Finding Your Sabian Symbol North Node of Destiny

I originally posted this about a year ago. I recommend dialing up your Sabian symbol and solar chart to go with your Mayan Oracle gateway. They are all very accurate, although I feel astrology has strayed into psychology. They key off of your birthday.

You can find yours or someone’s else’s here;

I have another blog for my office, which is my bread and butter, meagerly.

This one is mine for those who are trying to find out who I am. It merges exactly with Red 13 Cosmic Skywalker and my solar chart for 4/16/63.

It’s not an easy one at all, but it’s not bad, just hard because of others’ resistance and, obviously, the nefarious entities I talk about here wanting to control humanity.

I’m supposed to cosmically align with my authority and success. That will increase my influence. He says it in the video. If you wonder about me, then check this out. Maybe it will answer some questions.

I’m supposed to lead, but it’s still taboo for a woman to do so in a big way, especially with authority. Most women still try to compete with me even though they aren’t willing to take the risks necessary to be financially independent nor do the work called for whether it be schooling or otherwise. I never stop working, and no man takes care of me. Many womens still use a man or play him to get what they need instead of doing it themselves. There is a big price to pay for that, and women lie about that suffering all the time. Your choice. Nothing is handed to anyone.

You have to be willing for weaker humans to reject you socially and eat it for breakfast.

I am willing to take responsibility. That’s not a problem. But it does take physical energy which I am working on increasing. There has to be a distance between myself and others when in a leadership position. That one I can feel acutely, mostly to protect others because if what I have to say is heard, the arrows will come, with which I have no problem. But I know people are hesitant to align with me or even admit they know me because I’m an outliar, even if you know I’m correct. In our society my information is deemed crazy or dangerous. It comes with the territory. I know I’m correct no matter how freaked out or critical people get.

I know how to dodge attacks energetically or get them to rebound, I am protected by the universe, and I’m not afraid to die although I don’t think I will, and I have no problem with confidence. I’ve performed on stage in front of a thousand people holding up an entire production at the age of 17 so I know what it feels like. No biggie. I don’t crave it at all nor do I need attention. In fact I don’t like attention. BUT, with this information, I want an international audience. This information needs to sink into humanity before I leave the planet.

I wonder what the timing is on this?

Well,  be sure and check out your own. It will ring true. You can feel it in your gut. And know that your destiny isn’t handed to you or forced. You chose it before you came here!

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