True Time Update for Wednesday, 5Wizard, 7/26/23

Today is the Mayan New Solar Year. The Tzolkin Harmonic incorporates the solar year as well as the 260-day galactic year. Together, they are called The Haab as a precise timing frequency in the 13:20 holographic matrix that allows humans to see how destiny unfolds in time through synchronicity.

Today is White 5 Radiant Wizard, Lysine. In Maya, it is Ix (eesh) or the goddess Ixchel. You can search on her on the homepage to learn more.

These were the goddesses on Maldek. Today, they might be considered witches in Wicca who are demonized even today simply because they are Alpha women, the beginning of life. But then they were wise women then, who knew how to use their power for healing. Maybe they misused it just as their Reptilian analogs did, which blew up Tiamat.

Mistakes are made in shadow, and that’s how the asteroid belt came to be.

She languishes still, commanding receptivity but receiving mostly lust and not love on Earth from men. Then she just lusts back, and infinity and timelessness languish and can not come forth in the body. No love from an open heart, usually.

The gist of this oracle is the Reptilian limbic brain, a radiant support for lust and reproduction as long as it accepts the guide power Glycine, COMMUNICATION IN SPIRIT. It’s challenged by the radiant seed of children! And the hidden wisdom is 9 Isoleucine, Solar Healing Blue Hand which is what I do for a living.

Most of my patients have this type of issue with relationships, children, and family, and it makes them ill. Sexuality in their upbringing is a ginormous problem for the lower body, energy centers below the navel, which we inherited from Tiamat. It’s Luciferian to only lust and not love with sex which is how it was on Maldek and now on earth. This is our karma many cycles in time later.


It’s high for 8am but therapeutic in alpha Hz 8.10. The Qfactor is moving so that is much healthier than flattened.

The 5gforce for meditation

I pulse in order to equalize. Realizing opportunity I seal the store of death with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of spirit.

White 5 Wizard, Kin 126

Kin with this birth gateway; George Lucas, Billy Joel, and Aretha Franklin

3D Earth Relationships in our local system.

This is heavily karmic more than destiny forward. Scorpio ruled by Pluto does that. New frequencies are pulsed by Pluto. The fact that it’s aligned with Mars is our Maldek karma. Maldek/Mars was Tiamats Moon.

  • The Moon spends the day in Scorpio, increasing the emotional intensity and boosting our ability to focus. We seek emotionally satisfying and involving activities and challenges. (Nut may unconsciously hit a karmic wall of healing)
  • The Scorpio Moon’s sextile with Mars this morning brings good energy for research, analysis, and purposeful work.
  • However, as the day advances, we’re influenced by Mercury’s quincunx to Neptune occurring at the end of the day, which can challenge our decision-making confidence. We might waver with uncertainty, or we’re inclined to daydream at the expense of productivity and clear communication. There can be some mental disorganization to manage now.


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