Free Stuff

The posts that are still free are;

  • All UAP/UFO (lots of those)
  • All A.I. (lots of those)
  • Corey Goode (lots of those)
  • Michael Salla
  • All authors in this genre. Just type in someone or click on Authors
  • Lisa’s Predictions and dreams
  • Public Figure Birth Gateways (or type in a name)
  • Synchronicity (many of these)
  • Old True Time or Mayan Daily Readings (can be helpful to search on Red 3 Serpent today, for instance to see the past)
  • All the old Schumann resonance posts which are very interesting to see how high it got before we stayed in Alpha Hz.
  • Solar System
  • Military
  • Politics/Government
  • Media
  • Disclosure
  • Secrets
  • Psi Bank/Magnetosphere

The things that are focused for brainiacs that have a small fee;

  • Current True Time Updates (I hope you have an app with this)
  • Science
  • Evolution
  • Mayan
  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Education and all levels
  • Gender
  • Relationships/Women/Men

Be sure and use that search box for anything you’re looking for regarding evolution, Mayan, or something that comes to mind. The category cloud isn’t everything. If the things you’re looking for seem to be protected, consider purchasing an Ed Level. It’s only $13.20 for 28 posts.

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