Ed Level Posts Adding up

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My guess is that there are at least 84 Ed Level 2 posts. It’s fun to go to the search box and search on Education. All the levels come up and there are a lot.

I’ve gotten more Ed Level 3 done. Maybe 28? I’ll change Advanced Level to Ed Level 3.

I am still designating Gender Ed, which I blogged on a lot before I moved to Mayan focus, and people really liked that. I am by no means traditional about genders roles. Of course, now it’s politically incorrect to say that there are biological females and males. That’s like saying the sun is fake. It’s gotten out of hand.

I added a new Ed Level Body Power. Since I have 23 years of holistic experience as a Naprapathic doctor and Reiki Master. I will be able to come up with those. Most of them can be found at deeptissuetherapygr.com but there are a few here.

There are a bazillion posts over there, so I will set an educational system up over there when I am done here.

I should open a school and teach what I know hands-on, but it’s difficult work. I may be a niche practitioner.

Have fun with these. Happy reading.

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