How to Read the Schumann Resonance

The ScR has changed in the last year. It’s leveled up steadily to alpha Hz daily instead of 7.83 theta. It usually goes as high as 8.50. The human race needs to collectively get up to 9.00 by the end of the year, IMO.

We’re not intelligent enough to create healthy boundaries on AI and Luciferian governments until we’re smarter and less emotional. We have big decisions to make. It doesn’t help that on all social media platforms the negative whiners, political screamers, and superficials dominate because they bring in more ad revenue. People who meditate and live holistic lives definitely need to have communities. It seems like X would like get us off the main threads because we are the minority.

At the top are the time zones in Russia and my local EST. They are 11 hours ahead of Michigan.
  • The top spectrogram is a simple compilation of both amplitude and frequency for those who don’t want to read a graph. However, it only shows changes. It doesn’t show what is happening in the moment at all. So, on my posts, I defer to the frequency graph first and the amplitude of the frequency, which is SOUND.
  • Amplitude level is on the left side of the graph. The date is on top. The time is on the bottom. O is midnight, the numbers go forward every 2 hours, 12 is noon and it goes into the night.
  • At midnight, the gateway clicks the time sprocket to the new day or gateway, and the time changes, which is the tRNA amino acid sequence in the trillion cells of all DNA. It’s evolution in our bodies, NOT THE CLOCK. Nature programs us via the sun, NOT MACHINES. Here we have the cause of the time warp.
  • The higher the amplitude, the stronger the frequency is zapping our brains and putting us to sleep. It’s like ScR sickness. Your immune system is taxed if you’re older bc your brain came onto the planet in theta Hz. The young kids came onto earth ready for Alpha Hz, so they’re smarter.
  • The frequency is the level of Hz ELM also on the left, date on top, and time on the bottom. The daily average is 8.20.
  • The QFactor has to do with ELM in the lower cavities of the earth. The gist is, if it’s flat it’s not positive. It’s it’s moving up and down and more dynamic its a good thing.
  • The Schumann resonance is very vast above the earth, 4 layers and create the Auroras. Those light are the color spectrum of the Tzolkin.

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