Tzolkin Analyisis-Map 30-Sunspot Generating Aurorae and Psi Bank Activity as Sacred Calendar Code

What is immediately striking is that the total movement of the sunspots is a perfect mirror of the cosmic dynamic, the binary crossover polarity pattern.

Pg. 94 of Earth Ascending, Jose Arguelles

I have found the binary-triplet configuration and binary crossover polarity pattern that are in fact one, in both the 3D YiChing and the multidimensional Maya Harmonic. This may…make it possible for us to retain our binary code and simply expand the object code in the computer architecture. I suppose that depends on the skill of our modern computer architects.

Pg. 95 of Earth Ascending. Tap on this to rotate on your screen and enlarge. It’s good to know our true context.

The right hand diagram shows the psi bank superimposed upon the earth, with the notations of the Mayan calendar in the magnetic field. When this occurs we have leaps from the CA to the AC strand of all DNA on earth, or an awareness of time warps, deja vu, or reoccurring events that I find quite boring, between past to present or future to present. IMO, it’s a relief that we have the axis of the eternal present down the middle where there is no change or time and we can run it in our bodies as an INNER VACATION from human confusion between the memories and feelings about them and their wishes for the future and their feelings about them, ad infintum.

This is supported by archeology, but none of it is simple.

The code is 13:20. The 20 Maya tribes as symbols for the 20 amino acids present in all DNA life is also the 0-19 code BECAUSE… Our sun is both 0 and 20 as far as number. The 13 Tones of Creation emminating from the Creator at Galactic Center number 13 and the vibration flows into the Psi Bank Magnetosphere Ionosphere of Earth, creating the Harmonic that regulates perpetual evolution. It can’t be stopped or usurped by anyone or anything, so actually, I could relax some in these last days of Caligula on the planet.

Mayan math is vigesimal based on 20. 0=20, which makes time readable in exponential numbers. That’s necessary because inherent in the code is the Axis of the ETERNAL PRESENT, which, when activated in the body, triggers agelessness. The fountain of youth is right there in your brain, and spine hooked up to Source as you meditate.

I finally found 3 hours yesterday to look at the most difficult Map in Jose’s book Earth Ascending as well as 4 other texts. I have so many books, I just cross-reference them. This hypothesis is based on my research. 30+ years of exact synchronicity clinches it, but I seek other evidence as well for the muggles for all the good it will do. People believe what they want to believe, including scientists.

This is a great section and all I’ve discovered will go into The Tones of Creation book that I need to finish.

As you can see on here, the 13 tones hover in four layers in the Van Allen Radiation Belt as Hertz level amplitudes. That’s proven by the daily reading of the Schumann Resonance in Tomsk Russia that I post on the True Time Update.

The amps (SOUND) have been very low lately. As we know, the 20 tribes of time pulse as TIME in the 4/20 quadrants of EARTH as vast time portal areas and our bodies. But the actual coordinates that I post on here are specific. Nevertheless, the energy of the specific time portal affects 1/20th of the surface of the earth.

For example, today is Red 6 Skywalker, so that pulses south of the equator, east of S.America and west of S.Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean. It pulses as far south as just N. of Antarctica. The “disappearance of a plane” movies are conjectures that the planes go through time portals. They are real. NASA/NOAA admit it, and I’ve posted it on here.

The energies of the 13:20 code are the Auroras that everyone Oooo’s and Ahhh’s about but never explains the source. The source is the Tzolkin Harmonic. The 11.3 yr. sunspot magnetic reversal generates intensified auroras, which we just saw last year as we entered Solar Cycle 25. Again, I posted on it so you can search.

The image on the left is the sun with attendant facts, and the earth is on the right. I am most interested in the earth, of course, since we live here, and how the harmonic is pulsing on our bodies.

The Total Movement = a MIRROR of crossover polarity of DNA/Psion membrane matrix weaving beneath extrahieratic leaves, represented by YiChing hexagrams. We can see this initiated on White 1 Mirror in the Harmonic, and there is a formula in my book.

  • Hexagrams; 54/12 (Tropic) or HF22 and 52. HF52 is an OMEGA Point. HF22 and 52 are Sunspot Pivot Points for our bodies!
  • Hexagrams; 43/21 (Tropic) or HF2 and 53. These two harmonics are sunspot pivot points!
  • Hexagrams; 11/53 (Arctic North) or HF14 and 44. These two are sunspot pivot points!
  • Hexagrams; 22/44 (Antarctic South) or HF45 and 3. These two are sunspot pivot points!

Psi Bank

The Psi Bank is the source of the tones on earth. I have 3D hertz levels from YIching Music and the Schumann Resonance, but what about 4D? Are the 13 tones audible in time as they are in space?

Spacetime functions as ONE, as we see with the astronomy/astrology lineups and synchronicity. Raul and I tried to discuss this in San Jose when I was out there in 2018, and I remember this odd silence as we both thought about it together because we’ve both studied it so much. ❤️ All we agreed on was what they were not. They are not the 13-tone scale you play on the piano. But that scale, C to C must eminate from it. I will post again on this movement.

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