The First Director of NASA James Webb

James Webb Birth gateway, October 7, 1906. He only dreamed of this telescope that manifested over 100 years later. The day the telescope traveled to its position was his EXACT analog on the right.
The day the telescope was on its way-12/26/21, Red 13 Cosmic Earth.

The travel day of James Webb Telescope 1M miles away from 🌎 Earth

Red 13 Earth is Cosmic Navigation and Synchronicity. It was exactly that for humanity. When you watch the movie, note that Yellow 12 Warrior, 12/25/21 is mediated by Saturn, the planet of the Hexagon. The mirrors on the mandala that is the telescope are HEXAGONS! Also, the Guide Power for the telescope is Red 13 Cosmic Dragon whose analog is White 13 Cosmic MIRROR. The telescope LITERALLY IS a COSMIC MIRROR reflecting back to us, our Source, who we are and where we came from; our cosmic family.

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Look at the synchronicity of this. James Webb was White 13 Cosmic Wind. The telescope trip 1M miles away from earth was his direct analog support, Red 13 Cosmic Earth.

It’s totally amazing, not an accident. You MUST watch Netflix UNKNOWN COSMIC TIME MACHINE. The title isn’t so great, but I cried watching this unfold. Red 13 Cosmic Earth is my Guide Power. I love our universe and astronomy so much, and humanity.

There have been many mistakes made by wiser and older entities than us and I am here to tell you that earth and humanity have been endowed with a very special spirit of love and species cooperation that can HEAL all the error. We think we are minor, but our hearts and minds are ginormous. We have a special mission in our local universe. All eyes are on us right now. Do you best to bring your best self forward while we move into this paradigm shift as citizens of our local universe.

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