The Category Cloud on the Homepage is Changing

I’m busy getting the educational levels set up on the posts and password protected before I put them in the cart for purchase. They are;

  • Ed Level 1-The basic matrix, Tzolkin, True Time info. There are many more of these posts than others.
  • Ed Level 2-Going deeper into it
  • Ed Level 3-Getting more complex
  • Advanced Level-More complex ideas
  • Epigenetics Level-for those who are ready to be done with genetic materialism which was thrown out years ago. Time is DNA is epigenetic. All of Bruce Lipton’s work is epigenetic. You’ll need to do more reading. It’s empowerment and taking responsibility for the fact that your own evolution is completely within your own hands. We are not prisoners of our birth family. But…the subconscious mind is huge, programmed by the mother in utero.
  • Tzolkin Matrix Analysis Level-is my taking apart Earth Ascending by Jose Arguelles as well as his other books and Mayan archeological study and making sense of True Time. I took those off and will put them back on the blog, password protected. I don’t want AI to just steal the information.

There are 2500 posts on this blog and most are free. Check out the category cloud. Some of Ed Level 1 are free also. Note the new categories of “True Time Update” which are free if I posted them a week or two ago, “Education”, and “Ed Level 1”

Thank you for your support.

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