What Are the Remaining Challenges of Quantum Computing?

I originally posted this in August 2023


It came to me yesterday that we need to be done with binary human tools hopefully within two years before the local Stargate opens in 2025.

Our brains are ascending, so our tools must as well so that we continue to control the tools we’ve made. They don’t control us. We must keep AI in its proper place. We created it.

To that end, all of our computing needs to move out of IChing oracle binary dualism dominated to Tzolkin Harmonic oracle multidimensional quantum dominated. Every phone and computer we use right now is based on binary code whose source is the IChing Oracle hexagrams. We’re past that. That’s why our civilization and us are glitching. Our minds are glitching.

The next leap in computing needs to come from the Mayan Oracle just as binary came from the IChing oracle. But our end OBJECT CODE needs to be binary triplet, not binary. So then, what will our incoming SOURCE CODE be?

Our proper DNA codes need to program our computing tools. It might not be obvious to the scientists, but since we are the creators of our tools, our DNA coding needs to be in the tools. Our correct DNA coding is in the Harmonic, so I’m on it.

What is the cosmic geometry on that? The hexagram is based on the hexagon from Saturn. The IChing is based on 6, the 6 line hexagram, so it’s 6 and 3. That’s rhythmic and electric.

The Maya harmonic IS US. They say it in the video. It’s the truth. 260 qubit kin. I need to convert the harmonic to quantum language with help. We also need the lab work to upend sick care. And we also need the app to ground synchronicity so we end the mindf..k idea of coincidence, chance, luck, serendipity, and accidents.

Everything in our multidimensional matrix is CHOSEN by each individual first and then goes into a huge mind gestalt and is organized by destiny by the Harmonic Psi Bank. We are choosing as we go, day by day.

You did not come to this planet to be a victim and suffer. We are all co-creators with the Creator.

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