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It’s amazing how things that should be simple for me are hard, and stuff that is complex is easy. My brain is obviously set up differently.

WordPress is helping me, but I don’t see items I pick on the SHOP page going into the CART. Maybe it is on your end? It’s not on my end. Anyway, sorry for the delay. And I’m still adding product.

The latest one is Gender Ed. I have a bunch of posts on Gender equity and prose that I think are pretty good. I have plenty of experience with mates and patients so…

Please keep in mind that $5 is for an entire month of True Time updates. They take me at least an hour each morning to write and I charge far more than that per hour in my office. The fee is to make the point that it has value. When the app comes out, even more.

According to Corey and his info from his peeps, gender balance from within yourself, understanding and feeling your female and male pieces is the key to alignment. We know we have that issue on earth from our past on Tiamat. The Draco-Reptilian seeded patriarchy which oppresses male and female!, needed the human blood sacrifice to stay alive because they chose to be filled with nanotech eons ago, and ignored the White Wizard goddesses or the Alpha mother, their direct analog!!!. Big problems. We need to fix them to keep going in a positive direction. I’m here to educate, lead, support your development and hopefully have some fun myself at some point. I work all the time and need more balance.

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