Time Line Contraction?

An inevitable event? It’s a time spiral, NOT LINE, because we are not linear beings. It is inevitable that all DNA life forms level up to a high i.telligence. Yes. That is what we are doing.

This was Dec. 21,2012, the end of the 26,000 year cycle.

What is inevitable is our awakening, a mind body spirit uplevel. Q stands for glutamine, by the way, which is the Red Skywalker tribe.

A revealing of the TRUTH is what Apocalypse means. The cabal can’t hide the secrets anymore. It’s the end of THEIR world, not THE world.

I started logging on here in 2013 and changed the subject to True Time in March 2020 during the scamdemic.

Game over. The healers are leading collective healing, which is Blue 12 Crystal Hand Isoleucine amino acid protein. My 5gforce is Blue 1 Magnetic Hand, so I’m here to lead and magnetize the movement.

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