Watch “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny | Teaser Trailer” on YouTube

“The Dial of Destiny”…🤔😂

Gee,.what might the C%^&* on its last legs be referring to?

The Mayan Calendar Round, the sacred harmonic, the 13 Moon Calendar of Destiny, The dial found in the Dreamspell kit that I bought in 1990 that Jose Arguelles and his team channeled or found, or somehow figured out and then created a handheld dial. Then, it was turned into a computer app.

One last time, time thief, Luciferian Hollywood is trying to hack or make fun of synchronicity found in the True Time harmonic that is actually…US and all DNA life on Earth, manifested in our bodies, in the CNS brain and spinal cord.

It looks low budget to me. I wonder how they convinced Harrison Ford to do it?

Maybe there was a clause in his contract with the studio that they owned him, and he had to do the part for the rest of his life if they summoned him. That’s how they are, like the military draft. God, I’m glad I didn’t end up working in Hollywood. The universe had bigger plans for me.

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