Good and Evil in the Harmonic, the YiChing, in Us, and in the World

I was driving home from the store this morning which only takes 10 minutes of my day. So the chances were very low that I would choose to have the radio on a local channel and hear my son’s father, Dave, White 4 Wizard, now deceased, playing in his great jazz group CHV, Cooper, Hay VanLente. They have a CD.

So, I hear the Rhodes piano he played, which is classic, that Dave owned and loved. He played his ass off on it. I could tell by how monstrous the player was that it was Dave and could hardly believe what I was hearing on the radio. Alex and I still talk about him a lot and laugh at his Star Wars and different Presidents impressions. Alex has the same “impressions” talent that comes with having good ears. They can hear nuance. I used to make fun of preachers when I was a little kid and crack my Dad up too and was good at doing accents in theater.

So, the guy on the radio says, “This is Traditions, how we got to where we are now” which is the name of the jazz show. I got to the bottom of 4th and Covell St. and knew this was Dave giving a lesson in time. I got home and told Alex. He knew the song. Dave ripped it up with his jazz buddies. Then Alex and I got into a huge philosophical discussion about good and evil and how we can’t really escape it on earth or in ourselves. I told him more details about what his grandmother did to his Dad. He knew some of it. But that his Dad just couldn’t get over the pain, didn’t let it go, and it killed him. That’s cancer.

As my readers know, Red 11 Serpent kin have loomed large in my destiny and Dave’s mom was Red 11 Serpent (and Grandpa was Blue 3 Eagle! her 5GForce!) More synchronicity. She was 75% evil to her son. Sometimes parents are. Many times they are. I tried my best to love and support Dave but as we all know, we can’t heal our mates. They have to figure it out. Dave never did and died of cancer. The soul wrenching and being absolutely hauled off on out of jealousy by players in the area and his brothers, caused him great pain also. He was also a legacy as a friend, a great player and teacher and my husband. But alas, this is the crucifixion planet for people who excel or, are autistic, or very different. Dave would bring home fistfuls of cash and I’d put it in the bank. That was normal for us and how we bought our home I still work in. There are no fistfuls of cash anymore, probably for none of us bc of the powers that be.

I realized, looking back at my parents that I was the well-behaved beautiful one in my family and was also hauled off on by Mom and my sisters so they could have leeway to behave badly and still do. It gave me a guilt complex, that I had to be perfect to make up for their evil shit. Again, the suffering servant. Dave was the suffering servant too. So was Christ. Well, I don’t want to be and I think we have a choice.

So I thought, “Is it possible the harmonic is both evil and good?” We know about karma and dharma. I’ve actually always felt the harmonic was non-judgmental, factual, evolutionary facts based on pattern and math. I’ve never ascribed religious terms to the Maya because they weren’t religious. But what about the human sacrifice, the Draco-Reptilian, the current child sex trafficking and torture and the C%^&&? It’s evil. No two ways about it. Anyone who has the courage to see our world sees that there is entrenched evil ruling all nations of the world that is based in secret societies and is ancient. But right in the center of the Harmonic in HF33 is White 13 Dog, the Holy Spirit.

That Central Axis of the Eternal Present isn’t good or evil, it’s POWER and with it, the power to do what’s right and just, or do do what’s wrong and unfair. David Wilcock and Corey Goode have taught that the C&*() know the power of agelessness and it’s evil. That’s BS. There are also humans that know the power of agelessness and personal power and are GOOD. But somehow, that’s taboo. People assume that if humans know their power, they’ll likely pick evil. WHY THAT ASSUMPTION? I disagree.

What is that about? The Central Axis of the brain and spinal cord are REAL. I meditate everyday and use it to do my work, look and feel younger and have every intention of staying here as long as I’m needed or want to be. I’ve always thought and said, “I’m doing good because I want to. It’s the right thing” And I feel good about myself. But there are pieces I see now, the resentment of laziness and wrong doing without trying harder, people not being willing to fix what they’ve done wrong and make the world a worse place, and much of what I express on here, basically imperfection and stupidity is intolerance.

Harry (Yellow 10 Seed) used to say to me that it’s not good that I’m intolerant and impatient with stupidity and he was right. He is patient with it. I’m not. Maybe it’s because I’ve felt like I can and should clean up the mess and try to ease some pain on this planet. But…I don’t have to. I can let it fall apart. I don’t have to do this blog that barely anyone reads or work in my office. Why do I?

I thought it was because I cared but maybe I don’t. I don’t feel like dancing with evil anymore or putting up with it, or do we all have to? Is it part of TIME?


This is the song I heard.
Dave on the right, Coop in the center on with mallets and Mike the drummer on the end. The piano part is Dave.

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