True Time Update for Monday morning, 6/19/23 8am in Michigan

Posting again on 7/13/23 so you can jog your memory.


Today is major Time pivot in the the Mayan Oracle; Red 7 Resonant Earth. Because it’s resonant, the frequency is boomeranging.

There are almost 700 views on this page already at 8:30 am. Happy reading! I’ve written 2500 blog posts since 2013, and 500 of them are on my other laptop.

Pay attention to your heart rate today and keep the caffeine down. Breathe. These are some serious adjustments to our bodies.

See the explanation below.


These are the last 4 days in the Axis of Timelessness, all pulsing to the top of the body-head, left side. Water, rest, low food, pray-meditate.

I’ve never seen the ELM background look like that either, but I believe it’s caused by the amplitude. It’s coming from deep in the earth.

We still have a situation of a frequency lower than I’ve seen it, 7.39 and an amplitude OF that frequency as high as I’ve ever seen it so the collective DNA mind field of earth wants to get on with the rest of the changes going forward but bring as many along as possible. This may go on for 4-8 days. It depends on our collective focus on our own bodies and lives and keep the static noise and aggressive tactics at bay.

My research also indicates that hypothetically, the SUN responds to the earth and the rest of the local planets, much like a parent. The baby monitor is on in the nursery, so to speak. We really are loved dearly as a new parent does their growing child!

Trust yourself, God, the universe that our mind-body-spirit is maturing is so that we can know what FREEDOM, free will, free speech, all that we live can be real if we get our minds and bodies within our OWN CONTROL. But we need to be more patient and intelligent to be better than we’ve been.

It will not be done for us because we have free will. It is a universal value that will not be abridged, and I won’t discuss it. With free will, we have karma and dharma as time itself, which is our body, our life, so no one gets off of any hook.

On FRIDAY, we hit Red 11 Dragon, and we’re back in 3-4D energies with all of the duality, meaning we face what our choices have been going forward.

I will post more in a bit.

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