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When I search on the Home Page in the search box, the Ed Level 1 posts are coming up but not Ed Level 2 yet. However, they do come up intermixed in if you click on the category EDUCATION. I think WP algorithms are catching up because they’ve added a big “subscribe box” on them.

There are at least 28 Ed Level 2 posts done, but I’m working on designating them today.

98% of my posts are free. I make less than middle income folks, and I’m single. No man or woman subsidiizes me. So you will be paying little $ to an intelligent woman for hours I’ve put in. Not earth shaking.🤷‍♀️

There are a ton of “artificial intelligence” posts and “UAP” posts. Literally search on those hot topics spelled that way. Whatever trips your trigger.

You’re not restricted to the cloud categories. Type in whatever word you want. I’ve written so much that I’m sure I’ve forgotten some. You can search on Your tribe also like “Red Skywalker,” or an amino acid like glutamine.

I’m on X as @realintelligenc

There are a ton of super nerdy, smart physics types on there. I’m digging it. I have a couple of followers who work in the computer programming department of X headquarters with Elon, so I may get some support for ternary programming since we’re DONE with binary. I’m not sure the quantum computers are actually working yet.

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