The Ancient Past to a New Future

Note the word NEW. We don’t need to repeat an old future either where we look like the Grey’s from Orion.

The past to the present is the CA strand of our DNA, or Civilizational Advance, and the future back to the present is the AC strand of our DNA, Aboriginal Continuity.

All DNA is charged electromagnetically with + and -, anode and cathode forming a covalent bond from one strand to another, making it spiral in every cell of our body. I find it very romantic. It creates the dance of all life AND GRAVITY.

This is the work I’ve done, putting this movement into a 2D display to be tested in the lab. I have the proposal for a procedure done and had the promise of a backer, but he tends to get himself embroiled in lawsuits, drama, 5 companies, 11 children, and Elontroversy.

It’s fine. As we know, synchronicity is in charge, not me or us, so I need to finish my work on The Tones of Creation book anyway. I’ve been avoiding it because it’s hard.

This is my original handwritten version from 2016.
I needed to see it in 2D from what I had figured out in my mind as far as protein folding first. It was difficult and took about a year to do.

It turned into these charts, and I put them in my book, Time is DNA. I hope to use it in the lab with a team of microbiologists after I have the hertz levels of the 13 Tones figured out.

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