True Time Update for Thursday, 13Wind, 8/3/23-Freebie today so you can see how the 5GForce Aids Meditation

Today is White 13 Cosmic Wind Glycine. In Maya, it is Ik and is mediated by Uranus.

Meditation is more about mental focus than breathing. Just be sure and bring your palms together. Cosmic Communication is silent. It’s meditation through the body and it transcends breath. Breathing is inhabiting the body which is TIME and dualism. Meditation is 5D and tunes you in to what it happening in the cosmos. Your guides are there for you. So is J.C.

On the 13~1 pulse, we are cosmic~magnetic. Communication is supported by synchronicity and accurate navigation, guided by cosmic change/death, and challenged by evolving, potentially cosmic humans or artists. Rene Fleming, opera diva is Yellow 13 Human. Her level of achievement and artistry is shocking. That is the real deal. Hidden Wisdom is magnetic Blue Storm, so the magnetosphere will likely jolt tonight.


The 5gforce for meditation

The 5 stands for 5th density, which is one with our bodies in space time through the Axis of the Eternal Present. It is activated in the 3D pineal gland in the midbrain, but of course, our bodies are multidimensional and timeless in truth. The pineal gland is a Stargate and through a specific technique of inhabiting the body as you see yoga practitioners do from side to side, you then can activate the powerful central axis that spirals in the NOW which is ageless. The body then rotates naturally when the palm of the hands come together. You don’t have todo anything.

As you’re sitting, the body spins lightly. You can feel the Qi in the brain and spinal cord. It’s like breathing. It just happens naturally unless you freak out and stop breathing from fear. Don’t do that. Lol😄 Notice what happens if you drop your hands apart. The rotation stops.

You can remote view or talk to your spirit guides from here. If you drink, smoke, or take drugs daily, your alignment will be off, and this won’t work. Get some Reiki first and figure out why you want to drug yourself instead of feeling your natural power. You’re repressing your natural power and even possibly letting in toxic entities. It’s usually ego dominating from your child’s self.

Children want someone to take care of them and throw emotional fits. Adults like taking care of themselves so they can be co-creators with Source. Childlike play is good, but dependency is not, especially in relationships.

I unify in order to reflect. Attracting order I seal the matrix of endlessness with the magnetic tone of PURPOSE. I am guided by my own power doubled.

KIn 118, White 1 Mirror

My purpose is to teach this and to make that app for the planet so that everyone can get a grip on synchronicity.

3D Earth Relationships 🌎 ♥️

  • The Moon spends the day in Pisces, encouraging us to connect with our imaginative, compassionate side. We might avoid confrontations or challenging situations with this moon transit. A Pisces Moon favors winding down and connecting with our intuition.
  • Even so, there can be some disconnect between our emotions and intellect with the Moon’s opposition to Mercury towards midday. Minor disagreements, especially about sensitivity to feelings, are more likely now.
  • The Moon opposes Mars in Virgo tonight, suggesting a battle between our need to unwind or detach and our desire to keep busy, organize, and solve practical problems. (In sync with the Mars mediated Guide Power White 13 WorldBridger)
  • While this tense energy doesn’t overrule the positive vibes of the Moon-Jupiter sextile, it can certainly overshadow it.


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