Corey Goode’s comments on David Grusch Whistleblower

It’s good. As I said earlier, when Grusch first came out, none of what he said was new. Corey and David’s whistleblowers came out 10 years before and told us this and more.

Grusch was a disclosure staged Hollywood deal prepped for Congress. The narrative being to keep the negative view of ET and a war going that is false and unnecessary.

Keep in mind, and tell your friends, there is a big difference between the Earth Alliance who are the White Hats, not fake, not Hollywood, not pandering to politics, not c_)(*. They are thousands of whistleblowers over the years who are mostly military and they tell the truth.

The c+_)( tends to be Ufology folks, they tend to be on TwitterX, trying to push something or psyop something for the government to manipulate the masses regarding UFO/ET.

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