Dreamspell Tones of Creation by Jose and then Maya gods According to Archeology

I’m trying to fit ancient archetypes into modern science boxes. Not sure it’s possible.

First column is Dreamspell, 2nd column is what the Maya call the tones, third column is me analyzing it.

Remember, these are 4D TIME pulses so we’re not exactly hearing them in 3D. There is more of shamanic or geomancy pulse which I am not terribly familiar with being a brainiac as opposed to a druid or tree hugger. Druids, shaman, and tree huggers, feel free to email me or comment on this post. I am still very psychic when I go outside. Maybe I need to walk in a forest.

  1. Magnetic Tone 1-The Moon– quiet
  2. Polar Tone 2-Lord of Sacrifice– torment dualism, illusion, birth
  3. Electric Tone 3-Deity of Wind and Rain– torment turned to energy.
  4. Self-Existing Tone 4-The OLD Sun- stoic
  5. Overtone Tone 5-God from the interior of the worldquiet-a pulse of tone1
  6. Rhythmic Tone 6-Lord of the rain and storm– very loud, like drums, pulse of tone 2
  7. Resonant Tone 7-Jaguar God-Underground- muffled-a pulse of tone 3
  8. Galactic Tone 8-Corn God – a pulse of tone 4
  9. Solar Tone-Snake God – a pulse of tone 1 and 5
  10. Planetary Tone 10-Deity of Death – a pulse of tones 2 and 6
  11. Spectral Tone 11-Lord of ground and mountain – a pulse of tones 3 and 7
  12. Crystal Tone 12-Venus-a pulse of tones 4 and 8
  13. Cosmic Tone 13-Aquatic Deity-from the interior world, Snake Goda pulse of tones 1, 5, and 9. The Moon, God

Tones 4, 8, and 12 are succinct. What is Old Sun, Corn, and Venus about? I find Venus problematic, personally because it feels like the PAST and LUST. Also, corn is an allergen as far as lectin proteins. It’s not a good food for any humans. Rice and wheat are like that also. Crappy nutrition. The area of the body mediated by Venus is below navel to knees where people round out like a cask when they gain weight from poor nutrition. This feels domestic to me, very earthy and personally, boring.

Tones 1, 5, 9, 13 mention Snake and interior world, Moon and Aquatic so these are watery

Tones 2, 6, and 10 are sacrificial death like White World Bridger. They are dualistic and materialistic. They are low frequency.

Tone 7 is the only one that is UNDERGROUND and Jaguar, White Wizard which is Ixchel, the goddess, shaman. But tones 3 and 11 pulse are surface ground, and wind and rain which are on the surface. These tones seem to allude to weather and earthquake of QFactor readings in the Schumann Resonance ScR which is not positive when it’s too flat or quiet.

IDK. This is why my work is hypothetical looking for a theory. It’s based in stone, in archeology from the Yucatan. Then we have to interpret it into today’s understanding. I seem to be the only one doing it. What I know FOR SURE is that the synchronicity of the timing between 3D- 12:60 and 4D-13:20 is EXACT. It’s the Haab. My fried Raul said, “We don’t have to analyze it according to science. It works.” LOL. That’s the way to get crucified in our society and go nowhere, IMO. It’s not as though science is wrong about everything. It’s that they are too bought out, like the politicians.

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