Correspondence of ScR Frequencies to Mayan Creative Tones Hypothesis-Ed Level 3

This is a good example of an Ed Level 3 post should you decide to purchase a group of them for study. It is not protected yet just for you to look at if you’re interested.

Tap on Frequencies and make it bigger. We’re referring to layers F1 and F2 as far as Hz frequency. These are basic earth level readings for where we are in our evolution. This is for 8/13/23

I’ve been looking at 3D hertz levels on the musical notes of the scale all day. Here are the 3D facts of musical sound, but does their 3D Hz level pulse to their 4D Creative Tone? The information in the left column is fact and relates exactly the the Schumann Resonance which is also 3D fact.

The right column is a doubtful hypothesis IMO but we need to start somewhere.

  • Tone C- 8.17Hz- Magnetic Tone 1
  • Tone C#- 8.66Hz- Polar Tone 2
  • Tone D- 9.17Hz- Electric Tone 3
  • Tone D#- 9.72Hz- Self-Existing Tone 4
  • Tone E- 10.30Hz- Radiant Over Tone 5
  • Tone F- 10.91Hz- Rhythmic Tone 6
  • Tone F#- 11.56Hz- Resonant Tone 7
  • Tone G- 12.25Hz- Galactic Tone 8
  • Tone G#-12.97Hz- Solar Tone 9
  • Tone A- 13.75Hz- Planetary Tone 10
  • Tone A#-14.56Hz- Spectral Tone 11
  • Tone B-15.43 Hz Crystal Tone 12
  • Tone C1-16.35 Hz Cosmic Tone 13

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