Earth Holon Positional Update

I have a positional update on where the Sunspot Cycle Pivot Point is located in the 4D Earth Holon, IN TIME.

It’ is Plate VI, 60-90 degrees South-180-225 degrees East. That is in the South Pacific, South of Australia taking up the entire YELLOW SEED TIME PORTAL in the S. Polar Zone of Earth.

This is a Gateway Kin whose purpose is to Ground, be our ROOTS/TRANSMIT information.

The interesting juxtaposition here is that by TUESDAY we hit Yellow 11 Sun, the Stop Codon in any DNA sequence which sits in the North Polar Zone of Earth and transports the Yellow galactic spectrum OF LIGHT or Photons in the magnetosphere producing the yellow light in the auroras!

So, come Tuesday, I predict a BIG YELLOW light show. LOL. Indeed, on Wednesday, hitting Red 12 Dragon, we are in the N. Polar Zone.

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