RFK Jr. Birth Gateway

Check this out!


The harmonic never stops and keeps me hopping. When I sense synchronicity, I dial it up, and there it is.

RFK Jr. Birthday 1/17/54, Capricorn ♑️ ruled by Saturn and mediated by Pluto. He means business and is very capable. 6~8 pulse.

His ANALOG IS TODAY, and he made this announcement.!! You could also frame it as he is today’s analog. AND, Tulsi Gabbard, his probable running mate is Blue 1 Magnetic Storm and an Aries. I love her. She kicks butt and is a really good, smart person. She would make a great president.

Here is Tulsi Gabbard’s gateway. Total synchronicity

Tulsi Gabbard birth. 4/12/81. ♈️ Aries ruled by Mars and mediated by Pluto. 1~13 pulse.

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