How to Deal With Your Anxiety

Your feelings hang in time, past and future, in your etheric body. That programs your DNA. Just think about NOW and ask for what you want and need, right down the center of your body, and you’ll be fine.

Generalized anxiety is epidemic right now. I had two patients cancel this week because they couldn’t leave the house. It’s not good for them and it’s not good for business.

Small business is taking a hit in this new society that is falling apart, but I’m not anxious about it. Lightworkers have been looking forward to it. I know there is income out there, and some will come my way because I offer an indispensable service; PEACE. Reiki clears the etheric body, which is old negative feelings and new negative feelings about the future.

You’re able to release past and future memories and obsessions that hang in your aura if you do really want to feel better. I encourage and teach meditation in the center of your body, the brain, and spinal energy magnetized. It’s not difficult.

But your mind must accept that you are more than a flesh and blood body to get aligned. The 3D clenching is the cause of anxiety right now because we’re evolving forward, and our minds are expanding to include universal realities such as a vast inhabited universe with species who look like us mostly, and hang out here.

I will admit that I don’t go out where there are many people milling around, but it’s because I don’t like expending the extra energy in my etheric body to keep my defenses up. That, and when everyone obeyed media marching orders in March 2020, I lost faith in humanity. I haven’t regained it…yet. I never obeyed, and I thrived. I am stronger and heallthier than before, and I’m glad we’re going forward.

Maybe you’d have less anxiety if you stopped doing as you’re told by others and media. Center in your body. Listen to your breathing. I use my time constructively at home to meditate and remote view now that the nefarious are doubled down on their destructive ways toward humanity. It’s what I enjoy.

You see, in their view, humans are supposed to be slaves for their profit and stop being co-reators and artists. You could say NO to that, flip the bird and feel better. Or, realize that they aren’t going to win. The earth and humans have been evolving for millions and billions or years. It always changes, but it isn’t going to end.

Being creative, walking, and hanging out with a friend can help, most of all, your best friend, yourself. Be the best friend you’ve always wanted, for yourself.đź’ś And stop listening to others. Listen to yourself.

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