True Time Update for Friday, 6Skywalker

Our next Sunspot pivot point hits on October 25, 2023 in a about 2 weeks on Red 5 Serpent. The YiChing says Breakthrough resolution. Let’s hope that means the wars stop and we can get on with DISCLOSURE of the ET tech that the DOD has. Israel demanding that 1.5 million Palestinians evacuate Gaza or be bombed into oblivion is absurd. Where are they supposed to go? And why should they pay for the actions of one man who started this?

We’re meditated in time by Mars

We enter a new HF64 today; Solar Output to express the intelligence of setting your intention as we move to Yellow 9 Warrior by Monday. IChing Hx23 dominates 3D as “Splitting Apart”. That’s easy to see. 3D is not terribly pleasant sometimes.

We’re on the CA, past to present strand of our DNA, Stage 3, the Ancient World. That’s very visibly manifested as well.

My intention is to finish The Tones of Creation book. My other intention is to post on Map30 of Earth Ascending and illuminate how the Sun calibrates time. Jose parces it out right there and it hails from the archeology on the Yucatan Peninsula. But I’ll keep saying it’s hypothetical so down the line I’m not attacked by scientists, if there is a shred of science left after disclosure. Science is like the Church with their dogma that they feel controls reality. Not.

5GForce for Meditation

I harmonize in order to know. Modeling healing I seal the store of accomplishment with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of magic

Kin 47; Blue 8 Galactic Hand

Earth’s Holon

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all in ♎️ ⚖️

  • The Moon spends the day in Libra, and we seek balance in our lives. Relationships can be in high focus. We tend to weigh all perspectives and consider all possibilities while the Moon is in Libra. For the most part, we’re cooperative and gracious today.
  • Mars forms a trine to Saturn, and we value endurance and perseverance. Carefully picking and choosing our activities comes naturally now. Still, we feel more productive, directed, and purposeful. A slow, steady, methodical approach works best under this influence. We get the job done, and we’re thorough! This trine favors discipline, moderation, tradition, pacing ourselves, temperance, and realism. This is in exact synchronicity with our theme to antipode, Red Skywalker mediated by Mars and Blue Night mediated by Saturn)

Partially from


There isn’t anything new going on in the Psi Bank magnetosphere. It’s very low, I think, because the C)(*& Globalists are funding and supporting these wars, Middle East and Russia, to cause humans to lose their minds to try to keep control of the planet. They feed off of the negative energy created by death, torture, unhappiness, and violence. It’s called Loosh. Corey Goode talked about it.

They’re going to fail. The DOD disclosure needs to continue apace bc AI will be destroyed and we’ll need something else to keep moving our brains forward. Do whatever you can think of to keep your mood up and off of the news.

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