Synchronicity; Sinead O’Connor died on her antipode kin

She was Yellow 5 Radiant Seed and died on White 5 Radiant Wizard, her antipode challenge, which is the goddess Ixchel, our unresolved female, gender balance karma from Maldek.
She died yesterday on the Mayan New Year, a year of gender equity, finally where the Red Serpent Reptilians are held to account for their decision to fill themselves with nanites ages ago to be stronger and win wars. They refused to listen to the goddess Ixcel cult, their ANALOG support on Tiamat, and learn peace. The female, alpha.mother was silenced, and the planet was blown up by mistake.

THAT KARMA IS NOW BEING DEALT WITH BY UNIVERSE AUTHORITIES, and I am worried that Red Dragon and Red Serpent will be diluted in our DNA sequencing in the future to keep nanites out of our gene pool. It will change all the Red tribes.

The Draco Reptilian have abridged many laws, but they begot our race through SOURCE, of course. They are our ancient ancestors, and I honor them. But the universe must do what is best for our future. They are not spiritually centered as they once were and became Luciferian on Maldek. J.C. corrected it with his tour on Earth, but we still need to manifest it.

Today is their antipode, Corey Goode birth gateway, Blue Eagle, and the BLUE AVIAN. The adjudication is imminent. I feel that’s why Sinead passed over. She needs to be present as the analog to Blue Eagle. Blue Eagle~Yellow Seed, both of our arms/wings.

This is major synchronicity. The Tzolkin is never wrong. Never…wrong.

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