History of Events in Time and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms Mission: Tracking the Space Storms Responsible for Triggering Auroras | NASA


The substorms from the Sun hitting the Psi Bank need to be researched, which I am doing. They are the precursor to earth weather, according to NASA, which Jose Arguelles purported to be connected to IChing geomancy controlling the grid of earth. Those substorms create auroras according to NASA.

Again, the Mayan teaching is the auroras are the Tzolkin Harmonic of time. The aurora colors are the Mayan color spectrum.

If the sun, earth, DNA, and the planets in our local system are sentient, then so is the energy around it; the magnetosphere and the substorms.  ?🤷‍♀️

Sentient means it has mind. If the magnetosphere and substorms PROTECT earth, that IS sentient. Protection isn’t an accident. Anything in the life systems that is protective happens on purpose. A decision was made. It can’t be an accident or just a coincidence. It’s synchronicity.

NASA says the substorms protect us and allow us to be here to do whatever it is we feel we need to do. They get that we are an evolving sphere of learning and love. ❤️

I could listen to this all day. It sounds like water, Red Moon Tribe, Universal Feelings which is the start codon of the DNA sequence in HF33, Red 12 Crystal Moon. Water is Hydrogen and Oxygen. The Sun is made of mostly Hydrogen and Helium. The short of it is, it is the evolution of FEELINGS that has made us more human. Those feelings can swing many ways as we know but we are lifting them from the limbic serpent brain into the top brain neo cortex.

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