible to deceit or self-deceit. If possible, it may be best to delay significant decision-making regarding social, financial, and romantic involvements, as things are unclear along these lines.
  • The Moon is void from 11:27 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to Pluto), until the Moon enters Leo the next day, Saturday, November 4th, at 3:21 AM EDT.


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