Big Etheric Movement 2 days ago

I didn’t have time to post this.

We are currently on the double pulse of White 6 Rhythmic Wind. We’re balancing equality and organizing in an Aquarian type of way. There is a presence of Truth with White Wind and the government is running from the truth.

I was meditating at about 9:30am and there was a big shift in energy; the power structures. I felt a large drop, a sinking of an energy level like a “klunk”.

We’re in an emergency situation with the child and sex trafficking. He abandoned Ukraine at the NATO conference and literally kicked him to the curb. The Biden administration is unraveling, and we have some whistle blowers and military with integrity calling it out behind closed doors. I can see and hear it with remote viewing. There are some very good people in our military who truly love our country and are willing to protect it from evil.

The combination of the public exposure of the child sex trafficking, hiding the Hunter cocaine in the White House, blasting open the fake climate change narrative and sicking the FTC on Twitter because of free speech, the left is coming apart at the seams. I hope Congress is creating a plan to keep an emergency government going that is bipartisan. We have to keep our country afloat.

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