The Crossover Polarity in the Tzolkin

I first posted this a year ago.

I’m working on illuminating the polarities in Table 3- The Crossover Polarity in “Time is DNA” page 75. Please note that these are harmonics not just kin if you open the book. Each Harmonic is either positive or negative and controls the spin or the strand that is moving in our tRNA. If I can come up with a definitive map we won’t be guessing at how EXACTLY the DNA spins INTO THE LIGHT BODY and stimulates the node. *sigh* More work. I need to reformat this table so it starts with HF1 ~HF65 so it spins inward the same way our bodies do toward the Central Axis of Timelessness, the CNS brain and spinal cord. Dancing stimulates it, spinning stimulates it.

The parts of the body are easy. Diagnosing where people have blockages is easy. You all know where your body hurts. My patients tell me all the time and put their fingers on it! But connecting that to the node point in the light body emanating from the CNS is not so easy.

Outcomes? If I or another trained practitioner stimulates the spot and the pain releases, it works! I actually do it all the time in my office intuitively, but people don’t like that. They want to know HOW you did it. Ok, then you’ll have to wait for me to parse it out. Anyway, I’m still busy and they just call it magic. Science doesn’t like anything called magic.

I love this song. Great groove.
All the archetypes on this cover are Egyptian (As in The Law of One). Just Sayin’

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