Nature does not have nor make laws. Humans do. Nature has HABITS.

Rupert Sheldrake, PhD mega brilliant natural biologist

CME IMPACT (THE FIRST OF TWO): A CME just hit Earth’s magnetic field (July 20th at 1651 UT): data. This is the first of two CMEs forecasters have been tracking en route to Earth. The second should reach our planet tomorrow, July 21st. The combined effect of these two CMEs could cause G1 to G2-class geomagnetic storms with high-latitude auroras. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

RARE REVERSED-POLARITY SUNSPOT: Sunspot AR3376 is breaking the law: Hale’s Law. Its magnetic polarity is reversed compared to other sunspots in the sun’s northern hemisphere:

(A sunspot can’t break the law. See above. It’s simply changing which nature DOES in evolution. Humans can’t control it, nor should they.)

According to Hale’s Law, Solar Cycle 25 sunspots in the sun’s northern hemisphere should have a -/+ polarity (negative on the left, positive on the right). AR3376 is reversed; its polarity is +/-.

Studies show that about 3% of all sunspots violate Hale’s Law. In most ways, reversed polarity sunspots are totally normal. They have about the same lifespan and size as ordinary sunspots. In one important way, however, they are different.

According to a 1982 survey by Frances Tang of the Big Bear Solar Observatory, reversed polarity sunspots are more than twice as likely to develop unstable magnetic fields in which + and – are mixed together. Reversed polarity sunspots are therefore more likely to explode.

Stay tuned for flares from AR3376. Solar flare alerts: SMS Text

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